ITT: We shit on the travesty that is Dragon Ball Super...

ITT: We shit on the travesty that is Dragon Ball Super. We mourn the utter and irreparable mess that is the unsatisfying continuation of what was a valuable part of millions of childhoods.

Jiren's story was terrible
Whats with the fucking beanie?

They don't have a clue to what to do with a design that is already lacking in style or anything that could be remotely interesting.

Dbs isn't worse than any other part of DB franchise. That's only the illusion of nostalgia. Go back and rewatch other parts and see for yourself.

What should his backstory have been user

>tfw GT fags get the last laugh at last

Super can't be canon, so just treat it as a what if story.

>it's not canon because my fee fees say so

No, more like we have a timeskip in the end of DB that contradicts Super.

The mystery behind Jiren was his only redeeming factor. Now that we know he's simply strong because he "tried real hard" he just annoys the shit out of me. Remember when he said, "I seek what lies beyond strength"? So what he actually meant, was "I seek strength". Fuck Jiren, I liked that theory that he was an entire universe merged into one guy.

I rewatch it from DB to Z every odd year. I really love the characters, the animation, the development, the music, the martial arts, the mythos, the design, the action. It has it's share of dumb, dull and unremarkable, but it sure is a great ride. By contrast, Super is stagnant and silly in it's entirety. The only arc that got me slightly interested was the beginning of Goku Black, prior to we finding out that it wasn't actually Goku, but another generic villain that stole his body (Ginyu wasn't enough, apparently).

>muh childhood
you people really are irredeemable manchildren
Toei fucked up with Jiren's character though, thank god we still have Toyo

Something less basic and cliche. The way they handled the entire Jiren thing was doomed from the start. You don't present an arc antagonist like that and then try to tell his backstory in 10 seconds.

Contradicts how?

Like how they say that Goku has barely seen Vegeta and briefs after they killed Buu. Or how Buu was the only one that ever gave Goku a challenge so he really wants to fight him. Or how he goes to train Uub so he can get someone strong to fight with later when the androids are better for this.

Even Vegeta and Future Trunks have more troubled and dark pasts than Jiren.

Why a beanie

you could redeem the story by making el hermano the hero and jiren the evil doer

apparently, because fashion is an universal constant. Every intelligent living species will eventually come up with a beanie at some point in it's evolutionary pathway.

Why didn't Jiren just go all out from the start?

Because Toriyama is a pussy.

DBS fanboys go to excuse

>muh nostalgia

just admit this show is barely a notch above gt and quit being pussies

>unironically thinking DBS is as good as DB or DBZ

Please stop toei shills

>Jiren's story was terrible
Terrible doesn't do justice to that pile of shit.

thank you for sharing my feelings

But it is. If anything it is better than most of Z.

How? Heavily stylized martial arts shonen that draws from a bunch of cool chinese mythology, neat reveal of the protagonist's backstory, introduction of sci-fi elements, time travel and cool concepts, against literal:

ATATATATATATATATATATATATATA, gods of the gods of the gods and one hair color per episode, the Amore show.

>jiren wins
>He wish is to bring the evil doer to the world of void
>El hermano and el grande padre are teleported to the fighting stage

Would this redeem dbs?

You retards are getting worked. Jiren will win the ToP and his wish will bring the biggest plot twist in all of anime. His "cliche" backstory is merely bait to lure you brainlets in Toei's KINO finale.

Screencap this, if you dare.

>DBS fanboys
>muh nostalgia

>Anti-Super Pedro starts the thread with: of what was a valuable part of millions of childhoods.


at this point, it's irredeemable. That would be amusing to watch, though. For a few laughs at least.

You sound autistic and gay.

you are spot on, user, op here and my name is literally Pedro and I'm not even joking.
DB was part of my childhood. It had qualities that went beyond mere shonen tropes and goofs. I'm supecting that it's qualities might have been all accidental, though. Now that the show is being handled directly by it's "author", it sucks more than ever. It's a loud hell of wasted characters, gif fights, nonsensical ass pulls galore and just a huge waste of time, money and effort. That makes me sad and I believe I'm justified.

ITT: dumbshit faggotry and the opinions that made them.

>I love garbage: The poster.

3 days...

>64 episodes
yeah of course

Isekai protag, came from one of the universes not participating in the tournament


Is that El Hermano?

actually this would have been fucking amazing

They say its been 5 years since they last saw him and there are some translations with him saying its been ABOUT 5 years...

