Weekly Shonen Jump Table of Contents 2018 #12

WSJ TOC 2018-12


Pure ranking

01 One Piece ch.889
02 Dr. Stone ch.040
03 Kimetsu ch.091
04 Saiki ch.271
05 BokuBen ch.044
06 Black Clover ch.138
07 Hero Academia ch.164
08 Sōma ch.244
09 Gintama ch.664
10 No. 01 ch.058
11 Yūna-san ch.092
12 Robot ch.038
13 Golem Hearts ch.008
14 Full Drive ch.009

>07 Hero Academia ch.164
Trying to make sense of MHA'S TOC rankings is futile. inb4 chapter 166 ranks at 7 or 8 even though it trended on Twitter.

And look like Fulldrive & Golem end in this issue (12)

>Todoroki and Bakugou chapter is only ranked 7th


no cover today?

This is the second week in a row OP doesn't write the series names in the first post. Please stop, it's much more useful to write the series names instead of posting a screenshot.
Wether I'm searching One Piece, My Hero Academia, Neverland or any other WSJ series in the catalog, this thread would show up. This way it doesn't.


Apparantly this is the last chapters of Golem Hearts and Full Drive.



RIP Garbo, you haven't even lived up to your name

>shortstack chapter gets Bokuben in the top 5
Japan has weird taste as usual

What's the point of these threads? Why would I care about how Shonen Jump ranks his titles when the 2-3 axed series are already painfully obvious since months?

to shitpost

Robo is officially in trouble now.

Shitpost to make it seem like a series is doing badly when its safe

I hope kimetsu gets a cover announcement next week for its chapter 100.

How is it so ironic that all of last year heaped praise upon praise on Hero Academia, with people anointing it the Big 3 but now it's even regularly lower than the series it's always compared against, the pinnacle of shonen genericness, Black Clover?

>12 Robot ch.038

Having a really shit arc will do that to a series.

Average ranking last 8 issues

01 One Piece 01.33
02 Dr. Stone 02.80
03 Kimetsu 02.83
04 Neverland 03.50
05 Black Clover 03.57
06 BokuBen 05.14
07 Saiki 05.67
07 Hero Academia 05.67
09 Haikyū 06.71
10 Sōma 08.14
11 Hinomaru 08.20
12 Boruto 09.00
13 Gintama 10.14
14 Yūna-san 10.29
15 No. 01 10.63
16 Robot 11.88
>17 Full Drive 14.14
>18 Golem Hearts 14.57

>*29595 **66013 Dr. Stone
Dr Stone sure is the new Black Clover rank high but the sells like shit.

I always love how Saiki doesn't give a single fuck yet it's always in the upper half of the rankings

S-surely WSJ will let Robo finish, right? I mean, Fujimaki fucking chose the shortest cut possible by hinting at two more tournaments. R-right?
I wouldn't bet too much on the TOC. MHA is trending on twitter when it gets really hype, this has happened so far with 152 and 166. It's pushed backward since it's safe as hell from the axe and doesn't need extra advertisement from the magazine.

>Gintama still going

Delicious to see Gorilla working the WSJdrones

>Yuna does a not-too fanservicey chapter
>ranking hits rock bottom
When will he learn?

Is the upcoming anime the only thing keeping Yuuna-san alive?

From MH
>13号表紙&巻頭カラー ブラクロ
センターカラー 斉木・BORUTO・読切(荒木飛呂彦「岸部露伴は動かない エピソード.10 ザ・ラン」

Googe Translate says BC is getting cover next week.
Saiki and Boruto are getting colors.
And Araki is doing a Kishibe Rohan short.

that shit has outlived its expextations long time ago, is just a reskined TLR

No? Yuna is 100k seller much better than Stone and Bokuben

Spring Weapon has no cushions left
And Robot is in the same position after that ends
Everything else is too safe, only Bozebeats and Act-Age are vulnerable besides them

Why was chapter 166 trending? I can understand 152 but 166 was average.

>Kishibe Rohan


The series has been nothing but one-chapter vignettes of the girls, and no plot development for 6 months.

Author-san is coasting. He should be careful because even an anime won't save him forever.

Bullshit ranking don't lie, MHA will get the axe this year

Now that GH and FD are apparently axed Robo will be the bottom dweller of the rankings, that's if Bozebeats and ActAge don't rank worse than it.

