Violet Evergarden

How was KyoAni able make her more beautiful than before?

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Did her design change or am I just seeing things?

I think it's her eyes and the length of her face

Overall quality dropped drastically after three episodes.

By making her look like Saber.

Still head and shoulders above the next best looking anime.

KyoAni did it better.

Violet's beautiful pointy nose.

Violet Evergarden should have been done in the style of Nichijou. Unironically


You must be one of those people who like the rebuilds

I don't understand what you mean. VEG isn't in the style of original NGE. In fact the Rebuild style is closer to VEG and the original is (washed out colours etc).


>Filter meme
There's a certain mood to the anime. If it was animated like nichijou, it would conflict with the style of story it was.
If Cowboy bebop was animated like Anne happy people would not take it seriously


She looks years older than she did in episode one, whatever Dietfried told her it impacted her even on a physical level.

>Leon said "They are just typist, right?"
>translated into "They are just doll, right?"

Fucking netflix.

By watching and learning from Sora Yori.

>badly written shoujo
>The magnus opus of kyoani

But I like sora yori and this show.Is there a problem? Are you the one starting fanbase wars in the other thread too?


At this point there is no illusion that this is not a shoujo. This is a very typical cliche with a beta that will never get the pussy to show how good the MC actually is by making him falling for her despite initially didn't like her.

>complains about translation
>can't even emit a grammatical English sentence when it's right there to copy

By removing the filters.

You are just here to call people ESL, right?

>1 episode where there is a hint of romance in MC
>Entire show is shoujo

It is not though. Last episode was pretty shoujo-y too. This episode just solidify the claim.

Yeah totally because it is about romance that it is called a shoujo, not because how it was delivered.

Come to think of it, they actually remove the excessive filters this episode. It is good that kyoani listens to the customers.

>the only people who is defending this shitty show is a guy with a superiority complex and thinks he knows everything

Not a surprised.

Who are you quoting?

Musaigen was better. It was more enjoyable than this.

I don't know everything though. Shiritai no desu

okay guys,what's up with the pattern in this anime?
>good ep1,shit ep2,good ep3,shit ep 4,good ep5,shit ep6

you can't make this shit up

I have not watched episode: the post

Kininarimasu did it better.

Waiting for one more episode to see if is Worth watching further

You are almost halfway so might as well just finish the whole thing.

First episode was good, ep2,3,4 are awful, ep5 and 6 are mediocre at best.

i watched all the episode retard,Leon story is dumb as fuck,and why the hell they skip the cliffhanger from episode 5 huh?


I didn't watch the episode: The post part 2

>why the hell they skip the cliffhanger from episode 5 huh?
This is kyoani's retarded """"""""style"""""""""""

>Important character development for Violet (her conversaion with Dietfried) happened offscreen, again.
I don't know what's the point of sticking to chronological order if they'll skip the important parts (and will probably show them later in flashbacks).

Leon was the best character so far.

Autists should not be MCs of any anime unless they are fighting crime. She is the worst part of the whole show.

It's probably so that they can throw in all the plot at the end, to have a proper climax essentially, like a lot of shows do. The difference here is that instead of saying "oh this all happened at once" they're saying "oh this was happening all along but you're only getting to see it now." Not sure which one I prefer actually.

>character development for Violet

This happened the first 4 episodes but she seems to forget everything at the start of each episode.

She's become more organic this episode. I am glad that kyoani dropped that stupid multi-angled bowing shot this episode. Actually if you want to see her become less autistic, you can stop right now because there will be no reward for her in the end.

Maybe you're projecting too hard because you haven't watched the show.

I'm enjoying VEG a lot but Violet herself is really uninteresting. She doesn't seem to be growing at all and is borderline mentally deficient.

I felt bad for Leon, but at least he could grow as a person from his encouter with Violet.

The OST for this show is pretty amazing

That is the point. It shows how perfect Violet is without romantically involve in the affair. The boy gain something by just looking at Violet and didn't even ask her out (by using a plot device). Textbook shoujo writting.

I really hope we get to see him grow.

