Code Geass is coming back

can we all agree the writing in the middle of the seasons was bad?
>Rollo is literal shit
>weird Mao subplot which was bad
>suddenly, we're on a distant island....somehow

There should have been more of CC walking around the academy in a uniform.
Dragging Lelouch off to places, bumping into characters that weren't supposed to know about her, getting pizza from the cafeteria, never actually setting foot in a classroom.

now photoshop the pizza out and replace it with a bbc

whats with your your fascination with black dick user


I own this on dvd and couldn't even finish it. I think I've tried watching it like 5 or 6 times and have never gotten past episode 16

Guys, Guys. Kaguya is going to wear a high school uniform

that's probably the low point, you just need to get past that

It's actually a great series, and has one of the best endings in anime

still surreal that this hellride is coming back to fuck us all in the ass

R2 was a trainwreck

I can agree the Geass isn't perfect and suffers from some bad writing here and there. Rolo and Mao, especially Mao, were fine though.

and I enjoyed every moment of it

>can we all agree the writing in the middle of the R1 season was bad?
fixed for you

>Rollo is literal shit
In what way
>weird Mao subplot which was bad
Yes, that was actually bad
>suddenly, we're on a distant island....somehow
What are mechs and airships

to be hoestly the whole season was fucking bad

The fuck is that abomination she's eating?

The writing was never that good and could rarely be taken seriously, but that was honestly just part of the charm this show had in my opinion. How could anyone take it seriously after pic related

>Kill the japs
in what way is this inaccurate?

>>weird Mao subplot which was bad
objectively wrong

The end is a copy of Gundam Wing

Code Geass is all pretty shit desu, it's just a series of nonsensical asspulls masquerading as deep twists

Literally fucking how

You seriously can't see how contrived it is that he'd say "kill all the Japanese" just as his geass evolved? Sure it was a 'hype' moment but the dialogue was ridiculous and unnatural. There's a reason why everyone called it a trainwreck.

Was the island thing ever explained? I rewatched the series not so long ago and it was so confusing to me.

>he'd say "kill all the Japanese" just as his geass evolved
Looks like we'll have to add another retarded opinion to pic related. Thanks for your contribution

>implying the one about Ougi is wrong
He was a piece of shit, I wanted him to die after that stupid betrayal scene.


He was probably a virgin considering how hard he fucked up everything for the pussy.

t. Lelouch

Lelouch's plan is almost the same as that of Treize

But season 2 was shit except for the very end.

At least we got CC in best dress?

I honestly don't understand the whole "Code Geass had plotholes/bad writing" aspect of it enough to want to mention it as an opinion.
I personally enjoyed every single episode all the way till the end. If anything, my only complaint would be that the events in R2 deserved more time than what 25 episodes provided but even then it wasn't enough to hamper the experience at all really.

Maybe Code Geass is the one thing I'm a complete fanboy over and I'm conveniently ignoring any discrepancies but that's about it. I genuinely enjoy the whole show, it's plot, setting and characters.

Yeah, but the whole thing devolved into Super Robot Power Lensmen Arms Race dickfight, and I think the whole show lost itself at some point.

Nah, I'm the same way user. I've been in countless geass threads throughout the years and most, not all, of the bad writing people bring up is just extremely opinionated. Like, x happens and makes sense logically with the progression of the story but an user wanted y to happen instead.

Anybody know who this artist is ?

He also made this one I think (for Kallenfags) I really love his art but can't find him/her

But...but I was told that it is pinnacle of military and strategy story telling since Lelouch is a brilliant strategist. His geass is so awesome anyone in the line of sight will get geassed just like real world physics!
How come this War and Peace of animation be considered bad writing? It taught me about politics and now I am part of my local political organization!


Does your local political organization enforce martial law with mechas?

I fucking knew Cuba had that shit but nooooooooooo I was just being paranoid

I feel the same way. It has really fun cast of characters and unique setting. CG will always have a special place in my heart. But I admit the second season is weaker plot-wise, too much shit just happens in a very short span.

I loved the ending and would have been satisfied with it, but I'm also really happy for the continuation. Here's to hoping third season will deliver a good experience.

I hope Ohgi and his newborn child die horribly

I don't care how much of a faggot I am, I'm just so glad this show is coming back. I've loved Code Geass more than I've loved anything else.

>>Rollo is literal shit
I agree, i hate that bastard.

>weird Mao subplot which was bad
No, it was very important for the plot. Because the double Geass. Mao was the first Geass user that Leloluch met.

Anyone have the full set of the CLAMP illustrations (preferably in hi res)? I have few saved which I can post but I know I'm missing bunch of them.


Got most of them saved on a hard drive somewhere. Will try to post some when I can








And these are the only ones I have.

>Show is full of very complicated character motivation and a thick gravy sauce of philosophy poured on top
>people call it a stupid show because of the plot which clearly isn't the focus

Complaining about plot and """realism""" is the lowest form of criticism relegated only to shonen babies.

Thank you user.
I can't wait for more artwork in Season 3's credits.
I wonder if Ali project will be performing again?

Both seasons of code geass had atrocious writing why are people only realizing this now

Why are these pictures so gay?

It's CLAMP, what did you expect?

I dropped this way back because I knew Lelouch would die. If he's still alive I'll definitely marathon everything again and declare this AOTY.

What's been stopping you than? If you've been on this board at all you would know he's always been alive.

No memory Villetta is a cutie

They're making a sequel to the series, and it features Lelouch traveling the world with CC.

So pretty sure he's alive.

Knowing that it's coming doesn't change the impact, trust me.

The movies are the new canon right?

No official word, but since this is Sunrise they probably will be.


Holy shit no


Cheers user

No, code geass is Nina and the table, the million zero, nihonhon, waifu wars and lelouch being fabulous, that's canon.