>meaning shit
Bleach was selling more than 500k per volume when it was axed

Not sure if it's this chapter exactly, now that I think of it. Anyways in that chapter Bakugou said "if you keep looking down on others you won't recognize your own weakness," and that sign of growth or self-awareness (whatever you want to call it) made him trend in Japan as "Kacchan".

You know what's funny? With all those push Dr Stronk is actually doing worse than Black Clover

So what's the truth about Bleach? Did it get the axe due to TOC, or did Kubo quit himself?

Issue 13:
CPs: Saiki K, Boruto, Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Episode 10 (Special Chapter, Hirohiko Araki)

>Recently, Kubo sat down for an interview in Japan with TBS Radio. It was there the manga creator opened up about his long career, and he addressed the on-going debacle about Bleach’s end.
>“It was running for 15 years but Kubo never felt pressured or anything as he had more or decided on how things would go. He'd be planning for the next week while writing the current week's chapter, so that's how he kept things moving. Kubo is one who is very precise with how he spends his time, so he would have a strict schedule, one he kept until his health declined.”
>“He decided (not the editorial staff) that he'd draw Bleach to his desired conclusion, so even though there were times where he'd want to end the series prematurely due to his declining health, he kept going in order to reach the end he was satisfied with,” the creator revealed.
>The creator was even hospitalized at some points for pain and overworking himself. Other manga creators have experienced similar work-related injuries, and it seems Kubo was ready to wrap up Bleach sooner rather than later because of such. The manga’s end went like Kubo intended all along, but there are still those fans who cannot get over how abrupt its ending felt.
tl;dr he contracted the deadly Japanese cold and eventually had to quit before dying

His health was shit and his shoulder was giving him terrible pain, that's all I know for sure. He wrote the ending he wanted but I'm sure he needed another year to flesh things out.

Man that sounds rough as fuck.

>He'd be planning for the next week while writing the current week's chapter
classic Kubo

Toriyama didn't plan for anything.

Gintama is ending soon
Hunter is hiatusing soon
Robot isn't in imminent danger

>Gintama is ending soon

Since 2014 is ending

bozebeats and act age aren't listed yet?

DOUBLE KILL, good riddance, both were shit

>16 Robot 11.88
How does it feel being dead last?

we keep saying the same thing about granny but her will to live is too strong, she'll survive us all

BB 8th chap is in 2 weeks
AA 8th chap is in 3 weeks
neither rank yet

But MHA beats BC in terms of genericness? That they are always compared to one another is true however.

On 5ch some of them are expecting next week's Saiki cover to come with the announcement of the climax, so Saiki could be ending soon

> Trying to make sense of MHA'S TOC rankings is futile.
Its just that once the "oh gosh this is the second coming"-hype went over people dont get that hyped for the stuff it does anymore.

Tanjirou as pillar on ch. 100

And no one was talking about him

>only comedy manga left in Jump will be No.01 and Lycopene


If Fujimaki pulls a Kuroko on Robo, i.e, if he really lets Robato pass the one Japan tournament and then win in the US Open against Youzan, then Robo won't get axed but it's gonna get pretty short-lived. Which is a shame either way because ridiculousness in spades is the last thing Robo needed tbqh.

It needs a anime. Alongside cover and color page. But a anime would be better.

you mean color

> And Araki is doing a Kishibe Rohan short.
Guaranteed 100% support from me. MORE JOJO!!!!!!!

Reminder that mha is getting another season and a movie, stay mad shitposter.

This is WSJ thread so may as well post this

Oricon Ranking Mar 5 - Mar 11
250682 *728167 Hunter X Hunter
211493 *478477 Haikyuu!!
174546 *376234 Bnha
110428 *242636 Shokugeki no Soma
*68477 *138565 World's End Harem
*42540 **94466 Darling in the Franxx
*30230 **72145 We Never Learn
*29595 **66013 Dr. Stone
*12905 **26003 Karada Sagashi
*12557 **30332 Astra Lost in Space
*12280 *347520 Promised Neverland 7
10374 **22716 Let's Haikyuu!!
*9221 **20356 Fire Punch
*8650 **20118 Bnha Vigilantes
*8348 **17104 eLDIVE
*8020 2340962 One Piece
*7769 *680304 Haikyuu!! 29
*7302 *392107 Promised Neverland 6
*7237 *532811 Promised Neverland 1
*7075 **14407 Lycopene the Tomato Poodle
*6809 *419475 Promised Neverland 5

