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Are you ready to pick your goddess for this year, Sup Forums?

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It saddens me that the anime won't go the canon sensei route.

Help me, I'm torn between Chihaya and Hifumi. Chihaya is so cute and my type of girl but Hifumi is also very charming

Chihaya is worst girl, so Hifumi.

I want my Sae cannon route for the anime.

Giving the MC a footjob under the table while interrogating him?

Ann >>>

>produced by A-1 Pictures and be overseen by Aniplex

A-1 also made the ingame cutscenes so why not?

Futaba will always be my 1st choice.

>inb4 robutt

Beep boop

How is makoto so shit when her sister is a literal goddess?

Both Nijimas are autistic as fuck

I'm not even gonna watch until Futaba shows up.

My favorite underdog from P4 managed to get her own episode, so here's hoping.

She's cuter in that picture than in the actual game.

>Long hair Makoto and Tae

What's the appeal of this series getting an anime when the games themselves are just below average high school battle shounen anime with the whole gimmick being that you can actually play as the shitty self-insert protagonist?

Considering P5 has over 90 on metacritic I wouldn't think it's "below average".

Did that almost a year ago.

>Implying anyone except Futaba will get an episode about their Confidant

What if Akechi is the canon heroine?

user, you were decieved

And you're delusional if you think Futaba is going to get any kind of special treatment.

I actually hope he gets more screentime.

I can feel the Makoto bias coming already

I'm a Makoto fag though so I'm OK with that

The game itself ships Makoto all the time. How she stalks the MC, how she's positioned next to him in most cutscenes after joining up, then the scene where they're looking for Futaba and she clings to the MC, how the old guy assumes they're dating, etc.

>makoto shippers
No, the game doesn't force her more than other girls. The only ones forcing her more than anyone are her retarded ass fans.

This. Why are Persona 5 fans so weird?

I'd rather he be the hero. Imagine a chaos route where he actually gets shit done and resets the world. Plus he'll have the Sae Niijima option available to him

I don't know. I don't remember seeing this kind of shit with P3 and P4 and yet with P5 retards take any kind or interaction as some shipping shit.

Lady luck


I wish it would be 3-4 cour then all the confidants could each have a dedicated episode. But we'll get, at best, 25 episodes and the most interesting characters will be packed together in a Mementos run montage.


I'm convined people who like haru actually just love themselves and adore their reflection on her giant forehead whenever they look at her.

I'm a senseifag and I think everyone should be canon.

I've got a sickness. And the only cure is fluffy hair.

That's because P5 has best girls


Haru is a precious cinnamon bun. She's a cute, pure chuuni ojou-sama, who needs to be protected and loved. She holds the distinction of being the ONLY girl who gets sad when you reject her.

I still rank her number three, behind Kawakami and Futaba.

Man, the combo of fluffy hair, pure niceness, and then her battleaxe/grenade launcher combat is amazing. Such a sweet girl with love of destruction is a rare but top tier combo

Same as the other ones. It's not a big deal.

Everyone but the reporter and teammates

It's Anne! Why would you not pick Anne?

She's a female ryuji and and I'm just not prepared to take that next step with my best bro

She has by far the worst social link/confidant shit.

Hifumi the best

Futaba or Kawakami

No, that would unironically be makoto. Her confidant is literally an autistic girl being a sperg and trying to police another humans life.

I liked it.

Yeah, trying to stop her friend from ending up as a sex worker is such a terrible thing to do.

Because I felt like she loved more the suicidal girl than me

More like Lady Death

It's almost like Shiho is the only friend she's ever had up to that point and she's losing her.

My wife Futaba is so cute.

Then you should step up your game

Production I.G did the ingame animation and they are too expensive to hire for a full anime so they went with A-1 instead.

一 二 三

123 is cute. CUTE!

Sae route in Crimson or we riot.

We're definitely getting bad end Valentine's Day in the anime

Kawakami is the only right choice

I think the choice is clear

>you're born just in time for the 1/10000 possibility that the anime will make this canon

Haru is canon, sorry user.

Not enough 0s there

>probably gonna take 10 or more episodes before Futaba shows up.

It already hurts

The only improvement here is Ohya. And almost any haircut would be an improvement for her.

Aigis is the better robot by far

Haru is canon thirsty as fuck. Not necessary canon girl though.

She's my favorite girl of the main cast.

Though I'm a bit bias cause I've always wanted to open a restaurant/cafe with someone I loved.

>Will only take 5-10 minutes for Anne to show up
Feels good.

MC will take over the shop with Futaba. Other girls don't stand a chance

Which girl will have it the worst in the anime? Who will get all their screentime reduced to the absolute minimum?

Of the main girls?

The robot guaranteed.

Out of all of them?


Chihaya considering Miyu is dead ;_;

t. Harufag

>Cute model
>Fluffy rich girl
>Student president with hips for breeding
>smelly neet

I think the other girl’s chances are fine.


Oh yeah btw the english website for the anime went online yesterday. Has no new infos tho.

That Ohya haircut looks a hundred times better than her actual one.

Fools, fools all of you.
The canon romance route will be the OC girl that has amnesia, magical powers linked to the metaverse and who will feature in the anime.

my problem was it had focused more on her dumbass friend then Makoto

>half the appeal of P5 was the flashy, stylish animations
I'm worried


Hifumi and Chihaya

Laughing about the bad quality is half the fun

Past purseowners animus were full of QUALITY, this won't be the exception

She's literally the 1 main character who has a Palace.

uncover truth


I will be disappointed if the anime doesn't go full harem.

No, they'll introduce a totally new heroine who is also a Persona.

Can't wait for Shadow Futaba

Her original concept had a ponytail, but she didn't look cute enough.

Chihaya will get a small comedic scene of the MC falling for her rock salt scam, at most.

Of the main cast, Haru will get shafted as she was in the game. Yusuke will get some cool moments in fight scenes and some comedy, but I don't expect much from him either.

Ann, Ryuuji, and Makoto will have the most screentime, in that order.

Sae will be even more of a non-character.