Nothing is contradicted

In EoZ they never say Buu was the only one to challenge him in the manga...the most thats said is from Piccolo when he states "Its been a while since I've seen Goku happy in a fight"

He was the actual god of destruction of Universe 11 and Belmod was just a red herring.

Or Jiren found the Super Dragon Balls once before and wished for the power to win any fight.

Only El Hermano can save Super now by revealing himself as the evil being who killed Jiren's parents, all just so that Jiren can grow up to be strong enough to beat Goku in the ToP.

>Dbs isn't worse than any other part of DB franchise.

>Super Dragon Balls once before and wished for the power
ohhhh that sounds neat. But wouldn't it be too similar to what Zamasu did?

or you can watch 7 12 episoded anime instead

it'd be a better use of time

Besides nostalgia, how can DB fags claim that the franchise is any good? It's just a vapid mess of shounen tropes and before that it was an unfunny comedy.

"Just turn your brain off" isn't valid either.

If I have to explain it to you, you might be a retard

Still 50 times better than GT.

It's story may not hold up nowadays, but at the time, everything that transpired plot wise was really worth it. Maybe not much the stuff post Freeza, the payoff was really diminishing. But it was overall great and deserved better treatment.

It's just as bad as GT and it's as 2010's as GT was 1990's.

It's the animation equivalent of dangling keys in front of a kid's face?

The late parts of DB and Z up to Namek aren't that bad, but they don't offer much you could get better written from another shounen.

>late parts of DB and Z
Fair enough. Even if it was all nostalgia, DB deserved a more well thought and realized continuation than what we got with Super

Imagine being this retarded.

Z up to Namek, the Cell Saga spins out relatively early on and the Buu Saga is throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

Brother, you were too weak to save mama y papa and you are now too weak to finish off some jobber asspull monkey man, it's time I finish the job and kill the entirety of mi familia.

Nothing personnel, this is just business.

>It's just as bad as GT
GT is way better, in art, animation, direction, music, and plot

>and it's as 2010's as GT was 1990's.
wrong, GT is 90's as fuck. compare Super to modern anime. It looks like shit

Super is 2010's as fuck. Everything wrong with the 2010's, but still 2010's.

Let me show you the power beyond that of a Super Saiyan God.

>Vegetafags are le ebin dubs Sup Forums posters

Which series humiliated Freeza more: GT or Super?

Super for rehashing the RoF movie.

This will be the last line of defense from dbs fags. Enjoy your cuts to exposition anime fags.

I swear toei cannot coreograph fights for shit

This is the digitally enhanced manga right? It looks really clean and pretty good.

this is beautiful. I can almost hear the sounds, music and see the movement.

is this the effect of nostalgia?

There was literally nothing wrong with Jiren's back story. This is a martial arts series, he had a martial artist's back story.

That's his hair before he lost it due to training to be super strong

>Speedlines eveywhere
>Barely any detail in the backgrounds

Was that suppossed to be an example of a good manga scene?

>acting like Namek had detail to begin with

No background because Toriyama wanted to bring the focus onto the character's actions and movements. Speed lines so the reader has feedback on what exactly is happening.


How the fuck can Toyotards even defend that hack? I mean, other than deflecting to the anime. God, Toyo is a such a shitty artist

Nice arguments.

Get aload of this Jiren posters singles

>not posting the amount of unique IPs and total posts

The fights were pretty solid. The stakes excitingly high and captivating. The powerful moments were jaw droppingly POWERFUL. And I have to play the nostalgia card because DBZ was legitimately the first time people experienced this over the top shit for countless fans and it was mesmerizing. It's easy to call it tired and nothing spectacular years later when there's so much more shit to compare it to now. It did lose momentum around or after Cell though. It wasn't the perfect series but it was thoroughly fun, exciting and powerful. Super's fucking garbage though.

Dude, no one in the right fucking mind can seriously be upset about missing out on green water and empty as fuck stupid blue grasslands for miles during a fight intensive scene.

Can someone link me a MEGA or something of the whole translated Dragonball AF series by Young Jijii please?

DB super did give future trunks a completely bad ending. Only he and Mai survived with the their timeline/universe wiped out by zeno, and they were forced to live in another timeline by whis. Arguably the most unexpected twist in Dragon ball.

>But you were baiting and I took it.

