>Being thrown into another world while having been living in an another world on Earth
Is this the pinnacle of isekai?
isekai thread

Been reading Isekai Maou, fun garbage, it's getting more risque with every passing volume and I love.

I bet you think harry potter is isekai you moron.

I was going to add "basically another world on Earth", but I figured no one was autistic enough.

>fun garbage
Word its the best.

>pinnacle of isekai
you arent even trying.
>Reverse Isekai the other world onto earth.

Isekai Mahou is pretty much "What if Harry Potter got isekai'd after the end of the series?" though.

Obligatory Fuuka

I don't get this, how is fuuka supposed to be isekai?

The prologue is already been completed.

FPS isekai is pretty fun.

Dungeon Seeker, right?
Is it still being translated?

What exactly constitutes an isekai?

For example, Sono Mochi fills most of the cliche elements (adventurer's card, OP MC, harem), but has no traveling to another world. On the other hand, Youjo Senki only has a few common cliches despite very obviously involving travel to another world.

Nigga that's just fantasy with game elements.

Isekai involves being transported into another world by being summoned, transmigrated, reincarnated or whathaveyou.


Translations for S1 just ended. Hoping for 1.5 and 2 to get translated as well.

I heard that he ran out onto an open field. That destroys my immersion




This was pretty funny.
Wouldn't mind an actual series where he manned up and went outside.


To add, solely being reincarnated without going to another world is called Tensei.
Time travel and stuck in a video game are not isekai but time travel after being reincarnated is tensei.

Depends on the type of time travel. The many-world interpretation of time travel is isekai.

Why does Mother's Basement crap on this again?

Really wanna know how the girls will react once they meet Hydemary.

Anime when

Americans aren't front and center.

Made me think of Donnel

Some combination of beating up Sumei and draping themselves over him possessively while glaring at Hydemary.

But what about hydemary? what will she think?
When will the girls fucking tell him they love him anyway? suimei is one of them people that won't understand unless you tell it to his face.

Harry wasn't that technically accomplished like the Isekai Mahou guy, he could do a Patronus and that's about it.

is it just me or is mount and blade the best isekai sim there is?
as long as you are fine with no magic.
you drop randomly in existence and you can do whatever the fuck you want with your mercenary band. all the while becoming op as fuck and gaining favor.
and at the end you can rule the entire nation.

And then he fucking throw away the strongest wand.

thaks fuck its not a tanaka op, those fucks are worse than overlordfags


Eh, would be nice if early game wasn't 'Have horse = solo 30man raiding party'

What's so bad about Tanaka?
Well, minus the "hurr hurr its NTR'" idiots.


> Truck gets totalled after hitting a pedestrian
> Gets reincarnated into a world of wagons, small boats, and mystical gliders
> Has the cheat of never running out of gas
> Has a harem of vehicles after its hitch
> Drives around the world, defeating demons, like the oppressive traffic light, the foul flock of birds, or the seductive drive in with a bump that scrapes the undercarriage
> Buys a trailer slave and pulls it like a daughter, only for the trailer to develope romantic feelings for the truck

But it doesn't even have an anime yet!

the tanakafags gobble the threads for his shit show of a LN, and they bait newfags with the NTR meme

She's dead, isn't she?

I don't understand why did she kill her?

This disgusting art style looks like Dungeon Seeker.
When did this scene happened? I read like 3 or 4 volumes of LN, but i don't remember it.

Beat up Sumei, start a catfight.

After staring for what Hydemary must consider to be enough time, she gives a deep bow of her head. She says, “Very well, understood. I shall follow you.” While Suimei wonders what she judged acceptable in him, she adds, “Suimei-kun, is it? I hope that you’ll properly treat me as a lady.”

Suimei inquirers about Hydemart’s words because she is a homunculus who was born in a flask. His intention isn’t to pressure her into a manifestation of his desires. Hydemary will bloom as a magician soon on her own. “In reference to?”

