We know brown skin makes superior waifu, but what brown is best?

we know brown skin makes superior waifu, but what brown is best?

California Gold

Pearl White.


California Gold.

The Okinawan.

Evening elvan, rest is shit


Fairy Leather

Dumbass "martyr" isn't a shade of brown though

Whatever this one is . . .

Cirno is not for lewds

order in chef, one brown waifu

disgusting, full nigger or nothing

Unf those thighs.

Why doesn't that list feature the real succubus waifu

Is there a male edition of this chart? Asking for a friend.

i had a dream about her. it was insane

California > Okinawa > Bedouin > Cinnamon > dravidian > power gap > the rest

Ramlethal brown

Damn, all this great taste.

Dark Vanilla Indian Summer Evening Elvan

Patrician taste.

Almost there but not quite.

NTR pleb who would love watching his waifu getting blacked.

Is Faputa an evening Elvan?

Basically her

Ancient Egyptian.

Does anyone even like turkish rosewater? The skin color belongs to an alien

hello brother, where have you been.

wew thats my grandmas name

Sauce on Okinawan?

its a tanned hibiki from idolmaster

thanks my man


Who comes up with these names for these colors? They fucking suck.


i lost count how many times i fapped to her

Anything lighter than Amazon Chocolate is not a real brown girl.

I wish we had more good african queens in anime...shame they don't "sell well" with the Jap audience :

>Liking only the nigger variety.

tfw everyone thinks you're social justice, but you just have a chocolate addiction

my brownfu

>Not liking dark chocolate

>Tfw dusky gf


>brown but non-jap

All of them are beautiful.

buttelf brown for me


tell us about it in detail