>Shirou uses a shield to help Medusa beat Arthuria Alter
>Sup Forums is fine with that
>Astolfo uses a shield to help Sieg beat Karna
>Sup Forums goes SEETHING
Really, Sup Forums?

>about badly written fanfiction
Who was?

Apocrypha really exposes how shit the original VN always was

>>Astolfo uses a shield to help Sieg beat Karna
>>Sup Forums goes SEETHING
Are you implying that was the only problem we had with Apocrypha?

Fuck off crossboarder

>Caring about New Fate

Heaven's Feel was good though. But Shirou soloing Saber Alter in Sparks Liner High while Rider was struggling the while fight was bullshit.

How is it bullshit? Rider is countered by Saber, it literally says her fighting style is not suited for that matchup.

In Snow Oath Shirou easily kills saber, rider, caster and lancer, succumbing only to EA.

That's not the only problem we have with Aposhit.

I've never seen anyone complain about that particular facet about Apocrypha, just the bad characters, the nonsensical story, etc.

The problem with Astolfo using the shield is that it's Achilles' shield. Servants can't use other servants NPs. Gil can use tons of NPs because they are all his. Shirou/Archer can use other NPs because he makes a copy, meaning the copy belongs to him. It's bullshit that Achilles could just hand someone else his NP and they can use it. It doesn't work that way.

By that point Shirou's asspulls looks as natural as Rin fucking the elderly, nobody questions them.

People said they explained in the LN that Astolfo is known to borrowed other's artifact and Achilles is known to gave people his artifact. It's compatibility thing.

Well he whacked dolls with shitty decision making like Shinji.

It was a terrible match up for all of them sans Julian's dad since he was juiced up by Miyu and downloading EMIYA fast. Angelica not being a retard made her win.


Shirou had unlimited manga in Snow Oath, of course, he solo the holy grail war

Shirou beating Saber Alter with fraction of archer power in HF is BS tho


>Shirou had unlimited manga in Snow Oath

He read shounen jump for battle tips?

Whenever I try to write mana I end up writing manga......

It's better than reading shounen jump: he was powered by imouto love. He only lost after his imouto went isekai.

What are the worst fights in Fate?

Honestly I'll shill the F/SN VN to the death here but that's almost all because of Heaven's Feel.

Fate route is the definition of amateur and Unlimited Blade Works was better but it's hard to call it anything more than just entertaining. I don't know what happened between them and Heaven's Feel but everything about it is on another level. I'm sad Nasu didn't go through with the planned fourth route not only for Illya's sake but because I would have loved another storyline in that vein. But nothing he's written has topped it since, so maybe it was a fluke and things had to happen this way.

Fate = Introduction
UBW = Shonen Action
HF = Drama
Zero = Seinen Action
H/A = Closure

Anyway, if there's one thing Tsukihime definitely has over Fate it's consistency

Routeshitters are the worst, Fate is one complete work, sectioning off parts off it to argue which are better is the most retarded thing you could do.

How is it bullshit?
All the archer arm did was "teach" him tracing, which he didn't do naturally in HF, too bad he still uses his makeshift circuits in conjuction with high level projection magecraft, frying his brain with every attempt.
HF Shirou is essentially a discount UBW Shirou, his power comes from tracing the strength(and reinforcing himself on top of that) and skills belonging to the original owners of whatever weapons he gets his hands on.
And it's not like he brute forced her, he outmaneuvered her and caught her off balance.

His imouto was a miracle child. While he fought for her his mana was infinite. The moment he succeeded in sending her away, he lost her buffs

Ok, that one part I didn't remember.

