Darling in the FranXX

Episode 6 preview - [eng-sub]


- You belongs to me.
- I love your taste.
- True, weaklings die thus far, but it is only natural, right?
- Besides, You're special so it's all right.
- Believe in me, Darling!

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Blue oni confirmed?


darling is the stronkest

So cheesy it gave me farts

Is it just me, or do 02's smiles look kind of fake in this? Like she's forcing herself to be cheerful and optimistic when she really isn't?

let's get it

Its getting pushed so hard that I kinda hope Hiro just fucking dies.

>APE calls Hiro a "special" specimen
>02 calls Hiro special
>Turns out Hiro is special

Sasuga Trigger, talk about foreshadowing.


>Eldritch abomination end

Pls no

Tittle of this ep?

Darling in the Franxx

>Believe in me Darling
I can't believe 02 is fucking dead.

Darling in the Franxx, but the katakana used to spell Franxx refers to the mech in the show as opposed to the person- which is used in the show title.

The difference fundamentally being they're using a "ku" instead of a "ki" as the phonetics for the XXs.

>but the katakana used to spell Franxx refers to the mech in the show as opposed to the person- which is used in the show title.

Does this mean we're getting a Hiro/Dr. Franxx end?

Because while novel, that's a little weird.

I want to bury my face inside Kokoro's beautiful fluffy hair

Of course, he's darling.

(Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes) She's a maneater

It truly was Darling in Her FranXX

The aynopsis calls Hiro a "prodigy", The same nickname as Setsuna

off topic but it's a minor nuisance. How the fuck do you guys get the PV to show if you live in burgerville? Any time its posted, its never available in the US. Any workaround? Should I just look to Dailymotion or some other site?

>02: Woah... I guess you really are... the Darling in the Franxx

Darling is the cutest too.

What if 02 is the spider, Ichigo is the butterfly and Hiro is the web


la monstruosidad

Hiro (Darling) in the Zero Two (franXX).

Darling in the franXX = Pilot in the Mech

we get to see what generic bots look like


Hopefully it's not Kamina's speech.

>Hiro in the Zero Two


I want to fuck Kokoro’s fat ass, if you know what I mean

How about you try accessing the show from not burgerville? Better yet, why don't you try accessing the video from Japan?

That's the workaround I use.

Protip: You can do this even if you're a clapistani.

>RIP Hiro

>fanfiction is actually footage from the future

Calm down Mitsuru

I can see it tho

It's happened before.

It's not. Hiro and 02 won't die, at least not in this this cour.

Darling, I FranXX the kids


>he'll be fine

>Hiro (Darling) in the Zero Two (franXX).

>Implying Franxx refers to Zero Two, and not Dr. Franxx

Honestly, I wouldn't have assumed Franxx would be a uke, I thought he was a seme.

>the blue tumor is a klaxosaur exoskeleton growing outside hiro and slowly engulfing him
>klaxosaur exoskeletons are also known as franxx
>truly darling in the franxx

>pseudo stockings
>pseudo skirt
>basically ZR bait


> the episode title uses フランクス (used for the mechs), while the show title uses フランキス. (Fran-kissu)

This meme never fails to make me grin.


What link are you using?

Kino is on the menu my dude

>look at the image
>starts playing

>Episode 24 is ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス

So it's pronounced as Frankiss?

try again, virginfag

Furankisu = title of the show
Furankusu = Dr. Franxx name and robutts


>Episode starts with Dr. Franxx, 02, and Hiro in the same room
>He's trying to teach them arcane reproductive practices which have fallen out of favor decades ago
>Finally decides that they're more or less ready, they just need practice
He gets 02 to leave the room while he looks coyly at Hiro


How the fuck is that "foreshadowing?" That is just blandly stating something. And were you honestly expecting the MC of a shonen mecha to not be "special?"

>Not "My Honey, From Your Darling"

this is worse than aldnoah zero desu

Can anyone defeat /ourguy/?

First cour of AZ was ok, the final episode was a small yet memorable shitstorm.
2nd was utter dogshit

I actually thought oni might eat the strawberry then and there

The Japanese don't have a proper X, but then neither do the English really. The letter at turns can phonetically resemble a Z or a K.

In this case "Franxx" sounds like "Franks", as some /his/ crossboarder on here will enthusiastically tell you.

Because Japan's alphabet phonetically is essentially a pair of consonants and vowels (there's a n/m character which is an exception, vowels get their own character too), their version of the word "Franks" looks like "FuRaNK-Su

The vowel pair for the k could alternatively go with an "i" or a "u" with a fair degree of flexibility. For the purposes of this show though, they made the "ki" version refer to Dr. Franxx, the person, while the "ku" version refers to the actual robutts.


I was being sarcastic, as I assume the person I was responding to was.

We've known there was something off about Hiro since the second episode- because the show literally told us.

Well I guess I am the autistic one then.


It depends, a big pitfall of the first cour was having the mc always magically figure out the enemy's single flaw and defeating them immediately. Franxx has a similar fault if Strelitzia is going to have to save the day every single time. If the show tried to be less serious, this wouldn't be much of an issue, like TTGL.


Both robots and doctor are フランクス. Or rather robots are named after him. Kisu is only in the title.

No worries.

Text is an imperfect medium, and a sad reality of the Internet is that there really are posters that stupid out there.

Reminder that robots tiddies have been scientifically proven to reduce air drag and increase their aerodynamic capabilities. There is a fucking paper about it.

If episode 7 is a Zoromiku breather, episode 6 can't turn out that bad

It's a very good paper. Everyone should read it.

Oh, woah. I stand corrected.

Then what does the series title refer to with the "ki" version? Is it just to make it resemble kiss or is there something deeper to it?

Calm down fatguy

Everyone love wordplay and triple meanings.



Leave the fodder to me.

Wheres the one with 02 topping Hiro added to it? I've been looking for it everywhere but nope can't find it.

孵卵器 (furanki) = incubator. And yeah, kisu is just a kiss.

I hope they atleast pay a homage to that episode.


We alreaady had Hiro iynching to 02 in three steps. They are super compatible and would literally have no problems.

Holy. Shit.

Now THIS is what I call impressive autism. I'd actually shake the hand of the person who wrote this if I had the opportunity to.


The conclusion and the acknowledgement just kill me.

He can't out-autism pannenkoek, though.


>孵卵器 (furanki) = incubator
Hey, kid, wanna make a contract?

Can't wait for Strelizia to save the day forever!

>A moving base of enemy force
>MC has no chance against it
>Aniki dies
>Show really starts here

Get used to it scrub

>those nails


I can live with that.