Sword Art Online

Will best girl appear in the GGO anime?

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Please don't

In the spin-off? If it's a prequel: more than likely, otherwise, not so much. I can't remember any of details on the project.

Sinon/Kirito/Death Gun are not part of AGGO.
They get a passing mention about how they kicked ass in BoB, but that's it.

No. She get mentioned once or twice bur that's about it.

AGGO has a completely different cast of characters.

Asuna? Probably not.

Damn. Oh well. The new characters seem pretty interesting so..


From left to right:
Fukaziroh, LLENN, Pitohui, M

Me on the right

Me on the second right.

Left is my waifu

Middle left is mine.

Pitohui a cute. Sasuga kuroboshi.

Ah this explains why she wanted to not to stand out much in GGO.

How many episodes will this series have? 13 eps?

I believe so.

Stalking Karen!

If you're lucky they might animate a flashback scene where one of the new characters asked Sinon if she could buy her sniper rifle but that might be the most you get unfortunately.

That does sound like the most one can expect


From what I hear the gameverse girls other then the two new ones and the faggot don't interact romantically with OC MC and still pine for Kirito's dick in cutscenes even though he can't pillow talk him

so character development wasn't lost

Thank fuck for that. As much as I waifu the gameverse girls I don't want their development gone for the sake of a self insert MC.

Good news.

Now where's Sumeragi and Seven?


They're too good to simply not appear ever again.

The hell was his problem? I swear he's like PoH but annoying instead of dispicable.

Killed by Death Gun
that's how Kirito mode starts


Being saved for DLC probably. I know I'd buy it. But the real question is will Tia make it into the game?

I can't wait for more Liz thirst

Her thirst is unquenchable.

Pick one and only one

Where's Kirito?

Philia, my love


The thirstiest waifu

>I popped a boner when Kirito and Asuna first kissed IRL

I have no clue why.

Wait what the fuck?

Were you perhaps thinking about what Kirito and Asuna would do to each other after the kiss?

Change Strea to Hugs and Fugs

She NEEDS the dick or she could die

I think Sinon is best girl but only for the fact that she's voiced by Sawashiro

How would Lisbeth react to these threads talking about her lust for dick?

>Well, they aren't wrong

Probably really embarrassed but also masturbating to all the comments anons give her

>I just realized how much I need some dick right now

The size difference between LLENN and Pitohui's IRL selves is a thing to behold.

Reminder to all fatasses, if you wanna get slim go stalk a death-obsessed, tiny sadist so she can manhandle you and beat you to a pulp every day until you look like a real life photoshop model.

I think the real question here is how would the anons here convince Lisbeth to suck their cocks?

It's happenings, anons! Live Action 2 years of GLOP by Netflix!

I actually rather liked all of the teams, the machinegun boys being my favorite, don't think they have a illustration though.

>Live Action SAO
It's Death Note all over again isn't it?

Kirito is the literal black swordsman calling it now.

God I want to do lewd things with sugu

I want to stick my dick between her thighs

She'll be reading these threads while she's got cum in her mouth waiting for the guys around her to get hard again

I want to reverse titfuck her while she licks my anus

Hard to believe Sword Art Online's gameverse has been a thing for 5 years and still going strong

Pick one

It's been a fun time, and it should only get better when we get an Ordinal Scale and Alicization game.

all of them because it's a harem

The Alicization game will be a tricky one to do. I wonder how much of the arc will have to be rewritten, especially trying to get all the characters reasonably into Underworld.





Made for gangbangs

Harem but give priority to Yui


There's so many doujins of Kirito being cucked that he's actually one in my headcanon.
So I want to see him watching Sugu get gangbanged by several anons.


she would be happy because someone called her pretty
apparently she is average by japanese female standards


Lisbeth is pretty hot though
the average japanese males must be homosexuals

I'd gladly gangbang Sugu with you anons


Yuuki is for sexual lewding

I want to see Sugu sucking the dick of every user that ever fapped to her



Best butt in the series

LN Lisbeth would be embarrassed but happy/jealous of her Gameverse self is pretty much living her dream



That would be a lot of dicks and I'd love to see that

Don't forget this butt

Stupid sexy Leafa

Can AIDS reproduce?

Not enough.
She would probably be so tired after slurping so many anons that she would sleep without brushing her teeth or washing her mouth. I'd love to see her brother feeling the smell of cock and semen coming from her mouth when he's giving her a good morning kiss on the cheek.

It's not recommended

Go on

What's there to go on? As I said before, Kirito is a cuck, so by feeling the smell coming from her breath, hair and cheeks, he would excuse himself to go fap (just like anons are doing to these posts) in the bathroom with the door locked.
Sugu would wonder why her brother is taking so long on the bathroom, but would be more worried about repeating the dose from the last day.

I need a smutfic of Sugu being a slut


She's already a slut, just a stealth one who hides it to not have people thinking bad things about her.

ooohhh you mean those light novels that were never animated?

Does she perform slutty acts in VR as Leafa when no one else is logged in?

She's at the age where hormones are almost at their peak, and fucking in VR would have no consequences to her image in the real world, so I doubt she could resist. And I doubt boys could resist
Only problem with this is that she could get addicted to having easy and guiltless sex like that.

>never animated