Who would win in a fight?

Who would win in a fight?

The best hero will

>implying anything can beat King

>literally who vs literally who


>low rank random
>vs literally the strongest being on earth

how will they fight?
because I'm sure King can kick Mumen Riders ass at any vidya

King is taller and heavier, making him the superior male.


I know what the fuck is op thinking?

Licenceless Rider isn't a scared little bitch and he can take a punch so it's no question really.

If they had a reason to fight, Licenceless would win. He doesn't back down!

Mumen would be paralyzed by the King Engine and then even King could just smack him

Other S-class heroes would grab mumen and made him apologize to King.

We're not questioning Riders bravery if bravery alone could get you to the top Rider surely would be a top level hero. But this is King we are talking!

>implying King would smack him
A simple King Driver from his index finger would turn Mumen into dust!

Are you trying to get mumen rider killed?


King Memes aside, even the lowliest C grade is like 4-5x a normal human strength wise. Mumen is top C and can actually take and throw punch, while King is literal Literally Who.
In the end Mumen bends him over and goes in rwa, fast and hard. Now, if they faced off in vidya - it would be another matter all together.

king has maximum luck so yea forget about memen dooing hsit

Mumen Rider wouldn't back down in spite of the roaring of the King Engine. Recognizing that Mumen Rider fights for justice, King chooses not to fight back, either accepting punches to demonstrate that Mumen Rider is misguided, or walking away to demonstrate that he has changed his view. Whatever misunderstanding lead to such admirable heroes turning on eachother would at that point have been resolved.


Look I'm a huge King fan, but I think his intimidate skill would fail against Mumen, but in the end, something like seems like the most likely scenario. With bystanders praising King is awesome for being so forgiving and humble, awesome etc.


>King's entire shtick is intimidating his enemies, so that they don't see that he's a literal who with absolutely no combative skills
>Mumen Rider faces down a being infinitely more powerful than him without fear despite the fact that he was likely going to die
>Mumen Rider can curbstomp an average human being
No contest lol


Mumen Rider, not even a question.

But could King beat Reigen, the world's greatest psychic?

Mumem, King Engine wouldn't work on him.

King would win the fight
Mumen Rider would win the war

Narratively speaking, King would win the fight, but everyone would think Mumen Rider won. Except there never was a fight to begin with, just immense heart pounding.

is there a manga where a powereless mc defeat super strong villain in some unbelievable way? even though it had to be full of ass pulls i'd like to read it just to see the villains reaction to losing to such a person.


how are they powerless if they still defeat them, that means they are a tactical genius/very intelligent and so nowhere near powerlessness

Mumen. He's one of the few that wouldn't back down from King no matter what.

Licenceless Rider may have balls triple the size of the average man, but what can he do against the Strongest Man of the World!?

King would forfeit, making Mumen's rating skyrocket, while hardly damaging King's reputation.

This. King is a hero of justice. He has no reason to fight a hero like Mumen, who is also justice.

You know, I wonder if this might actually happen
King would basically surrender to Mumen and everyone would think he let him win to show everyone winning isn't everything or something


Joseph Joestar vs Kars
He wins in such a silly bullshit asspull way you just have to laugh

King would make him evaporate. But Rider is physically stronger than King


>Mumen beating poor King
>King Surrenders
>everyone starts crying cuz King throw away his ranking and pride just to give hope to lower class heroes and prove that not everything is about numbers

>mumen believes the lie and starts crying inside his visor as well