Fat guy gets the girl at the end

>fat guy gets the girl at the end
What the fuck is this bullshit?

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Isnt he fat as a result of autism and becomes slim later and is actually pretty handsome?

Paprika was fucking shit, that's why.

There are Women which have no Poroblems with Fat Men or like them?

>Fat Seiya

Even this fat blob of a person is boning more girls than you.

>Muh plot twist
How could the movie ruin itself so fast.

>Isnt he fat as a result of autism
> becomes slim later and is actually pretty handsome?
Pretty sure he doesn't

The would have poroblems with your english.

A possible prototype for Steins; Gate right there. It may also surprise you to learn that Jackie Gleeson (whose proportions are indeed very similar to that chap's) did star in at least a couple of Romanic comedies as the lead.

Joey's world tour?

If it was more about helping fucked up people using the dreams in the manner that Paprika helped the cop it would be way better IMO

who cares if you are fat and got brains to make money.

He's rich, successful, intelligent, and can literally create dream worlds.

Hes pretty based desu

Cause he is a keeper.

Yep. The premise was the best part of the whole thing.

But he's pure autism and a literal child stuck in fat man's body.

>fat girl gets the guy at the end

>girl is in love with the genius, well-meaning autist who intends for his work to be for the good of man

She loved him pre-movie plot, I don't get what the big deal is. Seems pretty lovable to me.

supergenius > skinny guy.

You can lose weight and get surgery...can't grow brains.

Don't remind me.

His iq would skyrocket even further if he lost most of his weight. Im willing to bet his brain burns a fuck ton of calories alone

God I fucking hate fat people.
I want to enjoy my hentai rape doujins but I can't because it's always dark skinned, fat people.

I hate older dudes more than fat guys in those things. Chubby boys could be kind of cute (not obese, chubby).

He is dreaming

well i thought he was cute.

fat todd howard is that you

>he doesn't like watching little anime girls getting gangbanged by fat old men

Terrible taste.

If men can have a shitty THICC fetish, why not women?

The fat guy always gets the girl in the end.
It doesn't matter how pure you think your waifu is, sooner or later she is going to be fucked by a bald, faceless, old, fat man.

Because he is pretty wealthy due his austic genius, very realistic.

Doesn't matter, he is rich, money can move his fat ass in the food chain.

this. old men have no place in sexual media of any sort.

>hasn't enjoyed a younger gril calling them 'daddy' yet
>has yet to blossom into this feel

See also: Every anime ever

No you dumbass, the fat guy didn't get the girl in the end; The fat guy HAD THE GIRL FROM THE BEGINNING!

That was the point; she loved him for his mind and imagination. The very immature things she reams him for later are part and parcel with the parts she finds inspiring and attractive. The detective didn't have a shot, and really, he had it for Paprika anyways, not the real doctor.

psssttt they would have to call me mommy

Wait what?

I thought that Naru in a drag was winning.

They always look like shriveled orcs too.

>A genuinely good man
>A literal genius
>Has a work he loves
>Pilots a gundam
>Sickass tuxedo game
>Has a really powerful Cosmo
What's not to love?
The only one who could get a change would be Seto Kaiba.

She has a fetish for getting fucked by fat guys.

This is what reading too much h-doujinshi does to your brain.

>Seto Kaiba literally went back in time just so he could fight Yami again

There wasn't even a way for him to get back either, he crashed his ship.

I fucking hate fat people as well. Learn how to count calories, hamplanet.

Paranoia Agent is the same thing but actually good


The only reason I dislike Paprika. Fat people can't love, they're not even humans, that's a fact.

>girl lusts after fat guy
>fat guy is oblivious to her advances
>makes her want him more.


>purposely putting her face in a fat man's chest

the worst kind of pervert

They spell it out for you. He was a huge autistic manbaby, but he was driven by a kind and gentle spirit and an unstoppable intellect. She didn't want to fall in love with him, and was in denial about it for most of the movie

>Giggle at the jiggle
Absolutely not

>a literal child stuck in fat man's body

Maybe she's a shotacon

>Chubby boys could be kind of cute

that fatguy just fucked one real girl
but Paprika fucked all of the men

That beautiful soundtrack

I really wanted to like Paprika but it was surprisingly fucking boring, had a literallywho villain, and to wrap it all up, a fat guy who gets a girl. Truly disgusting.
Millennium Actress is his best work.

