Oppai Oppai Detokkusu

Gotta admit, that scene was kinda hot. literally

Remember when female ninja didn't need to use pheromones to incite the lust in men.

is this loss?

>loli ninja growing up into sexy kunoichi working as waitresses


Hello, may I help you?


I like small and normal boobies, but seeing huge tits always make me look at them like retard even despite I wouldn't want women like this

Posting my favorite boobs.
I haven't even read/watched Keijo!!!

Why the fuck would you not watch Keijo? Decently animated silly battles with athletic babes speaking in all sorts of accents. It's pretty much perfect.

I prefer spending my free time staring at that webm and goon my brain away while edging.

>girl jealous over other girl bigger boobs

best trope

this is a Saint


I don't think you could have normal life with this


Those doujins are always funny.

>"b-but i'm such a PLAIN GIRL uguu why would he like me?"
>says the only person ever shown in the series with double LL-sized breasts
>absolutely no one but the mc bats an eye at them


Oppaiyo, user-kun.


Best scene so far in Basilisk.

Please stop saying this everyday, and button up your shirt. The manager is starting to get pissed

So did I get it right, they both can control bugs and both have pheromones which make another gender horny?

I can't believe how both of them maniacally teasing each other when still being virgins

Best that you don't. I don't mind absurdity, but it was just shit.




Daily reminder:

Boobs - hetero

Asses - gay

>not liking both. Sad.

>big on fitness supplements
>2nd biggest breasts in the anime, 1st being Thomson


>Actually liking flat asses
>Not liking asses and breasts
I think you're the gay one