Dragon Ball Super

Are you ready for the next Dragon Ball Anime to have these deisgns?

>New DB anime
>won't be a SoL following Pan, Bra, and Marron's adventures

>Yamcha is there
>Tien is fucking dead

>following Pan, Bra, and Marron
No, thanks.

It'd probably be Goku bumming around at Uub's place even though his and Chichi's house is probably a capsule product that could be easily packed and transported.

We already know the next series is about cabba, caulifla, and kale

This, goku must breed with caulifla in order to restore the full blooded saiyan race.

We only know that Aya Hisakawa will voice Bulma from now on, known for her roles as Unohana, Kero, Original Sailor Mercury.

I like her new VA better than the old one.


We just need to find a way to market them and it'll happen.

>no goku

You high kid?

18 turned into a top tier MILF

Why would he when half breeds can produce full blooded saiyans.

Or idk maybe Yuka Komatsu is the one who replaces Nozawa because she also works in most Toei series (like Aya Hisakawa, Yukana)

So what are the chances we get a Frieza/Goku fusion?

>potara shown to be legal
>shown that you can throw them into the arena mid-fight
>Frieza given a close-up contemplating UI when the Gods are talking about it
>shown that UI has an attack component
>Vegeta drops out next episode, leaving only Goku and Frieza

Is the entire DBS run just a giant setup for a Frieza redemption arc?


This. Series will be about Cabba, Caulifla, & Kale getting trained by Sensei Vegeta and fighting crime part time. And getting into shenanigans while living together in an apartment/fortess.

It would have a better chance to succeed if it starred Goten and Trunks with the Pilaf gang as the comic relief/supporting characters.

>a Son, a Brief and the Pilaf gang again

Would be nice


Who would breed with kale though?

Roshi's new glasses are really underrated

>muh u6 saiyanlets
>muh sadala arc

Who do you think?

Based Alpha Cabba.

Goten looks like a faggot. His design in GT is chad as fuck

Goten is gay.

Pick one.

>gohan ultimate eyes
confirmed he kept training

This, EoZ confirmed it.

I barely started watching DBS the other week, I'm on season 3 when Goku beats U6 Frieza, i forgot his name. Maybe i'm viewing DBZ through rose tinted glasses but DBS just aint doing it for me.

The fight with gold frieza, even though he was going to blow up the earth, felt like there was nothing at stake. too many quips and too much of that insufferable Jaco fag

>vegeta looking on in disappointment
Half breeds were a mistake.

>Hiromi Tsuru returning one last time in 128 as Bulma's VA before finally being replaced by Hisakawa after

Dumb memes.

>U3 is erased
>Goku is the only one smiling
>Jiren taunts Goku over erasing an entire Universe
>Goku grins and laughs

Is Goku okay? Why is he so creepy in DBS?

What Fuck?! Lmao

>No chapters of Goten, Trunks and Pan fucking shit up

Teen Goten's design looks baller too

Gohan is such a fucking joke in Super
at least he was treated with dignity and was still a fearsome fighter in GT

Bulma and Krillin both look awful there.

Waiting for the "CABBA IS A FAGGOT" user.

He's a funny fellow.

So, how will he hit UI goku ? In their first fight he didn't score a single hit on him (goku was already back to base before he knocked him off).
Will it be an asspull if Jiren manages to land a hit on UI goku ? I mean, even Kefla managed to graze him so it wouldn't surprise me if he got a few hits on him.

we'll have to wait until Shaggy dies so he can turn into Gohan Calvo and really rek shit up

Look at these two and tell me they don't suck each other's cocks.

>He won't unlock Ultra Instinct
>He won't save Universe 7 from erasure
>He won't be able to uphold his promise and resurrect everyone
Why is Toei always so mean to Vegeta?

Goten will be gay in the Toei Anime that is filler

>ywn get new sunglasses

they're making jiren an asshole on purpose lately, so the fanbase won't side with him


Trunks definitely looks like a faggot, goten looks like one of those chad homos on the down low who would make you a bottom.

any fusion at this point is going to end up 3 secondes long

Fuck Toei and Toriyama. Glad this show is ending.

>Vegetafags never learn

How many episodes left?


ends in 131

I can beat this monkey

3 episodes of goku vs jiren and one episode of rushed ending.


So the last will air on 18/03? Thanks.

>Dead show
>Dead thread

there's another break in march

this is why toei writers are fucking hacks each trying to push their own crap into the show.

>Kukarots aren't allowed to kiss their wives

Nice joke

>Gohan gets no new form
>Piccolo loses to a bug
>Vegeta isn't getting UI
>Frieza has jobbed 4 times in 4 episodes
>Goku is getting the strongest transformation in the multiverse, is going to beat an Angel-Tier opponent and save Universe 7


That's why you should've skipped the first two arcs and watched the movies instead. Also no, "too much Jaco" was literally the only thing Super did right in RoF saga


Actually was there a single good Goku moment aside from MULTI BLAST DRIFTING?

I swear UI awakening should be hype as fuck but instead got killed by mediocre animation and instead was only mildly exciting

nobody cares about the voices in your head retard

>so mean to Vegeta

2nd most wanked character from U7 this arc, 2nd only to Goku himself.

not even 17 comes close


are you retarded?

Goku is going to win ToP and you can't stop him.

This dog must be like 20 years now

Also it's fucked up to have normal dogs and human dogs at the same time


can't wait to see him going full-power again because muh cabba

>these 3 moments prove he was wanked!!!
Fuck that is pathetic evidence. This is the only thing he's received in the entire tournament.

one can wonder how chi-chi puts up with it

GODku will win and you're going to deal with it.

>Another series just about Saiyans

Stop it.

do you know what wanked is? Vegeta is doing what we expected him to do, hes up there with goku on the MC role.

I think it'll be mostly bulma this time.

So the final tier list is gonna be:

Being retarded > only caring about strength > caring about friends and family

Right? Will Jiren start trying to be more retarded after Goku beats him?

h e a d c a n o n

>has never kissed his wife once
What a fucking embarrassing character. He's truly unsettling in so many ways

Reminder, Goku likes sleeping on balls. And showing guys his dick.

>the next Dragon Ball Anime
Can't wait for super GT.

the show is crap what do you expect? But Vegeta is not getting wanked at all.

>wanting a series about literally who races
Saiyans are much more interesting.

Spotted the toyocuck

Did Gohan ever learn that Krillin could've disabled 18 and that he only suffered the trauma of seeing his dad die again because krillin wanted to get his dick wet?

Defend this, Toeipoodles.

>The angels are blue
interesting choice.


Character development? He realized that whatever lies beyond strength is useless and he only needs strength to protect his universe


Leave Zarama to me.

It makes sense. He wants to find something that lies beyond what he believes to be absolute. He either wants to verify that strength is actually absolute or find that he's wrong so he can work on whatever actually is absolute. If anything it makes toei look pretty good because they had a character have such an implied and nuanced motivation that most people think it's a plot hole.

>The kids
>Ever growing up

If they didn't age at all in the like 3-4 years between Z and super, they will still look like brats 10 years later.

Jiren wins lol