Goodnight, sweet prince

Goodnight, sweet prince

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What happened. Post pics.

>author is a SJW
Who would've guessed.


What are you even talking about? I don't see the connection to SJWs here.

The Obama/Will Smith Joke is one of the most famous

How Gorilla dares to joke about Trump!!!

Please tell me people see the irony in calling out SJWs as fragile snowflakes, then getting uptight about Trump jokes. I want to maintain some faith in humanity.

Sup Forumstards are not really bright

They can't kill him off by seppuku. I don't and can't believe Gorilla would do such a thing: that's not trolling, that's straight retarded


Shippers absolutely BTFO

OK. This has to be a cop out

I'd rather have him fuck a gorilla than this

This better be a joke. I don’t even care about ships I just want everyone to be happy. Gorilla give them at least that. ;_;

Okita x Kagura shippers BTFO.

Still mad about Kondou though.

Holy shit, Sorachi is an absolute madman.

NobumexShinpachi confirmed

Might as well use this thread.
Did anyone import/download the English version of Gintama Rumble that was released in Southeast Asia? Is it any good? Are all the menu's/options in English and is the dialogue subbed?

>Little girl is Tama's daughter

Called it

It's not hypocrisy when we do it.

Chapter 671
-Man of revolutionary intent/Revolutionary intent.

-The little girl isn't Shinpachi's because he's a virgin.
-"I got a little hotter, but downstairs hasn't seen any action".
-Otose and Catherine already know that, lol.
-The little girl is techinically Kintoki/Tama's.
-Gengai was able to fix most of the machines but couldn't fix Tama because he didn't build her
-So he made a smaller version of Tama, the little girl. she's supposed to learn what Tama knew.
-She's "Tamako" and insists on calling Shinpachi "Daddy" and following him around.
-He gets stopped by the police, and when they find out that they aren't related
(They have an *actual* virgin detector) they arrest him for being a lolicon.
Nobume saves him (but she calls him "Lolicon the hero" She's now the chief of police.
-Soyo is part of the government (though I'm not sure of her actual role.) She's still considered a princess tho.
-Matsudaira appears.
-Hijikata got demoted.
-Shimaru resigned
-Okita died.(Seppuku).
-Zura is the prime minister and they start to call him "Donald Zurump" but he corrects them.
-Shinpachi's like "This country is doomed."

I'm not buying Okita's suicide. That's definitely the sort of thing that gets suddenly reversed.

Don't tease me, negro. I ship that.

Shit I've been away for a few weeks, is the manga ending next chapter?

How is any of this "SJW"? Please tell me you're just some samefagging falseflagging commie cunt. Literally no one on Sup Forums gives a shit about politics enough to make an argument over it.

Maybe they prefer to call it seppuku because he became an M. Better dead than OOC

A non-white non-American mentioned their beloved waifu Trump and they lost it. Sup Forumstards are worse than the special snowflakes.

Fuck off, antif/a/g. Sure Sup Forums may have never been fox news watchers, but we're a far fucking cry from you SJW subhumans.

It's clearly ending very soon but we don't know exactly when. There could be a few more chapters if this is an entire epilogue arc and not a rushed ending.


Don't believe a thing without proof. How many popular manga endings have you gone through in the past? Remember all those supposed spoilers which all turned out to be fake?


Fucking kek

Damn did "Donald Zurump" really make you that mad? It's not even bad, it's literally just a nickname. I don't get how this makes Sorachi an SJW, fucking relax.

>Shinpachi got a little hotter
>He got a daughterwife android too
Hmm. I think this is clearly happy end for him.

this makes me think all the more this is a fake timeskip, but then it'd be obvious it is fake so it might be real. I don't know what to think anymore

Then he says the country is doomed.

Gintama author is a SJW, simple as that.

He says it because it's fucking Katsura running the country, not because of the nickname. God you are dense.

Are you autistic?

You're stupid motherfucker aren't you?
Not everything is politic-related, retard. Fucking Americunt, I swear.

I'm out of the loop, what happened to kondo?

Kondo married a gorilla, and he's currently raising his wife's son.
Tae is now fat and still doesn't like him,