Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Looking forward to it?
Which couple is your favorite?

Is this the one about the Otaku couple?
Christ, Abe is busting his ass

Three otaku couples, actually



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>used goods

It's not gay if it's _ ____

The high school lovers. At least they are pure. Main pair has too much NTR aura.

I love this character dynamic

I swear, we NEED to see this flashback. It's probably torturously awkward and mistimed, and more than a little d'awww.

>Male x Female

The whole point of how their relationship finally gets into gear is her giving up on chasing 'chads' and hiding who she is to attract other men after too many shitty breaks.

Any "NTR" would be her going off to date guys that weren't him back in highschool, but the series starts with her getting past that phase and going for a grown-up relationship instead.

>Which couple is your favorite?
This one.

No wonder everyone likes it, also Sugita x Sawashiro is a match made in heaven.

Fair enough but knowing that she had countless chads before just leaves a sour taste. Maybe glasses is a cuckold and he likes that? Who knows. I dislike it. They're an unpopular pair anyway so whatever.

All of them.

NTR is the wrong word, she's just one of those girls who fucks a lot of guys before settling for a meek provider/companion. Basically a real woman, which explains why she's not popular with real otaku.

They're all cute.

i fucking loled irl when i saw that panel, it's brilliant. i wish all those high school love harem manga fucked off in favor of this shit, it's infitely times better
except jitsu wa and horimiya, that shit's cool

>All harem is bad
>Except when I like it then it's good

It's because so many highschool mangas end at or soon after a confession, usually the former if they're graduating. These two would be some background couple that was shown fighting once or twice waaaay back, and at most gets a line *mentioning* they're together now but that's it.

Still do want to see a bit of their past though.

horimiya isn't a harem, jitsu wa is 90% comedy 10% romance



Nice excuses m8. Can oi av some 'ore?

>I didn't start off loving big breasts. I was born naive, just like everyone else.

it seems all their classmates know, but decided not to bother telling him.

I cannot wait to hear her.

>voiced by sugita and sawashiro
I cant wait

You've been memed up to much by post 2010 Sup Forums.

They're comedy gold. I like all the couples, though.

Go back.

The main one, I love seeing shit from when they were kids, plus any of the current moments where Hirotaka actually takes initiative in the relationship and does cute romantic stuff.

Only wish they had more progress, but the chapters themselves are comfy so it's not that much of a problem.

> That height difference

I think Horimiya's pretty good compared to other romance manga. Sure the setting doesn't help because it's so overdone, but I like how the couple gets together early on and has one of the most natural confession scenes I've ever seen out of a manga.

I'm confused why anons are calling it a harem

>This dynamic
>Woman is not taller than Man
Fuck this shit, senpai

I hate how the last few chapters have been though, Yanagi is just the most boring crappy character and yet everyone's clamouring to be his friend for some reason, it's been going on for like 6 chapters now, and I just really hate how he's being jammed into the story for no reason.

It's cuter when the girl is forward but still smaller than the guy, makes for some nice reversals in the dynamic every now and again.

People still read Horimiya?

Every once in a while there's a cute chapter with the main couple, I can't deny myself that, even if it means wading through the boring problems of the stupid side characters.

No, fuck that

I was thinking the same thing when reading through the thread. That shit dropped the ball a long time ago.

Were they? I thought that user just meant horimiya doesn't suck even though it's high school.

Well, the manga does make fun at harem sometimes. There's that girl who has a crush on Hori, and the gag with guys being into Miyamura.

Are BOTH nifuji and kabakura reluctant to say who their first RL crush was because they're with said woman now?

Has it really taken you this long to get it?

True, I wish it had ended at that marriage proposal. Now it's dying slowly and painfully but I'm the same as

chapter 23 and the murder mystery

Nifuji's been outright shown, but I was wondering about Kabakura

maybe not? but he mentioned it along with jitsu and jitsu did start a harem, and the dumb wojak poster definitely thought it was a harem

Jitsu Wa gives up on being a harem like a quarter of the way in and its all the better for it.

dropped it after the sex

us otakus right guys?

I hope Tadano grows taller than Komi.

Yeah, I read for a while after that with growing disinterest as it got worse. The parts focusing on them and building up to that, from the beginning, were quite good. But after that it lost direction.

>There's that girl who has a crush on Hori
I still don't really get why she was introduced. Seemed like the only character with shit going on worth exploring after all the couples got together, but she's been basically irrelevant ever since she made peace with Miyamura.

I will strangle you in your sleep.

This, I'd prefer that it just end if the author has no more ideas for the main couple's development/cute shenanigans involving them.

Having nothing is better than having pointless boring Yanagi chapters.

Should have kept going with her stuff, maybe some more shit with Miyamura taking on a real brotherly role to her as just an interesting part of his character.

It looks like this will be as bad as Tsurezure children and the couple and their romantic romance will just make me die out of jealousy.
I have no choice but to skip this.

