What's your opinion in this butt?

She looks like an American.

I don't know what you are talking about.


It's a great butt.

Is she getting bigger or is it just me

No, author is definitely drawing her bigger as of late.

>you will never get your balls crushed by her butt

I think impregnating a mom is the very least a son can do as a gesture of gratitude for raising him.


She looks brain damaged

This manga is really cute but it also makes me feel lonely because i will never have a sexy wife who does all those things for me

>who does all those things for me
You mean anal twice a day?

Well Ashitaba-san ended so I guess Okusan has to pick up the slack.

would ram doggystyle at maximum force

Such a damn shame.
Not even Elf-san has ladies that thicc-

tfw you'll never have such big bottomed wife that'd you'd wish for rain every day

This author is a flaming fat fetishist

>This author is a flaming fat fetishist
you don't know about that other manga

Nothing wrong with that.


Japanese women aren’t naturally this stacked.

Hoshima Mika is just Miwa with long hair.

>Manga Author that gives a shit about background

whomstd this nigga name?

Posting more Okusan ass.







I swear she didn't look this retarded looking when I started reading it. I've grow to fucking hate the faces this artist puts on women.

Source is literally on the OP.

why would you call your son ass?

She got fatter, nose got bigger and face became droopier. Also lost the big 4head she had in the beginning.

>She got fatter
Thaht happens to all housewives really.

Christ. The fat is excusable but now she looks like she has down syndrome.

The 5head was really ugly so I'm okay with it.


Most people aren't looking at her face, though

Tfw I somehow don't derive a nut from any of this mangaka's stuff. I don't even know why I read it.

Honestly, I don't mind her face. It's kinda cute.

This is still my favorite Mom butt.

>razor that close to her stuff
That is not okay.

Ashitaba-san was a pretty cute story about a married couple. I could see people reading it for things other than fanservice.
Okusan isn't nearly as engaging or layered to be anything other than smutt.

>Ashitaba-san ended
What really? I haven't caught up in months.


Yeah, it managed to end in a good note thankfully.
Didn't drag things off and didn't leave anything unresolved.

What's the point on wearing that type of underwear?

Make your husband horny.

You sure about that?

she does fine without though


>not an hmanga
Ateast Nishi Iori exists

Am I the only guy thinking Okusan's face is uglier now? She was cuter at the start of the manga.

That one looks worse to me.

If Okusan ends without her getting pregnant I’ll be very disappointed

big butt big boobs, she is perfect

gonna need a source my man

I never understood the scanning situation for this manga, scanlations being spotty is understandable but finding up to date raws or Korean scans shouldn't be this hard.

>shes not fat shes THICC!

I feel like in one of the threads a few weeks back someone posted a manga chapter where both the mother and daughter were pregnant at the same time. Does anyone remember what series that was? The art was similar to Okusan/Ashitaba.


>manga is called okusan (wife)
>she gets progressively fatter as time goes on
most realistic story on the market

So whatever happened to Miwa's pregnancy? Has that ever been brought up again?

He means that she’s fat ass bitch.

what other manga?

Ashitaba san.

That was Ashitaba.

user, that was a joke. She was just fat.

I swear to god, she's going to turn one of those neighbor girls into a lesbian.


Good, fat ass bitches are the best.

it was better drawn in the early chapters

How much time has passed since the manga started anyways? Feels like it's been at least a year since her and Daa-san moved in. I mean people don't normally reach levels of THICC so fast.

is there legit nudity in this aside from some ass shots here and there? do we ever see her take dick?

>Ashitaba san.
not even close

>is there legit nudity in this aside from some ass shots here and there
there were nipples early in manga but it turned into basic ecchi

>do we ever see her take dick?
Oddly enough we see the fat girl and her husband fuck, but only get implied sex with okusan.

this thread made me start reading last night. only finished 10 chapters before I crashed, but it feels like a weird yuri read.

it bugged the hell out of me how the movers and laundry delivery guys seemed uninterested in her giant size titties. this is manga, I was expecting men to stare, or make comments in private.

The manga telss us they have sex multiple times a day everyday but never shows full on nudity. Just the occasional hint.

>yuri read
Only the sisters seem to be raging dykes for Okusan. Rest of the girls have husbands and it is shown every time Okusan is a slave to her husband's dick.
Lack of males is to reduce ntr vibes I think.

What do you mean?
All currently released volumes have been scanned and the uncompiled chapters are all available online through magazine scans.



the gym woman seemed a bit curious and "touchie", but I'll pass it off as her just doing her job.

and I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. nice to know I can have a comfy ecchi read without fear of NTR.

It's not like the guy dislikes it.

>nice to know I can have a comfy ecchi read without fear of NTR.
Well, it helps that her husband seems to be one of the faceless NTR men before they get old and fat.

>Penis-shaped !


It used to but not anymore for whatever reason.

This fucking whale is so disgusting

Okusan is one of the greatest mangas of the modern age if only because 80% of the humor is taking the piss on desperate NTR faggots who want to see her get railed by literally anyone other then her faceless donkey dick husband.
Also the simple premise of a loving wife being in a happy marriage and her hanging with her friends is a simple and fulfilling niche to read.

Groove tube was such a disappointment as far as tanks go.
His fox girl stuff later still ranks in my top doujins of all time. Oni lover came in pretty high as well.

Why are you so gay?


I love the netorare shit of this

A true curse. Even Ashitaba-san has ntr doujins

Can't say I enjoy Okusan stretching the limits of delicious THICCness edging into fat territory, but preggo content is my jam.

I am 99% sure that its not the case but if the daughters husband fucked around with the mother in law so help me god

This ass is what all true warriors strive for.