Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

This time for sure.

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Yuu is easily the worst girl this season.
Overly friendly people is the most annoying thing ever. Maybe if she had at least one functioning brain cell she would notice that Koizumi didn't like her pushy attitude and turn it down a notch or two. But nooo, she just have to keep being a little shit. I hope she drowns in a bowl of ramen.

Oh shit, didn't even realize it was Thursday.
Ramen time soon.



Oh she would love to drown in koizumi's wakamezake ramen, if you get my drift.

My wife Koizumi-san is so cool !

Yuu is the best.

If Koizumi was a guy or Yuu was a guy with Koizumi being a girl you would be right. But since both of them are girls it's okay for Yuu to be like that.

Honestly, I'd be happiest lesbian in the world if I had someone as dedicated and cute as her following me around.

Fuck off with your shit taste.

Subs out.

>not even Erai out
Ripping community is reclining.



Where's the subs, gonna have to go raw soon. I'm hungry.


You can use this with puyasubs my.mixtape.moe/toeyvh.ass

This week's ramen.

subs are out

When does this start getting good?

After Yuu rapes Koizumi.

That girl ain't right.

When the slurping intensifies.

just look at his eyes


is this show yuri yet?


>they weren't on a real trip
That was a bit disappointing. I wanted Yuu to actually follow her all over Japan.

looks shit

Not until Yuu becomes ramen.

It's super spicy Bird's Eye Ramen

yuu was dressed pretty cute today

Why is the ED so good?

Noodle looks like maggi tier instant "ramen".

Yeah it's just 2 packets of Maggi with 5 Bird's Eye Chili.

No, I do not regret it.

Yuu is a pervert.


Nice, hopefully the trip wont end in just this episode.

>no egg
>2 packets
What the fuck.


Dumb as hell but, my heart.

Cool background art, probably filtered but good shit.

It's by far my favorite this season.

This show is pretty bad. The only reason why I am watching it is because I want to have sex with Koizumi's voice. And also drink her pee.

Go to bed Yuu.

Misa being pretty cute so far.

I want to spend one day in koizumi's body so I can give yuu everything she wants and experience the intensity of yuus love from koizumi's perspective

>koizumi'san's shitamachi


god I want to fuck her thighs

Misa is the cutest girl, if only yuu wasn't so obsessed.


yuu would make ramen out of her own heart and liver and koizumi would still be a cold bitch to her, even after gleefully eating all of it

I want to have sweet love with that boy

Damn, that slurping sounds though.Made for ramen slurping.

Koizumi is a bitch.
The tomgirl is too good for her.

Still waiting for the Yuu daisuki Koizumi-san ova.


Confirmed for bros.

I love this smart pineapple.

where are the cross dressing hitmen?

There is one appearing in every episode.

Man, Yuu's seiyuu is great in this, I cant say that enough every episode.

So Yuu is the mangaka, uh.

The "woo-hoo" in the next ep preview was the best.

Good episode with a bunch of nice looking ramen, misa being cute and Yuu getting the cold shoulder as usual. Got me with that ramen vacation at the start though.
Must be in memory of the real koizumi, since she probably died from the ramen's salt and fat.
Made me smile for sure, I can feel her enthusiasm for the series.


I might try to do the sardine ramen.

watch mitsuboshi colors for filtered photos

I want to become Koizumi

She's so fucking cute holy shit.

Water is wet

Misa's fucking adorable.


I'm watching that too.Good shit, shame about the quality, still good though.
Top cute for sure.

It's happening.

She's finally getting it.
Yuu ramen bath soon.

I think I might be in love with Misa.

Yuu ate 6 (six) bowls of ramen.


Its okay, she got a dimensional pocket for ramen.

You rapes Koizumi-san episode when

How do I get my own Yuu?

Wait a second, I think I know that huge lantern

Insane lesbians have an extra stomach?

Where would you take her, Sup Forums?

To a soba shop

How's the live action version?

Asakusa is a famous place after all.

>eats nothing but ramen
>soft skin
>silky hair
>thin as fuck
>doesn't fart
This is more unrealistic than Dragon Ball Super.

What? It's because of the ramen that she's like that. You probably need more in your own diet.

Brain problems

Girls don't fart, silly.

She was made for ramen, just like Yuu was made for her.

Yuu was made for old men though.

Stop posting Yuu.

No, that's You.

Old women*

That temple is pretty nice, you can buy small cute packs of incense with swastikas on it there.