Biggest criticism is Super has terrible animation and fights. Every fucking minute there is a fighting sequence of AATATATATATATA. Toei is fucking shit.

I watched DBZ a few months before DBS aired, you're full of shit, you subhuman DBShitter.

Hackira Toriyama is fucking garbage not only as a gag """humour""" writer and also as a shonen author. He undeservedly lucked out into popularity with his Arale and DB mangos mostly due to Japan's shit taste.

Fans are willing to come down hard on every single aspect of the show
>"This is stupid and not in a fun way"
>"This is so lazy"
>"They have no ideas"
>"Why is it so self congratulatory every time they put an ounce of effort into something?"
>"Super has only one original adventure arc after 130 episodes"
>"They really ruined a plot thread that could have been interesting"

Despite this, fans are overall unwilling to call Super bad as a whole. I think it's because this is Dragon Ball's big comeback and they don't want their memories of it to be negative. Maybe out of fear that it could sour how they look back on Dragon Ball in its entirety? I don't think that's fair to do to themselves. I've never seen a fanbase go out its way to rationalize poor storytelling as much as Dragon Ball fans.

Don't you even Saitama, beanie-kun?

Does it make me weird that the potara retcon bothers me more than the horrendous power scaling?

Dragon Ball is bottom tier even among other shonen shows. Anyone that enjoyed it in the past couldn't have done so without overlooking the glaring flaws in DB's total lack of storytellin, with the most glaring of them being:
>strongest villain EVER plot line gets recycled 10+ arcs in a row following the first time it happened with Piccolo
>death is absolutely meaningless, to the point it doesn't matter if the villain murders the entire planet with all the several sets of dragon balls lying around
>NO character development whatsoever for the MC and neither for the supporting cast
Dragon Garbage is nothing but Goku getting stronger every arc to fight a strong villain. Even the average capeshit shat out by hollywood these days looks like a masterpiece when put next to DB.

>implying this rotting corpse has anywhere near the amount of soul the original dragonball had
you can compare this garbage to dragonball z but don't bring something that actually holds up into this

The gods in some way caused the death of his family and planet. He becomes part of the pride troopers and sees through belmod what the gods are like and what they do and decides to bring them down. He sees his opportunity during the Tournament of power to end the reign of the gods.

Literally retarded.

Dragon Ball set a lot of standards and it being well regarded all these years later is a testament to Toriyama's visual storytelling despite being a complete hack in the writing department. Super shouldn't be held to the same standard when its contemporaries have pushed so far forward. I'm not saying Dragon Ball needs to do away with its simplicity, it wouldn't be Dragon Ball if we were dealing with complex motivations and fights constructed around limitations in abilities. I do think some modernization was necessary, though.

People have been moving faster than the eye could see since the 21st TB, yet we're still dealing with "HE'S SO FAST WTF"

The worst thing about Dragon Ball are the fights. Which is a bad thing considering how 80% of its runtime/panels are spent with people punching each other.
(most) Dragon Ball fights play out as if it was a game where each side punches the foe for some damage that gets deducted from their hp pool. Rinse and repeat until one side falls over. No wonder there's all those dragon Ball games out there. Of course there also is the twist where most of the time one contestant will have some hidden PL number higher than his foes and that allows him to tank everything from the other side, meaning their victory was a sure thing even before they began fighting.
The few good DB fights are the ones were actual body damage is done as a result of all the punching action. The first times Goku fought Piccolo and the latter tried to incapacitate him to follow up with a finishing blow, the (very) short battle where Nappa chops Tenshinhan's arm off, and Videl vs Spopovich are the three best examples. The latter is a true breath of fresh air after reading that late into DB, and it is a BIG deal when Videl apparently breaks Spopovich's neck in battle only for him to recover and turn the tables on her.

Eh, I enjoyed it overall, probably Hit fight was the highlight.

Definitely GT

Why hasn't Goku activated UI against full-powered Jiren yet? Kefla was way weaker and he got it like it was nothing

>not a single complaint about Cauli and co.
U6 confirmed best thing about Super

Honestly it might be worse SSJ4 Gogeta vs. Omega Shenron was ten times better than this shit.

>Dragon Ball is bottom tier even among other shonen shows.

You BnHA subhumans sure are stupid.


>not a single complaint about Cauli and co.
Because she doesn't exist anymore so it's pointless even mentioning her