It's funny because Sieg was actually Nasu's idea

- David, St.George, Kintoki Sakata & Musashibo Benkei were scrapped by Kinoko Nasu’s idea.
- Nasu said these servants doesn’t fit into plot and they were replaced by four new servants instead.
- Chiron, Avicebron & Achilles were designed by Takeuchi & Nasu, illustrated by Konoe in charge of character design.
- Mordred is the culture of festival achievement thanks from TYPE MOON fanbase.
- Addition of Mordred into F/A was Takeuchi’s idea and Nasu agreed.
- Mordred was orginally to be male but Nasu feel that having two male characters look feminine (the other being Astolfo) would be too much.
- However, Mordred as a male was not Nasu’s claim of actual fact. In truth, Nasu didn’t decided for final Mordred’s gender since Fate/Stay Night until Fate/Apocrypha. Which mean Mordred was “genderless” in F/SN.
- After the project of online game was scrapped, Nasu said that all servants are too ridiculous powerful and might bored if the player’s powerful servant was facing against other player’s powerful servant. It’s like a hax.
- The online game was based on Infamous 2’s gameplay style.
- Nasu & Takeuchi were laughing about more Saber clone. In fact, Mordred is the real clone of Saber (Altria), so the wish has come true for those people who still saying about Saber clone.
- Karna is Nasu’s favorite servant. Karna’s popularity has been skyrocket thanks to Fate/Extra CCC.
- Astolfo is Konoe’s favourite servant. He is symbol mascot of Fate/Apocrypha. Higashide can’t even tell if this is comfortable or not since Astolfo is dude.
- Yggdmillennia, Sisigou & Kotomine Shirou were planned by Nasu, Takeuchi & Higashide.

The idea of Sieg wasn't the worst. The execution was.

>- Mordred was orginally to be male but Nasu feel that having two male characters look feminine (the other being Astolfo) would be too much.
God damn it Nasu. You could've had confusing not-actually-gay not-lesbian incestuous selfcest hatefucking and you chose the GENERIC "TEEHEE I HAVE A PENIS" TRAP

>Shirou using Archer's skills and techniques he honed over his hundreds of years of janitor work is bullshit
Nasu literally described literally ever single step towards his victory. How can you call that bs?

It's unclear if he's got his buffs back now that she is back, but anyway just projecting an empty version of a divine weapon puts him a cut above Archer.

>being this wrong
HF is the worst

It wasn't that bad in the manga. He was always worried over homunculi freedom, entering the battlefield and talking to them to give them a choice over what do do and stuff. Then the anime ignored it and most pf his thoughts for some reason

All of Fate is trash.

The Lord of the Rings saga is a complete work. You don't see people bitching because some other fan said the Xth movie sucked and that you can't say that each movie by itself is better or worse regarding the other. Fate is split in three routes, which are like three episodes. Some will like the first better, others the second, and finely people of decent taste will prefer the third. That won't stop them from seeing Fate as one cohesive work, but one with stronger and weaker parts.

There is also the problem the routed are meant to be played sequentially. You will know jackshit about Saber if you didn't play Fate and Shirou's power abd connection to Archer will be out of nowhere in Heaven's Feel if no one played UBW. This also screws up adaptations, since previous knowledge is needed in two routes

I'm more accepting of that, thank you. A-1 just shat the bed with the adaptation. I'm sure that Apocrypha LNs aren't as good as other Fate works, but maybe they aren't garbage like the anime.

You are right about it. Lot of content skimmed and stuff. Hell, Siegfried is forbidden from speaking, but that didn't stop the novel to show his toughts and strategical thinking.
Siegfried VS Achilles had Gordes ordering over and over to use Balmung and Siegfried denying each time since he didn't know how Achilles' invulnerability worked. He even remembered about heroes that couldn't ever be killed in forests and someone that couldn't die in day nor night that was killed in twilight, so recklessly using Balmung would expose Siegfried's weakness and to everyone together with his identity.


>Sup Forums goes SEETHING
Too bad that never happened, huh?

>Sup Forums is full of fags who didn't read the VN
No surprise here

He's mentioned to have an edge due to his card being him
plus Imouto saving modo

>Turning my post into copypasta
don't know how to feel about this

VN is for edgy 14 year old teenagers.

>Really, Sup Forums?

No, that freak-out was some cross-boarder, probably just another Sup Forums idiot.

As the personification of Anime & Manga, I really don't give a shit about the power mechanics of yet another shitty porn VN adaptation.

Sincerely, Sup Forums

There really WAS a freak-out?

>What are the worst fights in Fate?
Killing Berserker in Fate route

Has Hercules ever managed to win a fight or kill someone?

Not that I remember. At least he beats Berserker Jack as Archer/Avenger Alcides and in Fragments the Prototype Hercules beats the crap out of King Arthur.

I mean he killed Archer I guess
But considering that No Name took 6 lives it's still fucking pathetic

He thrashes Saber at the start of each route, Illya just decides to retreat.
He splatters Shinji and kills Archer in Fate route.

The thing is Illya's not really going after anyone but Shirou, and anyone willing to take the fight to her knows they can deal with Berserker.
There's probably at least half a dozen times she "wins" in Bad/Dead Ends.

>kills Shinji
Come on user even Fate route Shirou can do that no problem