She likes getting smushed by fat

I though it was adorable. There are lots of cute fat guys out there. Not saying just being fat automatically makes a guy cute, but some guys look great big and soft.


How did you even get here

Well thankfully they did not request your input.

>is a fat otaku super genius without being a super recluse and having shit hygeine
>mc girl has a thing for him but is in denial about it because of societal norms in Japan
>comes to term with her feelings for him and they get married

Doesn't matter if you're a fucking ham or a fucking twig or have a fucking slap of legos on your abs. If you have good fucking hygeine and are determined to do something with your life, women will want your dick.

Keeping them around is another story since women are taught to only be invested in a man if he can be invested in them at all times.

Fatty wins.

what anime is this ?

>mfw enjoying paprika and then this shit pulled out of the blue

absolutely ruined the fucking movie. satoshi kon should die for this shit

Gabe Newell?

>Being this triggered for a fat guy getting a girl in some mongolian tapestry show

An EXTREMELY short series called Ojisan to Marshmallow. And when I say EXTREMELY short, I mean each episode is about 3 and a half minutes long (and that includes the ED and the ending skit thingies they do). You can marathon the entire show in less than an hour.

i will thanks

Don't spoonfeed when the title is on the fucking webm.

it isn't

I'll give you that it's the first google result you get when you type in "marshmallow anime", but I wouldn't say it's 100% obvious that the show has "Marshmallow" in the title.

You'll be surprised by how many fat fucks out there who got 10/10 wife. No, I'm not talking about 10/10 gold digger wife, just the normal one.

He can have good Marshamallowey fun with her.

A little stomach pooch is cute.

awww gets his dream come true.

I think it's a pretty good subversion and it makes sense to me.

>I think it's a pretty good subversion and it makes sense to me.
t. fatfuck

Also if he dies in his 40s from obesity and heart disease she inherits his wealth

>What the fuck is this bullshit?

an american 2000 era comedy...

Tokita is actually pretty cute in the dub. He's fucking tall too.

sorry you have no taste

>Fat guy has the ability to turn skinny
>Is the most handsome dude around

They finally decide to put somethin like this in an anime, and it's a fat guy? Now some cute girl? Fuck. So close.


Stay thin and dumb, you retards because smart fatties never get laid.

Btw... it's more likely asperger's as opposed to 'autistic' (nice spelling!)

Entirely realistic. Show me a smart fatty who has $$$, and I'll show you his date/chicks/etc.

>tags: ugly bastard

I used to believe this but all women care about is confidence. Pretend you're not a festering pile of insecurity and you have them wrapped around your finger.

That works too. Confidence > $$$ = dates/women/etc.

>I only want 10/10 super chads to get the girls in my chinktoons
I thought the whole point of anime was to escape the hell known as reality, not be reminded of it

you don't even need confidence.

I know like 2 or 3 guys who are complete unconfident dweebs with loyal gfs.
literally all it takes is "be decent, don't be a total autist, and get a bit lucky".

This doujin is amazing, we need more reverse rape with dark el-, I mean, female orcs.

It's not entirely obvious, but a major point of their relationship is catalyzed by their work with the DC Mini. Both of them have been able to see a very intimate angle of each other: The warm playfulness hidden in a droll professional, and the captivating wonder and brilliance in the core of a manchild.

They of all people know how important dreams are to the core of people, and they fell in love with each other's dreams.

nah don't believe on this cunt, it has a weird open ending cause in the last chapter they are still together and he hasn't chosen anyone yet

I bet you shriek if you get your tendies with pepper. Poor Sup Forumsnon with his sensitive taste buds; can't have fantasy in his sci-fi. No no! Ffs the dream reading machine is more fantastical than the goddamn astral apotheosis of the city at the end.

Don't remind me about how Touga was best boy and the only one whose love for Utena was pure.

How can one man be so based?

I like steam refunds as much as the next guy, but "based" is pushing it.

Wasn’t he gay or at least bi? Honestly I don’t really remember this movie because is the worst one that comes from Kon but I thought I saw some gay magazines in his room?

No, he gets with the main chick at the end.

No such thing user. All bitches with fatties love the fat wallet and fat shaming them as dominating as possible.

The dude got her because he was obese bill gates, no geniune love to see.

Fuck this movie.