What is she doing all day long?

What is she doing all day long?

Is being playmate for Iri.

Sitting on my face

>tfw no tsundere maid and house ornament maid to rape

don't you get tired of this? how do you endure?

Same thing we all are: shitposting on Sup Forums.

Why is she sitting like this

why arent you

From what?

Been fucked by Shirou?


why are you so curious?

Dunno, the way she's sitting makes me wonder.


In prismaverse the maids don't seem to actually do shit for their living. Just freeload and lounge around half-dressed.
In FSN they are Illya's guardians and also do some actual maid stuff.

The Bedroom
Hey, man, are you complaining?

Getting her ass eaten by me.

don't you have normal food?

Maybe her butt hurts

for you

What do I have to do to get a homunculus maid?

Normal food makes you fat.

Magecraft, duh.

this is the most fucked up post i've seen in years

but he is right

i don't even know how broken your metabolism must be and how much you need to eat. must be american thing (no offense)


you can easily become fat if you dont move much or exercise, its not always about what you eat but how you live your life, user probably just sit and shitpost/watching anime/play vidya all day so its no surprise he becomes fat

The taste is different every day.

They’re guardians for Illya & Shirou while their parents have their “Fuck in strange places” journey.

i'm the best example of not doing anything because i don't do anything at all without exaggeration. i eat normal food, cheapest but nutritious (chicken, rice, even bread sometimes) but i still didn't get fat despite being pretty old, 30 soon.


>you can easily become fat if you dont move much or exercise
You won't get fat if you don't eat more than you need. Are you stupid or something? Do you think anorexic people don't exist? You think anorexic people burn a lot of energy? The only people who get fat by eating only the correct amount of food are the ones with special genetics.

>You won't get fat if you don't eat more than you need. Are you stupid or something?

What he's clearly saying is that WHAT you eat doesn't affect your fatness, how MUCH you eat does. A person can have the perfect, most healthy, optimized-by-a-nutritionist diet in terms of composition and still become fat as fuck if the amount he eats isn't correct. And it's extremely easy to overshoot your needs if you don't exercise.

Not to mention skipping meals can have the reverse effect on you, since if you forget to have a lunch you might overcompensate with a big dinner or something to that effect. If that becomes a regular thing...

living the dream

What cats usually do, only better.

Me on the left.

conserving mana
recharging her master

That fucking breast expansion though. I didn't think they could do that.

thinkan about powerlevels

t. dumb nigger

What expansion? Those are their natural sizes.

Leysritt: B92
Irisviel: B85
Sella: B75 -- is not in the pic

Which means that Illya, Miyu, and Kuro will develop into busty women.