Fuck Marry Kill

I just finished NGE and this is my first post on this board.
Me personally:
>fuck misato
>marry rei
>kill asuka

I can understand wanting to fuck Misato, and wanting to kill Asuka, but why would you want to marry Rei?

Her mood and general atmosphere makes you want to feel sympathy for her, I guess. She's a very sad character.

I'm sure the five other Reifags on this board are happy with your decision desu

Marry Asuka, fuck Misato and kill Rei

How does it feel knowing she wanted another man's dick? Nevermind, I'm talking to a cuck, of course you'd enjoy the thought.

>kill asuka
>marry asuka
>fuck asuka
in that order

Kill Misato
Kill Rei
Kill Asuka

>fuck misato
>marry asuka
>kill rei

this is the canonically correct answer.

Kill Rei, end her misery
Fuck Asuka
Marry Misato

Kill Rei. She already died 3 times, she'll be fine.

I couldn't possibly fuck Misato harder than Kaji already fucked her, I'd just feel inadequate in comparison. So marry Misato.

I couldn't possibly fuck Asuka harder than life already fucked her, I'd just feel inadequate in comparison. So marry-

wait, shit


kill all three
fuck and marry kaworu

Instrumentality all.

>fuck Misato
>marry Maya
>leave Asuka and Rei alone
>kill Kaworu

>marry the boring nymphomaniac housewife


Fuck Misato, marry Asuka and kill Rei since they can just make another one/

For me it's

>Fuck Misato
>Marry Rei
>Kill Asuka

In that order.

fucking finally someone who doesn't want to kill rei

pick one and only one

>implying that a sex addict isn't shallow and boring by proxy

Gotta love that Rei.

Shinji pls

>fuck Rei
>marry Asuka
>kill Misato

Anything else will give you a BAD END.


Fuck Asuka
Marry Rei
Kill Misato, she's lived the longest

For the smile.

Fuck Misato
Marry Asuka
Death is too good for Rei

>Chooses the most unflattering image.

t. soy

kys unironically

Marry Asuka
Fuck Misato
Kill Rei

Kaworu is gay lol

Correct my friend of refined taste