FMA did it better

>without romantically involve in the affair.
>the boy gain something by
You should at least try to hide it pausaman.

You have to read all the post instead of nitpicking. Violet was not personally involved. She didn't invest anything romantically in the relationship, the boy however did.

Okay, hold the fuck up. I dig the new episode and all, it was fairly cute and it was nice seeing violet from a more outside perspective and I ended up liking this Leon kid, but what the fuck happened to the ending of the last episode? That mean looking dude who showed up at the dock or whatever?

Are we, is that just, is that not going to be revisited? The fuck happened? Where's the goddamn narrative flow, this should've been like episode 4 not 6 if the next one suddenly jumps back into what was going on.


This show is by far the weakest kyoani show. I watched all kyoani shows so I will watch this till the end too to dissect what went wrong.

I don't have to read it when it hurts my brain just trying to understand it. Try and find a better translator, pausaman.

>to dissect what went wrong.
Everything desu

I can admit that the story is shit and slow as hell, but at least the visuals aren't that bad, and the character design is somehow good

It's actually pretty shit. The music rarely fits the scene it plays in, and in general it's just really generic orchestrated tripe that you've heard done better in pretty much every other type of media.

Shitposting thread is two blocks down, faggot.

>This show is by far the weakest kyoani show
Not when Phantom World exists.

Can you link it? I tried to look for it but putting Violet into search only brings up this thread.

Not to mention the ED transition which is very awkward and sudden. They should add some piano tunes right before the vocal came in.

My problem is that the story is too quick, not too slow. I mean, this time it was ok, but episode 2-5 all needed to be much longer.

>He hasn't seen Mirai hen

Musaigen was quite enjoyable for me. It is fun and doesn't take itself seriously, one of the best show that season too.

And mexico is also two blocks down. Why don't you go back?

I hate how her arms are some FMA tier bullshit especially that the world this is set in looks pretty normal

Even considering this technology would be possible, it would cost a fortune seeing how well engineered and made it was, she would not be able to afford is as simple soldier

That thing doesn't exist in this world. What are you talking about?

Fullmetal Alchemist didn't invent robot arms.

To them it did. They probably watched 20 anime tops.

Jesus fuck, that's not the point you sperg

>Yakisoba with Chinese takeout boxes in post WW1 Europe
>Romani people are rich and able to have a decent house + invite people to their birthday party
>generally people adopt Japanese manners
>typist role exaggerated in this world

And you complained about a mere automail?

Oh the irony

your head

>>Yakisoba with Chinese takeout boxes in post WW1 Europe

My wife Violet is so angelic.

Should i the manga?

Is this the logical conclusion of the reiclone character?

No. You should learn English instead, ESL.

now this is shitposting
It's based off of a LN

It's almost like they go out of their way to show how surprised the people in that world are about it, too. Also she wasn't just an ordinary soldier.

So, what you're saying is, if Kyoani possibly got their hands on FMA first they could have done it better than bones?

The point still stands.

user, please don't bully the studiolets. They know they can never have their favorite anime animated by KyoAni and you can see them lash out in this thread.

>your favorite anime will never be animated by KyoAni

I wish KyoAni did FMA. Bones fucked it up both times.

PriPri did it better

They didn't. They've been present in every episode, including the new one. The difference between now and then is that barely anyone brings it up anymore so you stopped noticing what was never an issue, but was overblown by shitposters because they had nothing else to grab onto.

Musaigen is much better than VEG. Though I wish I could find my posts about it, I know I disliked it episode 1-5 excluding 4, but I don't remember why. I know it has to do with wasted potential and writing.

Maybe I should rewatch it.

delet this

It wasn't deliver like in a shoujo though. In fact, how it ended with them getting together as if that was the end of the road, was more reminiscent of something aimed at guys.

There's just no point anymore, it looks like shit the moment a scene looks dark but it's not going to change.

Official episode power rankings

1. 5
2. 6
3. 3


9004. 2
9005. 1
9006. 4

>1 year timeskip out of nowhere
kek, how convenient.

best kyoani anime in 6 years.