Jitsu wa watashi wa

so i just started reading this. i've heard many a good thing about the series, so i hope i find it as good as others do.
does this annoying sack of shit keep being annoying or does she get better? or if she remains annoying, does she appear less and less?

pic was hella funny though


there are a few of arcs involving her, but they aren't that long. sadly, she doesn't get better.

look at those fucking faces kek

ignore that i'm a slow reader. it's also 2am

ok, if the series continues like this while developing the main relationship, i can tell i'm gonna love this. they're such lovable idiots

Then enjoy the ride mate.

I feel the final arcs stretch themselves more than they should with plots that i didnt care about, but maybe reading them in a single go wont bother you as much. As the user above said, you are in for a ride.

The author overhauls Mikan.

jesus his early art was shit

Would I read it a second time? No.

Did I enjoy the ride? Yes.
I mostly hope the author tries something new, I wouldn't mind seeing if the author has potential after getting something like this under his belt.

has there ever been a bigger fuck up in localization than renaming this to "my monster secret"? completely fucks the god tier title drop

Actually, I am is there user

it is, but it's small subtext and isn't actually part of the title

Have an out-of-context page from later in the manga. What are your thoughts and assumptions about this page?

> does she get better?
yeah, mikan gets a lot better, she has a nice development and actually is kind of an important character.
Too bad that the undisputed best girl of all time is still AIZAWA NAGISA
>best cute
>best "jitsu wa"
>best gags and arcs
>best confession
>BEST plot twist
the only better best girl than Aizawa Nagisa i Aizawa Nagisa, if you know what i mean.

The reason she lost was her on fault that's the best part


That and the official translation changing the countryside accent for Youko's speech into metropolitan chavvy speak.

It can still be cute cause goddamn this manga makes anything work, but it really is a huge fucking misstep.

But I mean, that said, I'm still intent on collecting the physical volumes.

are you expecting much from hachi?

If you want a legitimately funny manga that is 12 times more interesting with characters that don't suck dick, read Grand Blue.

>Marries a woman whose act of feeding makes her pregnant

What a poor son of a bitch.

Don't you dare think you can get away with saying that user, grand blue really isn't that much better
Shiho and Azusa were both best girls though...

is that the fuckin swimming one? its kinda fucking bland, did the scanlation group even drop it from waning interest?


Pretty sure they claimed they lost staff because of how boring it was, either way it really can't put a scratch on JWWW, surprised me more than anything to even see it mentioned here.

Ironically Mikan being a turbo cunt at the very beginning is why the series never took off like it should have and why it inevitably bombed despite being really, really great.

My Monster Secret is a fantastic title you are retarded. It's the only time in history a corporate-derived name for a localization was superior to all fan creations. Can't speak to the localization of the content because I only read scans.

I prefer how Jitsu Wa does the "everyone is an idiot" bit

did being in champion effect its success, I doubt it would have lasted as long in the other 3 major magazines, except maybe wsm.

why is best girl so best?