Anyone else actually like GT?

Anyone else actually like GT?

The ONLY good fight was SS4 Goku vs Baby Vegeta

After that, SS4 becomes a Jobber form. And every other fight was boring (beam spamming, no choreography, and shit like webm related)

- I hate that it's Goku Time
- I hate that it barely expands the lore
- I hate how Uub went from SS3-tier to SS1 after one arc
- I hate how Goku lost to a building
- The Black Star DB arc was boring
- I hate how Goku stays a kid thoughout the series and that it's never resolved
- I hate how some characters don't exist (or in the case of Piccolo, exist only to die)
- I hate the Super 17 arc
- I hate the Shadow Dragon arc
- I like the OST

It's not so good, but it's FAR BETTER than Super.
Hell, DBSuper is ultimate shit tier

Trash Belongs in the trash. Now keep it there.

things I like about GT:
-goku transforming into ss4

things I don't like about GT:
-everything else

DB Kai > DB > DBZ > DB Super >>>>>>>>>>>>> DBGT

I disagree with DB being that high, but only because it might as well be a different show from the rest of them.

I'll always like GT. It has some parts I hate, like the entire Black Dragon Ball search, and Shadow Dragons, but Baby and Super 17 we're fun
Baby Gohan/Goten vs Vegeta was good

Why? Genuinely curious

He had an ugly design, boring personality, had all the powers of every shadow dragon but still mainly used ki blasts, and a shit and unsympathetic motivation

Also beaten by Spirit Bomb (yawn)

GT is unironically better than Super
>Better transformation
>Better arcs (Baby and Shadow Dragons)
>Better ending (assuming DBS is ending and we get DB Ultra or whatever)
Too bad they're both poo. They both had so much potential to not be shit.

>Baby Gohan/Goten vs Vegeta was good
The idea of it was nice, because it was good guy vs possessed good guys (not to mention that it was basically their only real fight in GT)

But the fight itself was still nothing special

the animation and sound are really good, aesthetics isn't too bad

The story and execution of ideas in each arc is where it falls apart. Also the whole premise of goku going back to kid form with pan and trunks following him is just bad.

>Better transformation
You prefer edgelord furries? I guess this comes to personal preference

>Better arcs (Baby and Shadow Dragons)
Baby was the only decent one. The Shadow Dragon arc sucked so bad

>Better ending
DBS hasn't even ended yet

Goku Black >>>>>> Baby Vegeta

1. DBZ (jap sounds)
2. DBZ
3. DB
4. DB kai
5. DBZ movies
power level gap
9000. DBGT
9001. DB super

possibly just nostalgia. I grew up watching it, so at the time I really liked his design.
not him, but the only transformation from GT I enjoyed was goku turning ozaru. that unleashing of rage was pure kino. but if we're comparing it to super, I would say trunks unleash and goku's UI unlock, are both top tier transformations.

> DBZ over Kai
Opinion discarded

>Movies above the power gap

Kai is fucking shit

Not him, but I much prefer a monkey form for saiyans than recolors. Although Ultra Instinct really looks great

DB Kai:
> better writing
> better script
> better pacing
> better looking
> much less filler

The only thing that Z might have over it is the soundtrack. But that's completely subjective and biased through nostalgia.

I only really liked Gogeta's aesthetics. Goku and Vegeta SS4 is disgusting.

Ultra Instinct > Recolor >>> Sonic OC

>Better transformations
>Endless recolor spam

Choose one.

>he skips filler
>he doesn't appreciate the subtle quality of an anime enough to savour every moment of animation

>DBS hasn't even ended yet
Would you say EoS will better than EoGT?

this. I grew up with Z, I remember rushing home from school and watching every single fucking episode, filler includes.

kai is lazy man shit. you lose a sense of urgency if you don't watch the slow simmer of character development that leads to the big bad fight.

I appreciated some ideas it gave.
Making the main space squad Goku, Trunks, and Pan was a mistake though. Pan never even went SS and I sure as fuck can't remember Trunks doing anything special.

If anyone should've gone cruising the universe it should've been a better squad, Pan could've joined but my god make her actually matter to a degree.

>Sonic oc
Why did you put the same thing twice?

>better pacing
Lol fuck no
The buu saga really captures this because shit is going by way too fast

Aside from the eyes the monkies arnt really edgy in the least. Hell the same could be said about Ultra Instinct, Goku even gets all super stoic about it.

I appreciate that actual thought and effort went into their designs aside from just making magma goku or aqua goku, the effort alone puts it way past recolors.

