Name on SUCCESSFUL Fate series without Redman in main cast

Name on SUCCESSFUL Fate series without Redman in main cast


Kiritsugu is the Bardock of the Redman Dynasty.

Nigga, Shirou was in the last episode.

Archer was the sole reason why FSN was popular in the first place. Nobody actually cares about eroge, Saber or Sakura. Main attraction through all routes is Shirou himself

>Archer is Emiya
>even if someone chose Saber/Sakura, self insert MC still gets to bang Tohsaka in heroic form

this is like next level planning, it's genious

>Muh GAR
>Muh Deep

>Nobody actually cares about Saber

>main cast

>nobody actually cares about Saber
By Allah, behave yourself or I will give you a taste of my shoe.

Zero, didn't watch it but I think Prisma too

I guess youre in the minority like a good britton

You're getting full of youself now. Don't make me think Archerfags are the new cancer of Fate.


>Aoko that high
Old poll user

Akhi, calm down

>resent appearance for Archer
>get his ass kicked by caster Cu
>get his ass kicked by Umu
>becomes a nigger
>gets shitty mullet
They want to kill him off, aren't they?

Archer was sole reason why Star Trek was popular in the first place. Nobody cares about Enterprise, Spock or Sarek. Main attraction trought all of franchise was Captain Johnatan Archer himself.

Heaven Feel
Hollow Ataraxia

>rin more popular than arc
Kill me

>Archer not in Zero
>Zero is a most popular serie

Really makes you think about fakers and secondaries.



Cant beat Tsundere

Does LOLIMIYA count?




strange fake

Fate without Shirou is like a pizza without cheese

>Archerfags are the new cancer of Fate
>the new
Archerfags have been cancer since Deen's Stay Night aired and they started with muh GARCHER meme.

Hey fuck you, the sauce in the best part

Most Fate characters are

Considering that Tsuki didn't get any content in years, it's impressive she's still that high

Funny way of spelling crust

Best part of pizza is the pineapple

Never use my daughter to spread your bullshit again

Listen here. Without the sauce, pizza is nothing. Unlimited Sauce Works, I swear it. Pineapple is for plebs and I hope Ramsey personally goes to your house and makes you cry.

What sauce do you reccommend? Not that pizzerias offer any

Pizza without the sauce is still edible.
Pizza without the crust is just a pile of materials
Pizza without cheese is a pile of slop.

Pizza without the crust is for forks.
Pizza without sauce and it might as well be cheese toast
Pizza without cheese and it's completely edible

The ones that Italians do with their fingers

>italian pizza
Its all syrians and other middle easterners here

No, its like pizza without anything but bread.

I don't think Kuro counts, also, she didn't deserve to have Archer's powers.

>trashy vampire slut
>Pure catholic princess

I know that pineapple on pizza is a normalfag meme, but it doesn't taste half bad, sometimes I order it just to be contrarian.

>normalfag meme
>i eat it to be contrarian

I meant that hating on pineapple pizza is a normalfag meme, they always get mad about it for some reason.

>Eating pizza and not kebab

>being (((european)))

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. Sup Forums's two blocks down

Actually its Sup Forums