>250682 *728167 Hunter X Hunter
>211493 *478477 Haikyuu!!
>174546 *376234 Bnha
These 3 is strong as usual
>110428 *242636 Shokugeki no Soma
another decline but not big as previous volume
>*68477 *138565 World's End Harem
Its still bug me how the series selling this much
>*42540 **94466 Darling in the Franxx
Yubuki magic and also nipples
>*30230 **72145 We Never Learn
I'm so happy for this one
>*29595 **66013 Dr. Stone
Pretty embarrassing for a WSJ top ranker

There's been a lot of talk on how MHA takes shonen genericness and spices it up

Someone tell me whats going on right now on BC and MHA manga

Im reading neither but im curious

kill yourself is going on

>Full Drive dead
>Golem Hearts dead
>Gintama ending
>Hunter × Hunter halfway through 10 chapters then hiatus
>Saiki possibly ending
Jump is gearing up for another large batch, I can feel it. 5 or more new series soon, bet on it.
Most of them will have to be gag manga though.

I just look up Lycopene it's kinda of funny

> only Bozebeats and Act-Age are vulnerable besides them
Screw Act-Age but Bozebeats seems kind of nice. I wonder how the fusion of sci-fy/modern day weapons with magic/buddhism affect the series. I like it so far but the mangaka needs to do something interesting in his fights (imo going full strategy-mode would be the best option) otherwise the weapons will feel boring.

More like the magazine decided not to push the series as much in the TOC anymore so it's at a comfortable middle where nothing ever happens to it. You can say the exact same thing about Haikyuu, which is also at a constant middle.
The ranked chapter in MHA: Bakugou and Todoroki, having failed the hero license, have to take remedial lessons with two other students. Their mission is to capture the hearts of young rowdy elementary school children.
MHA currently: UA gears up for the Cultural Festival. A new villain who streams his videos on Youtube called Gentle is roaming out and about.

> Why was chapter 166 trending?
Fujos who love Bakugou. It is always fujos.

why not have batches of 2 and 2? or do you think they want to have some one-shot fun for a few issues?

BCfags feel threatened when they see a superior shounen


Latest raws of Spring Weapon also point to its ending, it got more serious and finished introducing all 10 weapons
And Bozebeats and Act-Age are wildcards, Jump can clear them out if they flop immediately
We could have up to 8 openings within the next 2 months

Battle between magic king and magic evil. Magic king power is kino.
Slice of life with O MY ENERGY OF WISHING leftover.

Someone shop this with MHA and BC as the monkeys with One Piece, Neverland, Kimetsu Bokuben and Saiki betting on them

The only thing I could possibly see replace Bozebeats is an even more average shonen that is even more uninspired than BC's first few arcs.

>Screw Act-Age but Bozebeats seems kind of nice
I'm the opposite

I'm sick of seeing wan piss in the first rank. When this shit is going to end?

So when will Soma and Haikyu will decide to end to pass the money chip to BnHA and Neverland?

Soma and Haikyu have 2 years left

Haikyuu is the only popular sports manga in jump, it doesn't need to end.

Haikyuu won't end. It's been teasing an Olympics arc after Nationals, and with 2020 coming up it'd be a waste not to.

>*12557 **30332 Astra Lost in Space
I'm happy about this one.
Saguri-chan did something around 10k, right?

Shonen Jump is not getting rid of Haikyuu!! It's Shonen Jump second popular series and hxh don't count because it constantly on hiatus

>We're dangerously close to having another sixfold premiere

The last time they tried that, only half of the series got past a few months.

Soma probably will earlier, it has been on the lower half of the rankings and sales are nearly half of what they used to be. Neither of them is going to end before two years though.

When they find a series that makes just as much, if not more, than One Piece. The next Dragon Ball or Slam Dunk, if you will.

I have a feeling TPN will end before Haikyuu.

Soma might be ending after this arc. They rushed as fuck last 2 battle

>When this shit is going to end?
See you in 2030

I hope it can do better. I like cute girls going outside.

That's better retention rate than their normal rounds
Usually only 1/3 or 0 new manga survive

it feel like the promised Neverland is going to be the new assassination classroom it's going to be really popular but really short

I think finding a series that does better than the best selling manga in WSJ history by a wide margin is gonna be a bit tough