“None, I just desire for you to treat me properly.”

As for the other part...Mizuki told him to his face and look what that got her. The girls need to get strong enough that he can't mess with them or run away before doing anything.

>As for the other part...Mizuki told him to his face and look what that got her.
I was surprised by that and like that it feels like a natural course with someone you spend a lot of time with. I wonder if its gonna be glossed over easily in a comedic way or put a big strain on their friendship.
Removing memories and directly affecting affection you feel is some heavy stuff.

Can anyone pinpoint the moment when isekai went from being a vehicle to tell varied kinds of stories to being almost exclusively about videogame like worlds and tourist/edgemaster overpowered MC? What story we have to blame for creating a nonstop wave of copycats riding on the videogame setting bandwagon?

>As for the other part...Mizuki told him to his face and look what that got her.
Oh right, i forgot that was a thing. Yeah i guess you're right. But as long as they don't convey their feelings properly and continue to beat up suimei, the status quo will continue. it's just frustrating because not only suimei is at fault for being dense.

What about them premonitions back in the start of the series? wasn't there one about mizuki saying they shall never part again or something?

The sister was transported, she was originally from earth, thats why she was a cheat magician and how she built up Amazon into a Megacorp.

What the fuck? I just checked the manga.
It's completely different from the LN, Noriko was not suppose to be there and thief girl shouldn't be dying. They also changed her design.

Nah, RtW is getting there.
>get isekaid into magical medieval world
>then defeat a zealot popess witch
>get the power to on-demand astral project into another another world that's variation on modern one
>The popess is his literally daughteru

Tanaka is great, because its a filter series, it triggers reddit fags and the NTR bait pisses off cuckfags.

SAO was the tipping point although only being virtual isekai.

Sword Art Online. Not an isekai, not the first one to do the whole trapped in a vidya that it becomes your new world story either, but it's the story that started the wave. Then came the true progenitor, Log Horizon.

After that it was open season for these shitty isekai epics like Mushoku Tensei, Sevens, Overlord, etc.

Well it's not a romance series. It's almost pure shounen. I'm expecting 50/50 either loose full harem end or open ending. And the premonition/dream stuff was WN only. It's hard to say how much if any of it is canon for the LN. I am curious to see if they meet up with Isrina, looks like she was supposed to be another of Sumei's girls on back on Earth. And if he ends up trying to save the Maou...

“—Silence! I’m not going to run any more. I will live on as I should!”

The survivor of a broken country. The young, half-spirit swordswoman, forced to bear the shameful curse laid upon her by the Varied Races: Lefille Gurakis Nosya.

“Shut it! For someone like me, only needed for my ability in battle, this is fine!”

Hatred her eternal companion, the Empire’s human weapon who had immersed herself in the abyss of dark magics: Liliana Zandark.

“—We meet again, Suimei. I’d thought for sure that we’d never see each other again. That’s why, let’s never part again.”

At the mercy of fate and Nureha of Kadath, his friend who had come to be known as the Sword Princess: Kuchiba Hatsumi.

“—Enough with the pretty words! No matter how many times you say such things, happiness will never come!”

The dark green figure, cursed by Ludwig, whom he’d sworn an oath to save: Isrina Coulanges.

“Suimei. Humans and the Mazoku are the same. If both sides are as filthy as this, then I—”

He who had been summoned alongside Suimei, the hero who had turned his back on humanity out of despair. Holy sword in hand, the swordsman of the hidden god: Shana Reiji.

“—It’s been a long time, brat. How’s it been? You any stronger now?”

The world’s strongest swordsman, called to this other world by a forbidden, unplanned summoning: Beowulf Schneider.

“—So this is my enemy?”

The ferocious demon lord who controlled all curses, the empress of the Varied Races: Nakshatra.

Tanaka is legit entertaining though. Characters all have their own motives driven by impure desires.

it could be the next fucking lotr for all i care, what i want is my isekai threads not being tanaka only you dig?

