This was beautiful and made me cry desu

this was beautiful and made me cry desu




OP here, wrong pic

Lying on the internet is not something you should do


Both are mediocre

Technically very impressive and the story wasn't total shit with the time fuckery. 8/10

yeah i liked it

I love my wife!

One of those actually had the balls to pull a relationship between the main characters, guess which one.

One had the balls to be an actual movie about real problems instead of a romance between two self-inserts, guess which one

>between two self-inserts

Is that the best you could do?, Koe no katachi threads were full of niggers saying how bad they want to have a deaf crippled gf.

A girl wanted to watch this with me is this a signal


>how bad they want to have a deaf crippled gf
I want to have a cute deaf gf too. Anyway, I didn't really like the romance in Your Name, I felt they were both just two random guys we didn't really know

All I can say about this movie is that it wasn't bad, honestly I don't see how anyone could rate it above 8/10, it's a solid 7/10.

If it's just the two of you then yes

Shite Taste it's you?

I went to a con and the faggot who did the main characters voices talked about how he wants non whites to play non white roles. I'm like nigger, you are a white guy playing Japanese characters.

Anime characters are white tho

You're going to make that first base. Give thanks to Shinkai.

Also, watch 5cm/s.

>first base
What did this mean again?

Welcome to the current age of Western voice acting.

This. They're white people who live in Japan and and call themselves Japanese. It's so jarring.

Why don't character designers make characters that look Japanese?

Do people really enjoyed mediocre stuff like this?

No, they're just joking.

How was it mediocre? Great animation and a super cute story.

So how far into the episode will P26 last?
I give them 11 minutes.

>why do people enjoy stuff that i don't?

I posted in the wrong thread because I'm retarded. My bad.

>self identification fallacy
Never fails to disappoint
They don't look like whites or asians

Just delete your post then

How can it be self-identification when every black, asian and latino anime fan I know think anime characters look white?

>anime characters only look white to white people
Imagine being this delusional.

Anime characters are nothing like asians, whites, blacks, browns, jews, sand niggers, Neanderthals, homo sapiens. They are fucking mix of whatever the traits designers felt to thrown in at the moment. That's what mukokuseki's about.

They look like white people. You are in denial about something that is obvious to almost everyone.

>my anime characters look white just like me. I think japanese are jealous of us good looking superior white race and their longing to be like us is manifested in the form of anime character
Just fucking kill yourself delusional retard. White look fucking ugly unlike my beautiful anime characters

I found this one wanting

Sniffing pantsu

Stay mad shitskin

>my anime characters look white just like me
Except non-whites think they look white too. How did you not know this?

Best movie.

t. autist

which is pretty weird as Shouko isn't crippled...

what. you mean to tell me that the characters in Your Name for example don't look borderline stereotypical japanese (eg mitsuha's dad, her male friend forget his name, taki and his friends, the granny).

Literally all these people look Japanese. I think your problem is you expect Japanese characters to be drawn like how you perceive them (pic related)

"I honestly don't see how anyone could have a subjective opinion about art other than mine, art being one of the most subjective things in existence"

its where she falls over and you get an unintentional glimpse of her pantsu, and she then punches you while both of your faces turn red, and your nose sprays blood entirely unrelated to said punch

Your Name actually wasn't that bad in this regard, but their skin is still pink as fuck.