Best series of the decade. Name some criticisms and I will refute them

Best series of the decade. Name some criticisms and I will refute them.

Too repetitive. Should have been 6 episodes

I can't.
It has excellent animation. It has good characters. It has a nice message. It's funny without resorting to lowbrow.

why is no more porn?

It's nothing special. Ping Pong is better, mainly because the source material itself is better.

Ping Pong was better

I didn't like it.

only intellectuals will understand

I'll fight you all at once for this.

Fucking this. Need more Ryouko.

Ping Pong and Uchouten Kazoku are both better.
Tatami is pretty good, especially if you watch it when you're a student or you've just graduated from college. It has interesting characters, but the plots for individual episodes aren't too interesting and there's no real overarching story until the end. Because of this, the quality of the series overall banks entirely on how good each episode is, and a lot of the middle episodes are completely forgettable and/or outright bad. As another user said, it would have benefited from being much shorter.
As an episodic series, it just didn't have the quality content for each episode to be stellar. Some are quite good, some are lackluster. As a whole this brings the whole series down and comparing to other works by the same director and the same writer, I think it's easier to see the flaws with Tatami.
However, it's not even remotely bad. It's just not the best anime of all time.

the story is pure enough to have some form of degeneracy

>Tatami Galaxy
5/10 at least
>excellent animation

Another yuasafags thread

Campus life is NOTHING like in neither Tatami Galaxy nor Walk on Girl.
After 5 years of university I couldn't be more disillusioned.

Isn't it meta that Watashi is striving for an ideal of campus life, while you are striving for a campus life that is considered not ideal by him?

They talk too fast.

thats the biggest shit from this decade

best series of the decade would be either AoT or Steins Gate

Ozu is straight up an objectively terrible person, which really undermines the overall message of the series.

the main critique I can think of is that Akashi doesn't really get enough character development. She's mostly "cold but cute girl and love interest," I wanted some more from her

except the entire point is we never meet the real Ozu, we only have the narrator's exaggerated recollection of him

The harem episodes were a little too stretched out. I didn't enjoy them as much as I did the remainder of the series, but I still rated it 10/10.

pea brain

Saki: Achiga Hen had better decision-making, which goes against your claim ("Best series of the decade").

The three episodes about the three girls were a bit too much.

Steins Gate is literally the Reddit and Memey of Sup Forums

Ping Pong was better

Tatami Galaxy is great, though

That's not a super controversial choice given the series' critical plaudits. Personally, Eccentric Family is probably my AotD.

I don't follow.

It's not worth watching if you can't speak nip

He seems to be subconsciously aware of the loops despite the fact that, as we see later, they're not loops so much as they are different universes all happening at the same time.

It's not.
It's just some pseudo intellectual show.

I enjoyed it, but it's not the best.

boring, pretentious, and unfunny

>Inb4 Commie
lent someone my main external really felt like rewatching just went for the one with most seed :^)

Are you describing yourself?

Akashi is too good to be debased by shitty doujins.