What do you think of Himekishi ga Classmate?

What do you think of Himekishi ga Classmate?

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Shitty power fantasy for disgusting rapists.

Paizuri sandwich was delicious. Needs more of that.

The one at the beach?
Would have been better if dick was fully drawn.

Needs more rape

This needs to be a training eroge and made by either Lune or Silky's, not some shitty novel with no real porn.

Well, they had to keep it R15+
Any chances for more sandwiches later?


Is not real rape if they have hearty eyes.

Needs more doujins.
Still very hot. Main girl is fucking sexy.

Needs to be translated again

Does the light novel lack illustrations or something? I can't find any decent scans

The MC has some surprisingly good interactions with the main girl.

Chapter 9 of the manga is too fucking hot. Literally porn

Lately there starting to be more mangas of that kind. To bad that Sup Forums stubbornly ignores them all.

I think the bitch in the image is hot af

Wtf is this about?

Whole school bus gets isekaid
Loser dude gets slavemancer power.
makes a harem
one of the girls in class he had a crush on becomes a princess knight.
She goes out to slay the monster thats been kidnapping women.
Its the MC.
He enslaves her.
he goes out to save as much pussy as he can to add to his harem of slaves.

There isn't much of anything to translate. Think there's one untranslated manga chapter, and the novel was fully translated up until it died.

Looks like not many and almost only B&W.

Let me fucking guess, the MC is still a fucking beta virgin despite all that pussy surrounding him. Probably spouting shit like "I made those girls my slaves to protect from the rapist monsters".

The manga died? And the novel too? That explains the lack of updates

He makes them his sex slaves.

The WN and LN haven't been updated/released since 2016. Manga kept going, then went on hiatus for awhile. And it was bimonthly to begin with. Manga seems to have started back up again though. The raws are now up to chapter 16 on the Comic Valkyrie site, with the latest coming out Dec 19th.

He rapes and/or fucks all the girls. And he's not hypocritical about it at all.

Needs more loli demon rape.

Looks interesting

kinda reminds me of pic related

Interesting question: Are there any NTR-themed isekai novels? I mean, given your typical isekai protagonist, I would sleep with literally anyone else if I was the heroine.


I expect there are others. Not really my thing.

Let me guess, cheat skill slave harem isekai?


No cheat, just enslavement skill + harem.

I mean it was fine (for a fap) until it had too much action and less sex.

>Reading Harem Slave Skill Isekai shit when you could be reading about Otome Villainess Alpha Bitch Reincarnation instead.

>girls start having sex with him voluntarily

Bitch is apt. You could literally replace Bakarina with a Golden Shepherd. They have the exact same disposition.