Some filler is good like the Ginyu Force being in King Kai's planet, and the OtherWorld tournement

But most are shit. The Garlic Jr Saga, the Great Saiyaman filler, all the stalling and staring while fighting, yelling for 10 minutes, wind blowing, dragging out fights like there's no tomorrow

The designs were great, the ideas were great, the execution was really poor.

The OST was good atleast.

Ultra instinct is just a recolor.

Let's be honest, SSJ3 and 4 are the only interesting Saiyan transformations

>the Great Saiyaman filler

Man I liked the Saiyaman filler.
It was nice to see Gohan doing normie shit.

>You prefer edgelord furries? I guess this comes to personal preference
Nope, just enjoy the tieback to Oozaru and the fact that they're space money men. Much better than color swaps.
>Baby was the only decent one. The Shadow Dragon arc sucked so bad
Shadow Dragons, like the rest of GT, was a great idea that was poorly executed. Still prefer this over torunament #874 though.
>DBS hasn't even ended yet
True but it's not looking good. Hopfully it delivers.

EoGT wasn't good. The actual ending.

The clip montage of DB and DBZ while playing the GT Opening was great. But that has nothing to do with GT itself.

Sonic OC = edgy furry (SS4)

Nothing personnel...

>edgy furry
Nice memewords

It was but it went on for too long

That's how bad it is. You can perfectly describe SS4 with meme words

And let's not forget the magic pants

No, you're not the only one. GT was flawed, but entertaining all the same. Never think that Sup Forums or the internet is the majority opinion. GT was popular and well-received despite the cancellation, and was still treated equally to Z and Dragon Ball. To this day, it still has its fans, like any work. I stand by the notion that the sub with the original music is the definitive way to enjoy GT. Not surprising that most of the hate comes from the dub with that awful guitarist blaring in every scene.

The Shadow Dragon Arc was a great way to wrap up the series, not relying on the Dragon Balls so much. Even Piccolo hinted at that notion of the Dragon Balls being a liability.

The tieback to Oozaru was nice. But it was basically just another boost transformation that doesn't offer anything new. And I prefer the lore behind SS God/Blue and Ultra Instinct.

In addition to a boost of strength, SS Blue offers "calm" ki (so you can stack the form with Kaioken, undetectable ki, and perfect ki control.

Ultra Instinct offers perfect dodging and agility after your body has been pushed to it's limit

SS"4" (which btw you can skip straight to from SS1 or whatever) is just a boost like any other form

Magic pants isn't a negative on the overall design, that's about the transformation process. Do continue to meme instead of using your big boy words

> Saiyan transformation that also changes your clothes is normal and expected

Where did I say that? Either way we know why they have magic pants. You can't have big floppy monkey wang out and about. Though they should have done a small comedic skit where Goku asks for an extra pair of pants from Pan's backpack or some shit.
Either way, magic pants isn't a negative on the overall design of SSJ4, that's a negative on the transformation process

That, and the fact that while you could have them naked or with tattered clothes, it's not really something you should worry about. In fact, using the magic clothes as a negative proves you're grasping at straws but due to GT's universal hatred, it's never called as such.

Also magic shoes

Goku switches back and forth from kid-sized to adult-sized pants AND shoes

I guess it's a transformation + built-in clothes beam

Anyone using magic pants as a negative just shows they're still riding the GT hate train rather than any real dislike. It's not surprising to find out a lot of them didn't actually watch GT except for clips on youtube

It had nothing good about it (save SSj4, best SSj form)

fights were boring as hell
story was uninteresting
they nerf'd goku for no reason
tone was all over the place
characterization was flat as fuck (which was the best part of the original DB)
coloring was ugly as sin
Powerleveling turned officially stupid at the end (as opposed to "getting stupid" from the Cell and Buu arcs)

I've never watched Super but from what I seen GT can't hold a candle to it

I liked Baby as a villain, the Goku-Pan-Trunks dynamic had potential if they had actually committed to it (Goten would have been a better fit though), Shadow Dragons and SSJ4 were a cool concepts but shit execution, Majuub is kind of cool but barely amounted to anything, kid Goku coming back was kind of neat but there was no reason to keep him as a kid post Baby especially when he's going SSJ4 most fights anyway

> implying magic pants is the only bad thing about GT
> implying GT isn't just terrible

Magic pants is just a meme (with SOME truth to it), but it's nowhere near close the only thing wrong with GT

> Implying transformations can make or break a show
Who cares if SS4 looks "cool" for you, if the actual show is shit

iirc Kai actually kept most of the Saiyaman filler

When watching individual fights/scenes I prefer Z solely for Kikuchi but for when doing a full series rewatch Kai is leagues ahead

Star Wars prequels were also well received when they came out, but in both cases most had buyers remorse afterwards. I remember watching it wanting to love it, trying to love it, but at the end I just got numb to it. It didn't do a single thing right.