Man, fuck those two then. It makes it hard to find a halfway decent isekai when several of them fall into now typical cliches like skills, levels and slaves. Sure, some can be fun in their own dumb and stupid way, but one too many of them are just plain generic ones riding the bandwagon.

>tfw shieldbro manga is on hiatus this month
Oh well. Anyone read vol 10 of the LNs already?

Great isekais are Kyou Kara Maou, Fushigi Yugi, Inuyasha and Digimon

>My Isekai thread
you can fuck off back to plebbit.

Isn't inuyasha timetravel? Timetravel where classic jap folklore was real that is. How did it all die in the future though?

>complaining about tanaka threads talking about tanaka instead of other shitty isekai

You have your shitty isekai thread right here. But when the OP image is of Tanaka then it's safe to say it's a Tanaka thread. Stay out of those threads if you don't like Tanaka.

Inuyasha ain't good
fuck off bitch i've been here ever since /ab/ days

Stop please don't ruin this thread go make a tanaka thread.

Its not necessary to have a constant thread running, specially since there has been no recent update.

Maybe you should learn that before you keep makin your Isekai Generals

>People butt hurt that Tanaka is the better isekai
>Calling it NTR when hes just being a bro
Post Tanaka

Fushigi Yuugi ain't that good

>People wonder why Tanakafags are called annoying

I just filter Tanaka by this point.

Why they are called annoying? Unless it was a tanaka thread that also doubled as an isekai thread, I don't remember any thread being overwhelmed by tanakaposting.

>better isekai
its not even on RtW level much less on the top wit overlord and faraway paladin
last fucking thead my dude

This, I have never even seen a Tanaka thread aside from someone posting 1 or 2 pics sometimes.

>Wah they keep posting Tanaka in my General
Generals were banned for a reason.

rtw is fucking garbage, at least tanaka is entertaining even if it's about par(very much not a compliment) for isekai gag stories.


Unless I missed an isekai thread in the last 48 hours, I'm pretty sure no isekai thread got tanaka'd


has this been updated lately?
last i saw there was some issues with a dumb queen.

I wish we get a Fuuka isekai.

Tanaka is a more realistic version of what would happen if the average Sup Forums user was isakied as themselves to a new world. They wouldn't have the looks or the charm to get girls and be all suave and all knowing like most MC.


You can take that realistic bullshit and shove it where the sun doesn't shine son.
I read isekai shit to feel good, not for goddamn realism

The manga no, but the WN translations are pretty far along.

well youve managed to be such a whiny cunt, that im more than compelled now to post Tanaka and do so even more whenever you appear and cry like a bitch.

Not the same user, but would you really feel good reading millions of isekai with exactly the same premise and cliches? Overpowered infinite charisma pussy magnet harem masters gets boring eventually once you get exposed to so many of them. Hence why things like Bakatarina and Tanaka feels refreshing even if the ideas aren't that innovation or new.


That was my intention all along, now you fucks will get the same treatment as SAO and overlord.
i win

Let's not kid ourselves here. We're all reading the same level of trash even if the flavor is different.

Let's all calm down.

This scene is like FMPanic fumoffu rugby episode

Not really, for the manga. There's one untranslated chapter left, probably not done yet because it's very long (~37 pages) and almost nothing but non-stop exposition. Introduces best milf though.

Is Gash Bell isekai?

I did say that I wasn't the same user an that was talking about something else. Never said that they were realistic, just that if that user read generic isekai "to feel good", he was missing a few ones that deviated from the horrible self insert powerfantasy generic isekai that are like the fast food of manga.

das the joke

Good idea, lets just spam the most cringy and terrible isekais.

Let's rock man.

how about eliza?

Are there any chink novels worth reading besides RtW?

Pic related


The WN translation is up to the point where he's built himself a small city on the Wortenia peninsula and he's getting dragged off to war again because Lapis is a dumb fuck listening to a even dumber fuck(Mikhael).