Post a better antagonist than him

Post a better antagonist than him.

Pro-tip:you can't

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we can all agree the English version antagonist was absolute shit.

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The Major's English voice blows all the nip voices the fuck out. It's common knowledge that Hellsing's English dub is superior.

Lol no, it was written in Japanese Dumbass. How can it be better? It's literally Japanese media.

Wasn't what I meant. I couldn't even remember his name.


nothin personnel kid

>Yakub the african space AIDs wizard
>good antagonist

But still the german is the best.

Pro tip: I can and i just did.
Good post. Old anime villains are the best.

He's talking about the voice acting you shithead

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I'm fond of best dad

>Good villain

>Old Anime
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>Luckily noone will ever do it better then me, because I came up with it

Spirals dindu nuffin!

Just caught up on Ajin and this is unfortunately for OP, a better antagonist

Yes,and his final death speech in English is in my opinion the best moment in anime history.Turns him from a classic Nazi villain,to a Man.A Man who knows that he is in the right,and who fights for it against supernatural abominations,no matter the cost.

Check mate

I think the English dub was surprisingly good for this show. Even the german dub was good.

Hell yeah

>having anything of worth in it


I suppose Kira Yoshikage is a better villain

4 kids tv

Godly VA is godly


The Major was damn good, but the shorter total runtime of Ultimate means he loses out on depth occasionally

>Goes through the roundabout path of turning the entirety of London into a sea of blood instead of just throwing Shrodinger directly at Alucard
Mad man

He wanted to kill all vampires. Including his own men. Razing a city of beady eyed Anglos was a bonus.

To make Alucard absorb Shrodinger he would need to have released his powers and he would only do that if Integra allowed him and she would only do that if everything was going to shit aka London

>killed untold numbers of Jews, Catholics, and British people
>tried to kill Alucard and nearly succeeded

Griffith. Because it doesn't take even a cripple to surpass OP's.

Alucard can absorb people outside of the Level 0, as seen when he pukes out one of the Valentine brothers during his fight with shota butler

>Spirit that became fixated after dying of blue balls
>Could have been exorcised with a bottle of viagra
>Good villain

>Canonically equal to MC in skill
>Took on 4 high-tier fighters in a row and still only lost because he overheated right before striking the finishing blow
>First act after dying is to begin a conquest of Hell
>Charismatic enough to inspire loyalty from his followers years after his death
>His ghost makes one last appearance to call the MC a faggot and laugh at his suicidal depression
This is the correct answer

Like Orochimaru, Naraku was cool when he was a mysterious and scheming asshole.
Both characters went to shit as the story progressed but for different reasons.

*stops your music*

>Not old anime.
>Debuted 18 years ago.