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Hoping for more scenes between these two.

My favorite page.

>Dude spends his whole childhood liking her and being her friend
>Shes dates whatever passes in front of her
>He never confesses until she gets tired of chad cock
It is totally his fault for being a complete faggot, but tell me this doesn't leave you with a bad taste

Damn, that sounds exactly like 3DPD. I don't read manga or watch anime for that, I do it to escape it. I guess I won't bother with this then.

>HikiNeet peravirgin purity fags
Let me guess. You believe the lady running the cash register where you buy your large bag of doritos is in love with you because she touched your hand once while giving you your change.


I picked it up but it feels incredibly boring going in. I feel it's the main guy's fault. He's such a wet towel it hurts. Is it worth it for secondary couple?

>Is it worth it for secondary couple?
Yes. The main couple is boring, the secondary one is the real highlight of this series.

You can just read it for the sidecouples who are much more idealized.
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That's some strong projection user. Also it has nothing to do with "purity". Nobody with a brain would settle down with the town bicycle who only decided to get with the MC because she was finally ready to settle down after taking dozens of cocks.

Jesus christ, this is what Sup Forums is turning itself into? Go back to facebook or whatever hole you came from.

There's no projecting when the posts in response prove its contents. You're now calling her a slut that gives it up to anyone for simply having a life that didn't revolve around the MC.
You're broken.

>Reee muh pure waifu

>yet not a short stack

It's been like this for a while now. Bunch of tumblr landwhales are on Sup Forums regularly now. Especially in romance related anime/manga. One example is Koi wa Ameagari threads which are filled with this crying about the age gap and saying how "problematic" it is.

>filled with this crying about the age gap and saying how "problematic" it is.

Holy shit, Sup Forums has fallen.

>You're now calling her a slut that gives it up to anyone for simply having a life that didn't revolve around the MC.
Good job complete missing the point of my post you fucking retard. Try reading it again. Or you could just keep embarrassing yourself, it's pretty fun to watch you crying.

those proportions are weird. is she like 4 ft tall?

They come this way by proxy of Sup Forums. Those cunts over there smell a decent seasonal anime, and rush over, bringing their retarded buzzwords with them. Toxic is a big one.

There's no hope for that dumpster fire.

The only crying going on here is from you pathetic purityfags.

Tell me more about how she's a slut for simply talking to other men.

Mods aren't cracking down on it? One of the rules is quality discussion but it never seems to be forced.

I don't know what's so hard for those people to not watch what they don't like.

Sup Forums used to be the last bastion of what Sup Forums used to be, i can't stand those tumors coming here and killing what remain of it. There must be a way to get rid of them.

>I don't know what's so hard for those people to not watch what they don't like.
This is the same board that shitposted every Naruto, Bleach and One Piece thread for a decade simply because they didn't like them.

Damn, she look QT

Enforcing quality discussion would be fr more than just purging roasties. And mods have been dead for long now

>There must be a way to get rid of them.
Easy. Stop being a dumb purityfag that gets unreasonably upset if his waifu so much as looks at another male character.

>when the side couple is better than the main couple
authors who does this should be hanged also when is this airing?

We've got a Narutard here.

Sup Forums's actually gotten better in recent years. It was way worse in like 2013, when KLK was really big.
Nowadays, newfags generally go to Sup Forums, while normalfags gravitate over to r/anime.

>Tell me more about how she's a slut for simply talking to other men.
Show me where I said that. You can't, because I literally didn't. I said she's a slut for fucking a bunch of guys and then finally settling down after she realizes that she's past her prime and needs a stable provider. Just stop posting, you keep outing yourself as the stupid fuck you are and I'm honestly embarrassed for you.

Half the threads are just essays on how great the series is though. And the other half was complaining about all the age gap complainers.

All you need to know about this series is that pic related is best girl while her husbando is best boy. and that the main girl is a flat chested roastie.

Oh, so this is getting an anime, huh.
Good, I guess.

Honestly, the interaction of the main couple is so shallow anything will overshadow it. Even the little bro is more interesting.

That's pretty much exactly what you're saying. She simply dated, that doesn't mean she fucked every tom, dick and harry she came across in the dating world. I'd rather be an embarrassing me than a Sup Forumsshitting /whine9k/ like you.

What's wrong with wanting girls to be pure? In a way it's just like a fetish, and I'm sure there are way worse fetish out there.

Back to the main topic, at least the girl from the main couple is kinda aware that her past relationships may hurt her boyfriend now, so I won't be too harsh on her.

Best couple is this one Shame she wear glasses though, I'm not really into glasses girl.

>What's wrong with wanting girls to be pure?
Absolutely nothing. I'm just tired of the attitude of the people that fetishize it to the extent that if she's not a nun waiting for the MC to finally nut up then she's the queen consort of cock smuggling.