Hunter X Hunter

>You're a big cat
>For you

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first for a retard free thread

I hate this cat.

Bring back Pitou!

>tfw you are so charismatic that a lot of larpers pretend to be you after you have btfo every brainlet in the thread
I mean, i appreciate the gesture, but just stop.

My hatsu is that if someone murders me our souls have a rock off (infinite selection of instruments available, performances judged by Satan) and the winner of the rock off takes control of the murderer's body

The cat looks disgusting, it looks like drawn by someone with a metal issue, forgot the name.

spoilers when

So is Theta alive or not?

last thread


full translation spoilers:

more like fully shit

374 spoiler pic

twincest next chap

does Chrollo's new look come from this girl?

All the prince's current number of soldiers and specifics

I want the best for Kachou and Fuufuu!

how strong is Gone?

What kind of art do you think Tse would craft from Kachou and Fuugetsu when he kills them?

I picture Tse stitching their torsos together after cutting them at belly-height. CatDog style.

Gone is done. Zushi is taking his place after having trained properly in all of the skills of Shingen-Ryu martial arts. Zushi will be the Netero to Killua's Maha.


>Hey Princes,
My name is Kaacho, and I hate every single on of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass nen lessons. You are everything bad in Kakin. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to dad´s sacred beast.
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>Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch.

Have a for your effort!

Where the spoilers at



Machi is genuinely the only tsundere girl I like in all of anime. I hope she gets gummed some more by her lover Hisoka.

It's fine I did this
So emissionfag and powerlevelfag can't post here

Reminder NOT to reply to blatant bait like these meant to derail the thread. He can't derail the thread with the same argument every time if there's nobody arguing with him

>telling us to get ready for him
How polite.

Now fuck off please?

I want to have wormhole portal impregnation sex with Fuu.

>Benji's power was a pun on Benjamin Button
>Camilla's power was based on the short story a Cat with a Million Lives
>Fuu looks kinda like Coraline and crawls to another room through a door that shows up in her own

Was Momoze's Nen Beast based on "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie,,,"?
Is Sale-Sale's Nen Beast "Meatballs with a chance of clouds?"

Doesn't she hate Hisoka now? Would she ever forgie him for destroying the troupe?

I already did, and you can't stop me. I'm (not) sorry.
Cute. Need a safe space to enjoy your dumbness?

What part of >Now fuck off please?
Did you not understand? No one wants to hear your desperate shilling of your fanfictions about Nen. All Nen is the same. Deal with it, you pathetic fuck.

I lposted before you wrote that, so you're obviously retarded

>Doesn't she hate Hisoka now?
No she's just tsundere. She already betrayed the troupe for Hisoka a couple of times, they mean nothing to her.

Factually true.

What did Machi mean by this?

>She already betrayed the troupe for Hisoka a couple of times
Source? Besides, she seemed pretty serious when he Gummed her in the room and when talking to Chrollo

that she's retarded? Penises don't go in between feet, anyone with a brain can figure that out

Why cant we just discuss the spoilers like the do everywhere else?

It's the tsundere way of making your clown bf cum.

It's not even the fault of the shitposter now, it's the problem of underage people falling for really obvious bait.

The spoilers we got from bakadata are poorly written and incomplete. We discussed it a little, but feel free to try to resume the conversation

Because there are two autists hijacking the past 20 threads or so with their Nen headcanon.

What we need to do is ignore those posts no matter what retarded things they say.

>It's not even the fault of the shitposter now,
Nah, it is indeed your fault.

Because it's another "and nothing happened : the chapter".

>this is what the Zushifag actually thinks

I guess this explains why he's so desperately clinging to that headcanon of his.

Sounds dumb. How would you even train that Hatsu? It seems even harder to develop than Cummy's.

I'm not powerlevel-fag. But just look at the threads, people get egged on with elementary school insults and "no u"s.

>I'm not powerlevel-fag.
Yes, you're shitposter-fag.

This. No fightan or anything.

Shingen-Ryu martial arts users are generally the strongest characters in the series. If Zushi follows through with the training all the way he'll be quite powerful, and unlike Gon and Killua he will be training continuously for years straight

Can't wait for tWincest

>If Zushi follows through with the training all the way he'll be quite powerful
His Nen category is incompatible with Martial arts. Unless he's going to use it to make his hips move on their own.

Are franklins arms hollow or does he just emit bullet shaped nen

What could Zheng's coins do?

They seem like a Conjuration hatsu, and they are coins, so maybe they are supposed to "buy" people? Like he could give a coin to Pika and buy his loyalty or something like that?

A Conjuration-Manipulation mix?

