To you, The immortal

This may actually be one of the most entertaining series i've read in the past couple years

It looks interesting, but im hesitant because Katachi was so shit.

Don't read it them because you clearly have meme taste

Rather defensive my dude. Not a good sign for the quality of this.

It has nothing in common with that though

Same mangaka. Katachi was a trainwreck, hard to see something else from her being good.

>gets NTR'd as a fish
This manga is going places.

I hope the anime will add some nipples to those bodies because it bothers me so fucking much

So the robed man really wants Fushi to be able to copy the entire world at some point?

what's the overall attitude? Is it uplifting, spiritual, depressing, tragic, all of the above?


Mostly tragic but with some absurd or cute moments here and there.

>Hayase is a grandmother now
>there's probably an entire cult dedicated to either worshipping Fushi or trying to subjugate him

The kid used "was", so there's chances she's actually dead. Which doesn't explain how the fuck did she survive the knocker, and what she did to the guy who helped her. Also the kid got the island crest on her clothes. Fuck, I want to know what happened during these 40 years.

Magic School Bus lessons still relevant after all these years.

>40 years have passed
yet I do not age

Maybe she got infected but resisted the knockers controll. Then later had kids to what would happen. or this kid is hayase and this is what knocker does

>exposes he has meme taste
>makes yet another atrocious post

are you kiddin me? it's the same tragedyporn and cheap drama.

The next level cuck

>people dying is tragedyporn

So it's virtually impossible to kill Fushi, right?
Worst case scenario is all his memories being stolen from him so he will be forced to start things from square one.

What the fuck is with that translation? The fish left him because he had to mate with another fish, that makes it sound like he randomly abandoned him for no reason

>sad people with dreams destroyed dying when they finally recover the hope

Wasn't it implied knockers might be able to kill him? Not to mention without memories he is just a a ball, he got lucky the wolf stumbled on him.

Bros before Minnows

>or this kid is hayase and this is what knocker does
Yes, please.
She does look like her, after all.

>what is life

>what doth life?

this chapter was hilarious.
this still has a lot of potential.
>crab-fish NTR

No Deaf, no read.
Actually, it's okay, and the chapters with Gugu are fantastic. This new arc, however, has failed to sustain my interest in this story.

life is a soap opera?

I dropped it afterGugu died. He deserved better

Gugu was absolutely bound for death, you should have known that.
My issue is that the story failed to be as good after he left.

his story was shit and sappy as fuck

This one doesn't change much.

fuck off, Gugu was best bro

I just want Fushi to impregnate someone. This loli is fine.

He does age but there's a reset everytime he transforms


Maybe she had sex with that guy that helped her. When she pulled him into the shack, maybe it was to rape him. And this girl is their grandchild.

Well, he learnt life, death, the concept of family, hate, shame, despair, God and so on, but not love yet.

>Rescue random nipponese woman from a boat at sea
>She rapes you as soon as she recovers
>This is fine.jpg

The cloaked man said he may one day be able to become an ocean.

Maybe his ultimate mission is to be able to transform into the planet that can sustain life without knockers in it or produce a planet with life.

Is that guy immortal too? He doesn't seem in much of a hurry to get Fushi to do what he wants.

No, but he's probably longer lived than humans are.

The criminal island arc was so fucking bad, holy shit
I was so close of dropping the series there

I liked Gugu, but amount tragedy and bad luck his life had bordered the ridiculous.

I did, is it over?


Big question now.
Fushi or Immo?

Immo sounds cuter.