Would the show have been better if she stayed like this? I get what they were going for...

Would the show have been better if she stayed like this? I get what they were going for, with the angels being the ones that rarely behave angelic, but her character change was.. not for the best.

Nothing would have changed because the star of the show was actually everyone else.

It was all for the best. She was even more generic than Ralphiel before she became pseudo-NEET.

Stupid gabposters

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gab is now vig
vig is now raph
satania the same
raph is now gab

vig bullies satania by convincing her to be more evil to fuck with gab, knowing that satania will fail. raph is now gab's bff that is lazy and doesn't do shit, but gab continues to try and bring her back to the light. all four get along as friends

Satanic phoneposting in the comfort of my own bed is maximum levels of comfy

Would have been better if it actually showed them dealing with being angels and demons, like the second OVA did.

Not that every chapter/episode should have been "Haha, we're all Cute girls doing cute thi-Oh now it's all sad", but GabDrop had like 4 jokes, and it dragged those same jokes across 12 episodes with only a few exceptions.

Why would you want that, user. The entire point of the show is that they're comically inept at what they do. And the gabu we got is an actually nuanced character who really shines when the cast gets tender moments.

Honestly OP did you even see the second OVA? I find it hard to believe you'd ask this question if you had. Though you might just be an idiot.

Gabu is perfectly cute, no matter her attitude.

Would have been better if the show didn't repeat the same jokes every episode

>not laughing at doggo stealing her sweet buns

It’s a love story actually

He clearly is an idiot. This thread is like asking "What if Superman had just stayed Clark Kent the entire time?".


Satania Posters >> Vigne Posters > Gab Posters >>> Raphi Posters

>What if OP kys and we wouldn't have this retarded ledditcuck tier thread.

It's raphi thread now.

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are you okay?

Why does my wife vigne look so angry?

it was only a 1 time joke in the manga

I guess the studio heads couldn't get enough of it.

oddly enough, she wouldn't be as comfy

It’s true.
But I also paid my dues by providing Sup Forums my entire arsenal of debils..which actually doesn’t justify a damn thing, I just like phoneposting.

just like in the show!