What is the main purpose of Shinka?

What is the main purpose of Shinka?

We just don't know.

To fuel user's masochistic fantasies

I'm not masochistic though, she's just a better fighter than me with a very well built body.

her purpose is to earn my disrespect.

Why do you keep posting pictues of a girl who would laugh in your face and kick you in the balls if she met you?


That sounds quite degrading and painful. What else will she do to me?

To pilot the Shinkansen!

To destroy all nerds

I honestly wonder what your life is like, Shinkaspamfag. Are you generally unhappy, on a day to day basis? Do you do anything other than make these fucking threads, ever?

not everyone as happy as you, happyman

With dogs.

Why are you so obsessed with him. Are you in love?

Look at this normalfag.

>this was my dream last night

A Shinka thread everyday makes FBI go away

No. With a crowd of anons, on a regular basis.

Summer uniform Shinka is best Shinka

Too slutty, this is better

Why, is it because of the socks?


The socks are there to make her look even more intimidating.

go out with Deko

it only serve to work my arousal

Let's see how arroused you are when she curb stomps you.

Final destination

Why didn't Yuuta like her true personality?

She was too alpha for him, he likes to abuse Rikka but Shinka would have kicked his ass.

The truth, it hurts.

G-give me back my lunch money...


lunch money refers to the money children usually use to buy food at schools.

Why is she taking his lunch money?

to buy lunch for herself

But that's not her money, why is she taking it?

maybe she is hungry. Shinka is thicc

To beat you up

She should use her own money, it's not nice to take other's.

She is living the life of a delinquent

Is it really one person who keeps making this same thread over and over . If she's your waifu then I won't judge but come on man just come out with it


She's not living her life correctly.

to breed

With me.