Darling in the franxx ep 6 preview

15 min. episode 6 preview!!

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link plz


By her face at the end Id guess Hiro survived the ride, but by how much?

so generic bots look like this

I am so hard right now.

She's buttering him up for the ultimate betrayal.

>Visors instead of distinct eyes
This is the biggest deathflag of any mech.


We don't know whether the scene at the end of the PV is actually the end of the episode or not though.

>generic bots look way better than all of squad 16’s mecha
Fucking hell I really wish squad 23 were the real main cast

Is that some weird ass horned kaxxo base? What the fuck. I bet this is going to end up being some kind of reverse Muv-Luv where humanity is the BETA.

>ur special so you wont die even though you have a huge ass blue tumor after riding with me twice lol
Kumo please.

Hiro is immortal

I'm hoping the plantation 23 guys out perform the main cast just to show how experienced they are, but knowing this show they're most likely gonna end up dying or have 02 and dahling save their asses.

Would bang anyway

FUCK i hope darling is ok


Are those leggins or stockings

How much will Ichigo suffer in this episode?

>02 says she loves him and that she knows he'll be fine
So it's no longer speculation that she's aware of exactly what's happening to him.

A lot.

darling got this

So why do the generic bots have the best base design?


Holy shit that's a good theory. That other stamen who died in EP 1 could be a Hiro clone. Maybe he was trying to warn this Hiro to stay away from her?

The adults not wanting to pair Oni up with the story's Hiro makes no sense if it was anything planned like that.

>that other stamen who died in EP 1 could be a Hiro clone
That makes absolutely no fucking sense.

Highly doubt it, otherwise he would have been way more overt.

Also 02 doesn't seem the type who would be okay with endless clones of someone, she seems to hate the same-ness of the city, and probably wouldn't willingly get herself involved with Hiro again.

Also if that was the plan then they probably would have just let Hiro ride with her right away instead of Papa saying they can't.

reminder, there are adult pilots.

>Guns on hands
>The melee weapon are her legs
Damn, she can pull off some impressive moves with this arsenal. Step your game up, Mitsuru

So Hiro is like 9S?


Please no, that would mean 02 dies

But... why not put the guns on a shoulder mounting, or the forearms, or a Muv Luv Backpack, and then have the melee weapons (which need maximum flexibility) on the hands?

02, please don't die!

It isn't, the PV's have never shown the end of an episode. Plus because trigger is doing all of the action filled episode, what ever happens in this episode will end our 6 episode prologue arc in a neat and tidy bow.

Their primary objective is destroying the enemies cores which are somewhere inside of their bodies.
The guns would be fairly useless if they were on her shoulders where she wouldn't have as precise control over them. When they are on her hands she can pierce an enemy and fire them off inside of it too, letting her destroy the core easier.

weapon mountings hurt balance and most guns are useless except as chaff.

Somebody didn't finish every ending.

What mech would you take to fight Klaxosaurs? I'd take this thing.

The theories are getting more retarded with each passing day.

translation plz


Fuck, this looks much more plausible that I want it to look.

02 is not an android that can get rebuilt by some flying pods

Stupid question I'd take this Gundam.


Miku episode when

>You are mine.
>Your taste is a flavour I love
>It's true that up until now, the weaklings have all died
>But that's just the natural way of things isn't it?
>You're special so you'll be just fine
>So won't you believe in me, Darling?

also soon

>implying Hiro isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger’s clone sent from the future to destroy the Klaxo menace

Ep. 7 is a Miku/Zolome ep.

A reason for why Hiro have yet had the chance to name 02. The directors are saving it until their last moments together, and she'll be named "Rainy" (rei-ni, 0-2).

Screencap this.

How do you know for sure she isn't?

Good Lord what is this abomination.

I hope not. That's a dumb name.

For fuck's sake 02 stop being so damn ambiguous and give him some answers, stop these fucking games.

P13 fighting means that P26 fucked up since they are the frontline.
Fucking jobbers.


>Implying they look even close to as good as genista

Normally I'm a gruntfag but come on.

Akumetsu ripoff

Fuck the Klaxxasaurs, the plantations, the other mechs, and everything else from here to jupiter, I'm resetting the game.

> edgelord bots
> cool
Found the kid.

P13 FranXX look so Hot-fucking-Blooded there.

Probably that, maybe they got put on the frontline for being pompous twits.

i guess it does counts as a mech?

Take a dinosaur to fight a dinosaur

P13 may be picking off the stragglers that make it past the front line. But I'm betting they will need Strelizia to take down the KlaxxoCube.

she was referring to the pond

Challenge mode.

Or was she...

What's inside the cube, guys?

a sphere

Did you just see Rex in the name and immediately think "DUDE TYRANNOSAURUS" or something?

Tbh falls in line with the amount of intelligence I'd expect from an IBO fan.

I actually thought DUDE TRICERATOPS to be honest

Who cares. It's close enough, beastly enough for the fun of it. I know it's latin for "King"


What's inside the sphere?

>AT fieldos

Zero two porn stash

But, will it try to go back in time?

We see her in the preview splashing water on her face to steel herself for the task to come. All this time she has been an undercover agent for the Klaxxosaurs, and now she has to join the assault and man the cube. The reason why she's opposing 02 is because she doesn't want to face Hiro on the battlefield, but she now sees that it's inevitable.
Did you wonder why we don't see Delphinium outside of the deployment scene? It's because she reunited with the cube, and that's the big twist.
Ichigo is the spider, and the butterfly is Goro, he's gonna kick the bucket in the process of powering up the big cube.
Screencap this.

a rhombic dodecahedron

She does have robosaur blood.

Maybe that blue stuff is nanomachines son and it's rebuilding Hiro.

>Local user and several hundred members of the Collgia Titania thwart robo dinohorde.

In Pochincoff we trust.

You might want to go with a Warlord. Don't Emperor class Titans cause brain damage for their princeps?

No, but the octahedron inside the dodecahedron will fire beams at you

there are many variations of hiro

Doesn't really work. It's clear she's never had a "Darling" before (even the character guide refers to him as her New (in terms of being novel/brand new) Darling and she straight up says she's never had anyone speak about anything embarrassing like he had before.

Why would Hiro's other clones be so cold to her?

>Hiro is 016
>Other plantations know him as 016
>user posts a very clear 327 and calls it Hiro

>Cliffhanger, Darling looks dead.
>02 mask starts to crack or slip
>The grinch's heart is still two sizes too small.

Things that are pretty safe to assume:
>Parasites aren't actually human but artificially created to fight their wars for them
>02 loves 16
>16 is a special experiment they tried doing something different with
>16 loves 02

Things that are completely retarded and not worth even considering:
>There is many 16s
>16 is Charlemagne
>A spider existing
>15 ending up together with 16


>02 loves 16
No, not yet

is Charlemagne
True or not it's the genius batshit theory known to man. And one that will go down in the anals of time as one of the best shitposts.

>16 is Charlemagne
I thought that user was trying too hard when I read his post but when someone puts it like that it makes me laugh


This one