Excuse me, I'm with city's gas maintenance departement

Excuse me, I'm with city's gas maintenance departement.

We've been recieving increased amounts of reports concerning gas leaks in this area, thus I've been sent to monitor the status of the households to make certain none of them are dangerous to its residents.

Would you kindly let me into your house to check the status of your gas connection?

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Come back with a warrant.

The door is not locked. You can come in

Who the hellleaves their little kid home alone and never tells them to not answer the fucking door.

w-what is happening in ITT

*record scratch*

I've never read the doujin and I never will. Concrete Girl was enough.


Oh hey Mike, come on.

Sure come in, don't touch the stash if you want to live a happy life.

Come right in

It's tame as shit compared to concrete girl.

I've seen this everywhere on Sup Forums but i dont know what its about
Somebody give me context

Pavlovian response

child rape

Are you familiar with a pizzeria known as Comet Ping Pong?

>Girl in Concrete

Shit, that brings back memories.


this shit is nowhere as bad as concrete girl

You should have made an appointment.

I love how the author insists on the trauma, the supporting parents who contain their emotions, the friends who can't understand what's happening, the teacher who knows everything but can't tell.

There's as much fetish in this than in the rest.

Nobody ordered subway, please go away.

please come in

>No drink

This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no way you can convince me this is not me. This character could not possibly be anymore me. It’s me, and nobody can convince me otherwise. If anyone approached me on the topic of this not possibly being me, then I immediately shut them down with overwhelming evidence that this character is me. This character is me, it is indisputable. Why anyone would try to argue that this character is not me is beyond me. If you held two pictures of me and this character side by side, you’d see no difference. I can safely look at this character every day and say “Yup, that’s me”. I can practically see this character every time I look at myself in the mirror. I go outside and people stop me to comment how similar I look and act to this character. I chuckle softly as I’m assured everyday this character is me in every way. I can smile each time I get out of bed every morning knowing that I’ve found my identity with this character and I know my place in this world. It’s really quite funny how similar this character is to me, it’s almost like we’re identical twins. When I first saw this character, I had an existential crisis. What if this character was the real me and I was the fictional being. What if this character actual became aware of my existence? Did this character have the ability to become self aware itself?

We had this thread yesterday and concluded Quzilax does some pretty messed up shit. Get over it.

'concrete girl' is only bad because it's based on something that really happened

>225 6'5 negro
yeah, come in-- right this way.

225 at 6'5, thank you hungry skellingtom

Link to concrete girl.

Also is this doujin by the guy who doed the yankee discrimination, special needs rape and other nasty doujins?

The only thing that sets this apart is the epilogue

You must be confused

Come right in

>Concrete Girl
This triggers my war flashbacks...

Revers-rape by a negro would be fun in this setting.

could she defeat him?

if she caught him off guard with a headbutt, yeah

>being this much of a brainlet

>it's even worse because it's real
Jesus Christ


you didn't know? that's the reason I refuse to even finish reading it, it's far worse than what you can imagine.


I dont know what it is about, but I'm going to read that.

Does there exist any bakaudon-tier depressing manga that actually have a good ending? Feel like this is an untapped market.

I'm sorry sir, but the um gas connection has already been fixed in this house ha ha.

If you care some crazy fuck actually used Geiger Counter as a guide on how to rape an actual little girl

OP is real too
Someone copied or tried to copy the doujin

Link or it never happened.

>mfw I decide to hold a IRL meetup with my internet friends

I fucking hate this artist


She's my favorite artist

D-don't worry, there's nothing weird going on here, I swear!

Meme artist that gets attention for her dark topics, because she has no talent to draw.

>special needs rape
If you mean the one where a retarded guy rapes a loli that one was written by a woman

I figured a gas maintenance would be easy to fool a middle schooler and even most people considering most people don't know maintenance occurs outside the home usually but radioactive contamination? the fuck

I'll let you in but only if you cum inside my daughter.

>the guys who did it are still out there and pretty much got away with a slap on the wrist
2 nukes weren't enough



Can I google this shit without the feds coming for me?

>there are anons who never witnessed a Mai Chan's Daily Life dump


No, a peasant like me is unworthy of such hospitality, I will come in but only if you make my daughter your woman.

He is in heaven doing it and doing it and then doing it again

>Concrete girl

That's the one based on the real life kidnapping the yakuza did on some girl right? Why make a dojin based on that?

Almost everyone, but if the doujin was about that, it would be 3 pages long and not terribly exciting.

They did tell her, the guy was just convincing enough with his radiation shit.

I did, was some weird shit

I haven't seen a Waita dump for years

I want a sequel that shows Saori-chan's road to recovery, how her parents support her and how her friends make the trip across town to see her. I want to know that she turned out OK because this and the other aftermath panels are depressing as fuck. If the man picks the wrong house and gets what's coming to him that's a bonus, but I'm more interested in Saori-chan.

I can't masturbate to that.

Shock value.

Based on a true story.

Really. Not bullshitting you all, the mangaka got called by the police because some guy copied the story during the whole Fukushima incident to get inside houses and raped a loli.

Makes you lose fate in humanity.

hi guise wat anime is op?

Rather the true story is based on it.

Disgusting. I usually don't give a fuck about this kind of stuff and enjoy it to an extent but what that girl went through is absolutely unimaginable.

please I really want to know. it sounds like its some guro stuff.

The worst part is the boys who do it weren't sentenced to death for it because they were too young. If I were running Japan they would have either been retried when they were old enough or the law would have been amended to allow for theur deaths.

please guys i have to know what manga this is. me >>>> diamonds right now speculating whats in it.

My brothas, we must atone for our sins. I propose we make a bonfire and throw away all our loli rape doujins into the bonfire.

>I want a sequel that shows Saori-chan's road to recovery
Doctors pump her full of prescriptions and pills to to handle her anxiety and panic attacks, but its not enough. her parents have to send her to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. But unbeknownst to them sexual assault and abuse of the patients is common. After several years of this, she develops a drug problem, and has to sell her body to support her addiction. The end.

Geiger Counter. It's an extremely realistic depiction of the rape of an innocent 5th grader in her own home and goes as far as showing the aftermath of her situation, showing that she was forced to change schools away from her friends to be closer to her parents' jobs and that she can't hear a doorbell without having a panic attack and bursting into tears. She also looks pretty dead inside, any light of innocence and happiness she once had in her eyes is gone.

That wasn't happy for her, so it doesn't count.

Fuck you, stop describing public health in Japan.

he didnt even rape her

Don't forget that some jap actually used this doujin to perform a successful rape too.

He defiled the loli!!!!

Agree. Now let me take this responsibility. Let's give me all of your doujin so I can throw them

Death penalty when?

This. Holy shit the actual story is sickening.

We need to teach lolis self-defence.

>some guy copied the story during the whole Fukushima
really? I always figured this was making reference to Fukushima