Goku was based on a furry though

Only good thing about EoGT was that 10/10 montage, the actual ending itself was even worse than EoZ

And despite that fact, there are still fans of the prequels, like GT. I really don't hate it and never hated it, even with that choppy dub. Watching the sub only made me appreciate it more. The amount of faggots cutting GT slack after Super reared its head made me laugh. Imagine the next series ten years from now after Super ends officially and people suddenly start to casually talk about GT without any shitposting.

GT didn't even deserve that montage. It was 99% DB and DBZ. Only a single GT scene

>the good
Black Star Saga. Having young Goku search for the dragon balls across the universe with best boi and best girl was great, it was fun and the best nostalgia trip to OGDB.

Baby Saga. It added a ton of lore like the Frieza Saga, Baby was a good villain, and moustache Vegeta was dank af.

SSJ4: The way it's introduced reminds of the original SSJ, it had coherence and seeing a SSJ Ozaru was fucking great.

>the bad
The rest of the series, it went downhill so hard so fast from the Baby Saga it's not even funny, it's like they instantly stopped caring anymore.

Dragon Ball >> DBZ > Kai >>>> Super >>>>GT
I enjoy the dumb fillers in Z for some reason. Buu is really the only awful thing about Z which Kai doesn't really fix since it still insane how long it is (takes up 1/3 of Kai) while Super have some fun parts and GT is just bad most of the way through.

As for Original Dragon Ball nothing will ever beat it in how fun it is.

It's better then super.

What was Gohan's biggest fight in GT?

What was Piccolo's biggest fight in GT?

What was Vegeta's biggest accomplishment in GT?

>The ONLY good fight was SS4 Goku vs Baby Vegeta

Goku vs. Ledgic was the only good fight.

Well choreographed fight, unique enemy with good design, unique and good looking abilities with the homing missile style ki blasts and the solid-form ki generated weapons, and actually showed character. Well juxtaposed against the two jobber Frieza foot soldier tier enemies and Trunks after bodying him.

What bothered me about that fight was that Goku could've used SS1 at any time.

He took too long fighting him as base

You're missing the point. Magic pants isn't a legitimate criticism, yet it is used as one everytime in these threads. I already know GT is mostly shit, that isn't the point in defending

>What was Gohan's biggest fight in GT?
Gohan was actually supposed to get a mini character arc in the Super 17 arc but that was scrapped last minute. The guy can't seem to catch a break
>What was Piccolo's biggest fight in GT?
Super is leagues above GT but Piccolo being Guardian of Hell makes him more plot relevant than he ever was in Super
>What was Vegeta's biggest accomplishment in GT?
He was the only person other than Goku and Uub to get a transformation in the series... even if it was just an excuse for him to be half of Gogeta

>What was Gohan's biggest fight in GT?
Fighting Vegeta (but he was possessed by Baby...not sure if this counts)

>What was Piccolo biggest fight in GT?
Lava? He never fought unless you count him dying as a battle

> What was Vegeta's biggest accomplishment in GT?
Getting SS4, even though he immediately jobbed afterwards and accomplished nothing with it.

Coming to terms that he'll never surpass Kakarot. He was the one who suggested fusion and even took the reigns at the supposed last minute of the final arc. Instead of acting arrogant like always, he mellowed out and used rational thought to see things through. At times, he almost seemed content with being Kakarot's friend, knowing he was more or less capable of handling things but also knew he could play his role as well, which he did.

>Coming to terms that he'll never surpass Kakarot
That already happened with the Kid Buu fight in DBZ

So they just repeated that?

More like they saw that and went with it. Y'know like how people criticize Super for making him arrogant again and unwilling to work with Goku?

Pretty much, same thing with Super. They just rehash the same character arc over and over by regressing him and fanboys call it great character writing

Vegeta's post Z "character arcs" in a nutshell

Majin Buu would have done better against Baby than Majuub. That's where it really ruined it for me.

I really liked goku's outfit
Other than that, nope.

The volume EoZ chapter ended with Vegeta saying "one day I will surpass you Kakarot"

And we know that Vegeta says one thing but feels another way. He still has his pride as a Saiyan.

His Cabbe relationship is pretty cool, Uub done right, but otherwise it's just rehashing him getting over his pride or showing he loves his family for the 100th time


>GT was heavily influenced by toei
>Super was heavily influenced by toei (tori had little influence after the gold freeza movie)

It's almost like both are terrible and DB should have ended after Gohan killed Cell.

GT wasn't just "influenced" by Toei. It WAS Toei

>tori had little influence after the gold freeza movie
Also this is plain wrong