One piece

Spoilers are out and it's another garbage-tier chapter from a shit arc

>no Sanji or Nami this chapter
>break next week
Well see you guys in 2 weeks


Off to a great start

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>A full chapter of Luffy and Katakuri in San Valentine week
What did Oda mean by this?

Non-shitpost thread. No hackposters allowed

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>6 fucking One Piece threads on page 1

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>30 chapters of fighting
>ends instantly with a new form that he could've used 15 chapters ago
>following 50 chapters of Run Piece

Thread's here, dumb kikes

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If you dumbasses are going to maintain a 24/7 general thread at least have the courtesy of making a single thread instead of six.

Half of them open up with shitposting too. It's embarassing.

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Oda, where's Luffy's queen Vivi?

I miss her.




>If I'm the one doing it, it's not hackposting!

You say that every week regardless of the chapter's content, you broken record.

fucking hate this filler shit, everyone probably punched their screen when he introduced even more bullshit family in the last chapter

Anana r34 when?

>everyone probably punched their screen when he introduced even more bullshit family in the last chapter
Fuck off user, I want to see if Oda will actually make up 85 character designs for all the Charlotte children

Not gonna happen. He's cheating, keeps making identical decuplets and shit so he can make all the characters look the same. Most of them are just gonna be copies of one another.

He's already up past the 50 mark, even with similar looking twins/triplets/whatever else. "Cheating" or not, he's still giving some kind of design to all the children by doing that.

that's filler bullshit, the only anime I can think of that I wanted to see everything and thought would happen was Akame Ga Kill, I thought we were going to see all the weaponholders, I was disappointed because there were only like 30 or some shit

>le snakeman vs le donut man