Is Mei still a virgin?

Is Mei still a virgin?

She was raped by her father when she was a child.
She also let the teacher in your pic, as well as Himeko do what they wanted with her.

>She was raped by her father when she was a child.
Wait what?

Why do you think she is so attached to him, and why she is so messed up?
Teacher forces himself on her, she just lays back and let it happen.
Himeko forces herself on her, she just lays back an let it happen.

Her father broke her.

Actually, this may sound as a spoiler, but yeah, Mei is NO LONGER a virgin. :)

Of course not, didn't you see she holding hands?

It's a meme, user

>kissed by a man
She's not a virgin anymore. Yuzu kissing her means shes indirectly kissing the guy as well.

Yes, you're still a virgin user.

Er du Skandinavisk?

Is this a cry for help?

Does this mean Yuzu is also no longer a lesbian?

Not for long

do not open

She kisses Mei to get a taste of the guy's lips

Wait, so if I kiss Yuzu or Mei I'll be gay too?
Fuck this gay earth

>Is Mei still a virgin?
Not possible, given her character.

Over 40% of Japanese women at 20 ages are virgins. The other 60% have all done porn.

Really is a flip of a coin to see if you get a virgin or a whore. And you'll never know if you take that virginity if you will awaken the whore. Must be scary being japanese man.

How do I pull off this shit without ending up in the prison?

Be assertive, and don't be ugly.

Do it to an Eastern born asian woman.

>don't be ugly
Mei seems like the type of girl who fucks faceless dudes in hentai if you force her enough.
The teacher she was kissing just happened to be good looking.

>Mei seems like the type of girl who fucks faceless dudes in hentai if you force her enough.
What? I think your perception of women and reality has been significantly warped by porn

That may be, but you, if is you asked you you could pull it off. Which implies doing it in real life. And if that's the case, then still stands.

Should I be weary of Japanese women? I'm scheduled to be transferred there in 4 months

Don't tell me you're in the military, like the Japs need another reason to hate Americans

>being a virgin after 14
nothing could be more pathetic

IT actually. They were looking for guys who want to be assimilated

Best of luck then


Thanks. I hope I meet and settle down with a cute Japanese virgin.

>projecting this hard
Something you want to tell us, user?

Nonsense. I 100% can confirm that any girl that doesn't resist getting fucked by older men was raped by their fathers, or at least, molested by an uncle.

seek help autist

Look, it's quite clear that she is a victim of at least some kind of sexual maleficence. There's no other explanation for her behavior.

Oh wait there is one other - that she is a total degenerate whore.

>Sensei just wanted combat the lower brithrate of nipland.
He did nothing wrong