Ugh i want more Rin Tohsaka, dammit

Ugh i want more Rin Tohsaka, dammit.

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I agree.

Its always been that red shit saber nowadays.


Saber is more cute user

Saber is the second cutest for me


>That Filename

You won't get away with this, I have no reason to live but I will take you with me before I go

Is she drink semen ?

semen is Rin's favourite afternoon snack.

Is there any good Rin Doujin ? (No Ishtar)

Of course.

Its been retconned with mana transfer touch & Extra isnt canon

This scene is cute as fuck
Thank god for FHA

I purposefully didn't take Rin to the pool in FHA.



The Box scene is cute too

So it the scene where she shits on the floor.

Will we ever see baby? Rin would be good mother.

She cant even use a phone.

does she really?

Being raised to traditionally that you can't even use a phone is such a 90s trope.

Rin is literally a whore.
Whores make terrible mothers.

Is there any other character that can top Rin's Tsundere ?

I lost when she being possessed with kaleido stick & becomes a mahou shoujo.
And that dolphin voices too, its cute.


Because she has the downs from drinking too much nasty, old semen.

She shits in a bidet, and it floods the house with poopy water?
Rin is not only worst girl, she's actually disgusting

At least this thread is peaceful


She uses the bidet to fill her butt with water, then runs over to Shirou and lets the brownwater loose all over the storehouse.

Dont eat fish
Eat worm instead

How disgusting.
Why the fuck would you fill your butt full of water, knowing there's poop in there, then leave the bathroom without emptying first?
I bet she didn't even clean up after herself either, just like a dog.


He's gone, and I never got to tell him I liked it. I'm sorry, Fish

He'll always be there in our hearts.

Does Prisma Illya include this ? im curious.

At least she still appear on Emiya Cooking anime
Fuck that umu saber cloneshit

Prisma doesn't like old hags, so no.
Rin gets BTFO and replaced by Illya in the first episode.

Artoria is only cute with her hair down.


As i expected, oh well.


They were right


>she fed Nero bottled semen too
>Nero didn't complain at all
That's pretty hot.

Shut up Rinfag.

If Saber is okay with it, Rin can join in too though.

>Not a rinfag

her anus keeps calling me. Fucking stop

You are in every Fate thread trying to push Saber to be with your shitty waifu. Just stop.

>2018 and still being a Rinfag.

It already happened though.

And it gets referenced nowhere other than the original ancient VN. No further works have shown them together because no one gives a fuck.

>2018 and still not a Rinfag

Oh look, the whore is attacking another innocent. As to be expected.

Thigh high socks is really magical


>that sakura x shirou
How adorable.

Too bad they can't improve her bitchiness.

Absolutely best girl. You guys seen the mage craft figure coming out yet?

Yeah, it's shit and cheap looking, much like the real thing.

>buying toys
Rinfags really are pathetic manchildren. VNs are supposed to be works of literature, not toy commercials.

Go back to your umu thread

>VN's are supposed to be works of literature

>Sperm is a Large Mana
This is why i censor H on Fate

Go back to the ocean.

Yeah, Rin is pretty much a shitty shameless otaku pandering character who can do no wrong, with a route just as shallow and generic. Saber, Ilya and Sakura are far more interesting characters who actually have proper human flaws, so their parts of the story actually have some depth to them.

Saber has the most figures.

Have some

>Other fags begins to ruin this thread
Well it was fun, time to sleep

what is fate extra last encore rin isn't actually rin but tamano in disguise?

>fate extra
into the trash

No one in this thread likes Rin other than the old man in the first post.


We'll she was born in like 88, no?

It's a fucking choose your own adventure story. Get off your fucking hobby high horse.

I like Rin.


quints of truth


Sakura/Shirou works so well, because he’s the type of guy who’d take in busted pussy and pretend it’s perfect. Best boy for best girl.
>inb4 Seiba belongs with Shirou
She’s a fine girl, but she died a million years ago with the dinosaurs and nobody loves a skeleton.

Also, Rin’s Rin

It's on order. Not coming out til August unfortunately. The racing fig and her in her winter coat should be out within a month or so though.

Ojii-san, I put you down for your nap an hour ago. You can shitpost after dinner

I love Rin though. There's only one person that hates Rin in this thread, and that's that Saber fag. He's a retarded, because Saber herself is friends with Rin.
I think Saber's awesome too - only waifu war shitposters fight for one or the other.

Except she struggles through both routes. All the girls have their own share of character development.

Jesus I never saw that one. I wish she wasn't frowning, but I like it a lot.

Also have the Saber Triumphant rerelease ordered.

Rin is nothing but Trash, Saber has much better friends to play with

She's in some sort of battle so they won't give her a smile there.

Iri is literally a walking jizz rag

That's true for all women.

I waited for years for F/HA to get translated only to never read it and find out this is what it's about instead.

No different to Rin then.

No, it has interesting character nuggets in it along with the humor.

Far as I am concerned, it was the thing they should have adapted, not Take-Moon to make Carnival Phantasm, which they just made into unfunny memes and rather stale ones at that.

He knows you liked it, it's why he left. Mission accomplished and he went to Valhalla.

What's that? You want MORE Tohsaka clones?

Don't worry, we got some 15 more as soon we're done with the latest Saber clone batch.

This is the new and improved Rin. Bigger chest, more money, better magic and better laugh.