Y-you.. didn’t forget about m-me did you user?

y-you.. didn’t forget about m-me did you user?

Oh hey it's that girl from Idolmaster who likes Mushrooms and hangs out with Sachiko except now she is a maid and her hair is straigt.

I wish this relationship had been given more time to flourish.

How could my penis ever forget you?!


Blasphemy! This fag looks nothing like based Syoko. And he's a much less interesting character too, I bet.

fuck you
you made me into someone who likes traps now fucking stupid anime faggot fuc

What a wonderful couple!

Not until I get a doujin about you fucking Miu.

I haven't. Now come here for your treatment, you little shit.

Love, care, and passion went into drawing those eyes

I could never forget that tight asshole

The best traps are ready to give their everything, he was just a cunt.

How is this real?

is this how sex change operations work?

Yes, but only in magical isekai land.

This series was too good for its premise.

that wasn't a trap it was a transexual

It's just a matter of waiting, user. I know it's painful to do so with a monthly 4koma, but please have faith.
Newhalf =/= otokonoko. You've posted a newhalf, user.


I did

No, I remember exactly how you ruined the show.

Even across reincarnations I remember Menma.

Trannies are not traps. Traps want to be seen as women, trannies are delusional enough to believe they are women.

Never, zettai never.

by me.

The fog of ages may render her name unclear, but my dick knows the way.


excellent post


Fuck off back to your mental hospital.

i hate myself for wanting to fuck him

Don't worry, your parents hate you too.

they hated me since before i was a sperm fyi


no one was a sperm

About to watch this show, which episodes are the best ones?

Funniest one is probably 7. Most heartwarming is 10. Manliest one is 11. Sexiest one is 6.
Worst one is 1.

I’ll save you a TON of time here.

Start at episode 8 and watch till the end. Everything before it is trash

I'd still punch his belly

Miu, fucking please. Your body speaks louder than your words.