It's not even the lack of fighting, but the Dragon's ability was already discussed and it just basicly got confirmed.

If you want to discuss the chapter, try to guess what the coins do.

>does he just emit bullet shaped nen

Come home, see this, what do?

He does not have real bullets up his arms. He just came up with the basic idea to imitate guns with his fingers and then cut them off because he believed that helps, and it did.

Why does Menchi dress like a cheap whore?

Call the cops and tell them a hood rat broke in my home

Genthru was a conjurer and was pretty damn strong basic combat-wise. I'd be interested in seeing what a dedicated martial artist would come up with for a manipulator hatsu.

because thats all I buy her and allow her to wear. shes MY cheap whore

Use the puffy vulva as a pillow and go to sleep

>Genthru was a conjurer and was pretty damn strong basic combat-wise.
Only because his aura was way higher than gone's. He was actually pretty dumb and showed no proper martial trainin.

hope these goes boom ala moon and sun.

Honor of Bushido
Opponents who accept a challenge from Zushi will lose their will to fight if they cheat in any way during the fight. Using ranged nen abilities and anything that wouldn't be allowed during a Martial Arts tournament fight.

Give her a headpat and cover her up with a blanket so she doesn't get cold.

>Illumi is incompatible with martial arts

>deal with her freakout when she wakes up
>Ask her is she's okay
>"you don't have to tell me what happened, but you have to eat these" as I hand her a bowl of eggs
>Ask her if she needs a ride home
>tell her to take care

Would never work on Meruem.

Illumi was trained in martial arts before he was trained in Nen, just like Qillwa.

There's no such thing as nen immunity.

Dumb powerlevelfag

wonder from what game Togashi pull the idea of the restrictions,
to me the only game with Restrictions/oaths this powerful is the game path of exile.



you shoulda attached the pic tho

>There's no such thing as nen immunity.
Strawmanning cunt. That's basically your headcanon.

I, and all of HxH posters world wide who read the manga, know that in order to affect your enemy with your aura, you need to pierce through their aura defenses.

Just like Morel said, there are NO ABSOLUTES in Nen.

I don't see how explosions would fit Zheng's personality so far.


Most definitely not me. Boring bland ass bitch

You are now aware Nobu enhances his speed, not his katana.

Fuck off both of you. Stop ruining these threads.

Kacho x Fuu or Fuu x Kacho

He'd have to enhance his Katana to some degree so it doesn't shatter whenever he attacks an Enhancer protecting with Gyo.

Is that a possibility? Can Killua use enhancement to speed himself up even more?

Morel also said that Killua was overestimating ants (got btfo) and that Gone showed more potential than him (btfo again). He also let Pufu escape like an idiot, Pufu who was what - 2 months old? You must be very very retarded to be fooled by a brat.

>implying katanas shatter
Haven't you seen all the videos where katana cuts through pure reinforced steel like butter?

Killua can do anything.

>Morel also said that Killua was overestimating ants (got btfo) and that Gone showed more potential than him (btfo again).
What did the shitposter mean by this? Morel was right on both accounts.

Morel is always right.

They're sisters.

Is there a single character in hunter x hunter stronger than Killua Zoldyck? I'm not talking normal Killua with the strongest assassination talent in the history of the Zoldyck family who's been trained perfectly since birth. I'm not talking about Killua with genius level nen control that at the age of 12 already matched Bisky's in her 20's. I'm not talking talking about Killua with the ability to transmute his aura into electricity that can stun a royal guard. Nor am I talking about Killua with his limiter (Illumi's needle) removed. I'm not even talking about Killua with his lightning god hatsu that gives him reflexes fast enough to catch a dart that materialized touching his forehead before it could hit him and makes his movements fast enough that Youpi was absolutely helpless against his his attacks. I'm talking Killua with a spear the quality of which is equivalent to a Ben's knife, made of the same super material as his yo-yos, absolutely coated in divine script and coated with a perfected shu of transmuted electricity and wielded with the speed and precision only lightning god mode can allow, wielding a ghost stone (in his mouth to provide saliva) giving him enough charge to stay in lightning god mode X 10 until the end of the universe using a second enhancement hatsu to speed himself up even more.

>Can Killua use enhancement to speed himself up even more?
No he can't, he's already the fastest being on Huntearth in his godspeed mode. Further training would only increase the duration he can stay in it.

Anal with Menchi

make a Hisoka one next dear pastaspammer.

Godspeed is probably already partly enhancement.

But you can definitely enhance speed if you can enhance strength. And we know enhancers can even enhance "vision".

Tsubone and Amane could catch up to him.

This meme would be more fit for Kurapika, since the original version was about Madara being too OP