Danchigai chapter 46

I spend like an hour going through the archive, trying to see if this chapter had been translated yet, only to find that some cheeky fuck went and typset a single page for shits and giggles.

Anyway, here's Aneki.









>I know it's not on purpose
How dense can you be

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

holy fuck, this chapter. thanks user, looks all good to me

>look at myself
>have nothing

Haruki need to admit it already.

Keep up the good work user.

>*rubs hands together*
what did she mean by this?

Thanks. Also and the fact that her face it's cut for some reason.

She probably wanted to spend a little more time alone with her brother.


He needs to do the deed already

What's with the third panel

I mean, the focus on the hands would imply she doesn't really agree with what was said previously, which would be the first panel where
>yayoi a shit
says that it's weird to think of siblings as lovers

Thanks for the translation OP, I've been waiting for this chapter. Mutsuki is best girl.

>Body shivers and does not blush by having incestual fantasies.

Wat a antural reaction for a brother.

She might've (more or less consciously) been imagining things among the same lines as Haruki, and Yayoi's outburst made her feel self-conscious. It's interesting because she usually seems completely oblivious to that sort of thing, but this seems to imply that she's aware on some level.

pretty much but I think 'doesn't really agree with' is more 'feels guilty for', since the playing around in the last panel is likely in reference to her own behavior throughout the chapter

>this manga will not end with them together
How do we deal with this?



Or she might have just realized that how misleading her previous actions were. The line "That's right, what was I thinking" can be applied to both of them.

He wants it.

>implying anyone will ever draw a danchigai doujinshi
>implying it be anything but ntr and fat, faceless bald old men if they do

time will tells, who can say when vanilla becomes super popular

I just don't think it's popular enough. I'd never have even heard of it if not for the incest threads on here.

When Japs change that disgusting mindset they have about "is all about the chase" bs, that shit always leads to NTR.

I waa waiting for this chapter

Thank you OP!

>The final chapter will have a subtle reveal that Mutsuki is adopted....

NBR "incest" is the worst.

Unrelated Mutsuki and Haruki happily together raising a family or full sibling Mutsuki and Haruki with a normal platonic brother sister relationship where each finds their own partner and only see one another at holidays and family meet ups?

Same, I don't even care about incest in this series. I just want to see those 2 together.

Yayoi goes full nice boat after getting rejected ending.

Long neck headass

No thanks.

Would be easier for Mutsuki go full nice boat than Yayoi, if something Yayoi is the one who ends up at the school roof.

Neither will happen so why bother asking?

Haruki is a normal male who does not see his sisters in any sort of sexual manner.


You know he only pictured Yayoi and the Twins on that scenario right?

role reversal?
>Mutsuki pushes Haruki onto the bed

So much Mutsuki baiting without even a 0,0001% anything coms out of it
It hurts

He just needs to be a bit more honest with himself.

Is Mutsuki a bitch in heat?

fyi, humans are always in heat

All sisters are bitches in heat around there brothers.

What was the reason?

>I spend like an hour going through the archive, trying to see if this chapter had been translated yet, only to find that some cheeky fuck went and typset a single page for shits and giggles

Fun Fact: It speaks in Cantonese meaning "no problem"

Also water is wet and Yayoi is shit.

WTF Yayoi always ruining the fun, I love Imoutos but Yayoi is truly a shit

She just wants to dissuade the others from taking him away from her.

What a seductress.

Is this manga mostly about the sexual tension between the 3 eldest siblings? What is wrong with Japan?/I like it

It's mostly about cute SOL in a close family. The sexual tension is just the icing on the cake.

When she's older Uzuki will steal every one of Satsuki's boyfriends.


Why does nee-san already have the body of a mother?

That's because she's already been acting as a mother for years. It's only natural.

What kind if man imagines himself marrying another person of the opposite sex who shares 50% dna with him and who also grew up together with him?

More like Satsuki will end up a virgin neet while Uzuki turn into a gyaru slut fucking old men for money.

A man of taste.

Kusoneko's ex.

>he hasn't imagined himself marring his onee-san

raging hormones and lack of contact with any other girl except his ridiculously hot sister...

Not gay one


Loving your sister isn't a crime.






It is a crime on THE LAND OF THE FREE

If incest is wrong why does it feel so good?

>Haruki wants to fuck his aneki
>aneki is oblivious
>Yayoi wants to fuck her aniki
>aniki is oblivious

Fuck this cheating manwhore reeeeeee

It's like sugar and greasy food.


The thing is that aneki is both oblivious and self-aware unaware, it sounds retarded but it is like that.

Why are her udders so huge holy shit

To show she's ready to be bred.

She also occasionally imagines seducing her Otouto.

Good genes, which is why it must be kept within the family lest it becomes lost to the itty-bitty Japanese gene pool.

she's a Nakano it's in the breeding


Nakanos are for nakadashi!

Reminder that the boob god made all quintuplets equal.

Can't wait for dem ninos to press against Fuutarou's cousin back.


it's also possible she's related to a certain formidable game creation club's leader's mother's family.

Koutarou is such a lucky guy, what with his cousin setting him up with a sweet busty girl like that.

She wants to fuck him but she confuses it by fraternal love, Yayoi wants to fuck him but the stigma.

There's no way that she doesn't want it at this point, right?

There's no way this is accidental.