What is Subaru thinking?

What is Subaru thinking?

Is he watching that fit stranger fuck Felix?

That it's not gay if he's not the one taking it up the butt

A cat boy is fine too

Subaru is fit as fuck

does fapping to this make me gay?

That doesn't answer my question

That's literally a girl with a dick. Boys don't have a body like that.

Are you fapping to it despite the dick or because of the dick?

You had to go and say it

INB4 homogays flood the thread with their disgusting 3DPD shit

why mods allowing these kind of threads and deleting loli thread?

"Wow sakimichan is a trash artist"

I'm not sure.

Homosexuality is not illegal.



>looks better than girls, it was totally worth it!

If he's anything like me
>please fuck me please fuck me please fuck me please fuck me please fuck me please fuck me

>He's tighter than Emilia.

Share uncensored pic


>good trap


ABIB likes dick, not cunny.

go write some letter, Violet

>fang is made of skin

This pisses me off every time I see it