One Piece

Chapter is out and Oda lost his touch.
Break next week


He lost his touch since Marineford. This is laziness.

>people complain about bound man
>fans defend it with their last breath saying how original it is
>Snake man makes Luffy thin and cool again

>Hurr why doesn't he turn into an actual snake


wtf this design dudes? Oda a hack

Thats not the problem this is just a less fat bound man, i thought he was going make his arm and legs into pic related and do pithon punches

I feel the limbs should have been longer, but that aside this is more or less what I was expecting

Maybe he makes his arms like that when he attacks. I mean Bound man does his weird Kong Gun shit.


So like I don't really follow one piece much but essentially, luffy came out wiht x amount of techniques over the time skip and just brings them out periodically over the corse of the following chapters.

So like, he had these new techniques this entire time and only uses them when his hurt instead of just off the bat?

Yeah, this isn't' something that he learned recently. He always had this "transformation", which is the ideal one for this match up, but he didn't use it until now because whocares.

yes, basically

I like how hackposters are never able to explain how exactly Oda lost his touch.

he just did, okay?

Oda didn't loose his touch. He just never had one to begin with

the only loose thing here is your asshole

This is the top selling and highest rated manga in Jump!?
Nips has shit taste confirmed

But what stupidity, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail should never have existed, they are abominations of the manga and anime, they are pure garbage in their maximum expression, I would even say that they are pseudo writers, even a person with mental retardation writes better than them

>makes goofy transformation
>oda lost his touch, he used to make edgy transformations
>makes edgy transformation
>oda lost his touch, he used to make goofy transformations
lmao what do you faggots want

What were you saying about spics you weaboos? Seems like they were right

>and Oda lost his touch.
It took you this long to realize that?

wow I almost puked, it's nice bait.

HxH > One piss

Actually less of a mmmmmstretch than the original gears two and gear three though.

I mean I'm basically admitting my stupidity by saying this, I'm aware, but it's honestly just better to completely disregard authorial intent when reading shonen manga and just take it as it is and maybe come up with convoluted explanations on your own. Enjoying this can be fun.

>expecting Snakeman to be hugely different from the other forms
It's still Gear 4th you morons.

Noooooo, I wanted him to have snake eyes and scales and shit, that would make sense, not this bullshit!! HAAAACK LOST HIS TOUCH

but Yonko says King Cobra is literally Luffy using Bellamy's Spring Hopper vs Kata's donutman attack

That actually looks lot better than bouncing man