Just finished getting up to date with this one

Just finished getting up to date with this one.
How come you fags never talk about it? It's the best WSJ series right now

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Yaiba is cute and has cute characters, but that's all. Weak fights, lack of plot, and asspulls.

There's weekly threads you loser.

Because it's bad


>Weak fights
I don't think so. They are a bit boring tho, I wish characters had more diverse abilities than different variants of sword slashing.
>lack of plot
Agreed, plot is pretty much "we need to hunt down the bad guy!".
Can't remember any, examples?

red the first chapter and it looks like another series jumping on the half human trend that tokyo ghouls tarteed

What. Name one wsj with better fights. HxH might be acceptable but they are far in between. The plot kicked in about chapter 40 onwards. If anything I think it has too much of that and lacks world building.

It's quite the other way around user. Read a few more chapters

Kill yourself, you fucking newfag, I swear to fucking god

>no asspulls

Well, Inosuke was shown to be inhumanly flexible, so him relocating his internal organs is not that much of a stretch. Although I have to agree that him surviving such a wound left a pretty bad aftertaste.

I almost blind senpai. I've been in this shithole everyday for years and haven't seen a thread about it. I learned about it yesterday on a random thread

It's almost like half the titles discussed to death here aren't like this.

The weirdest thing about this manga is that MC has no designated love interest. And it is written by a woman, if I'm not mistaken, so I'd expect more romance than an average shonen but it's actually opposite.

>No designated love interest
Wrong, it has sibling love which is the most patrician love interest

Coin flip girl is the designated love interest, it's just that she barely shows up

>The weirdest thing about this manga is that MC has no designated love interest

A love story take time to develop and the author was worry about being canceled, that why the main villain was introduced so early

Yeah, it's more a plot convenience rather than an asspull. It was teased, but the way it was applied in the end was unsatisfying.

We always have threads almost every friday and sunday.

Oh yes, that girl. It's just usually shonen has a "squad" of central characters, that includes the main heroine which serves as MC's love interest. Even if said "love interest" doesn't win in the end (like Sakura or Rukia).
This poor girl is not relevant. Why didn't she join the squad anyway? Would be a nice addition to the cast.

They already have a main heroine in Nezuko. But I bet she will probably join their squad eventually. Perhaps even in the next arc.

>They already have a main heroine in Nezuko
Yea, but what the point if you can't even ship main heroine with the MC?

I very much prefer a brosquad. Its fresh and reminds me of early Supernatural

It is also a great breeding ground for fujoshi.

>can't ship
user, i...

Stop trying to twist their pure love, you sick fuck

yaiba is just flashy lights and screams

It can't be helped, Zenitsu is best boy

I would love his relationships with Nezuko to develop in some way, but I fear it'll just stay a gag.

>stay a gag

HxH is complete trash, you autismo child.


Hisoka fights are kino but aside of that I do agree with you

I hope we get another healing arc, last one was pretty good

Strangely, the fights are the best thing about this series, characters are pretty boring.

Does this ever get better? I read up to chapter 8 and it was pretty meh.

Yes, it gets better after the first 25 chapters.

Once the main 3 dudes are together it gets better

the manga is most addictive to say the least.

Play it low.

if u read it and felt meh its not ur thing. Just dont bother.
kimetsus been great from the start

I trust the author user. She wouldn't screw up things if it were to become popular and I doub't the fujoshits would like to pair the best bois together

theres no room for fujoshis in this series

That's fan art

As if thats gonna stop them

First arc with only Tanjirou and Nezuko are the perfect litmus test. Not that pig assault and Zenitsu are bad, far from it, but the core of the series are the best siblings.

>other series are shit, so it's ok for mine to be shit too

I've forgotten how great this arc was.

Well, I went out to pixiv and collected quite a massive folder of Tanjirou&Zenitsu pics, so fujo presence is much stronger in this series than you think.
Another very popular pairing is Uzui and Zenitsu, I have no slightest idea why

Because Zenitsu hates him for having 3 (three) wives, duh.

It gets more fast paced later but if you really don't like the start you probably won't like it. I would read at least until the main trio is a mainstay though.

Tsundere for each other

in this series girls are outstanding as well as guys. Nezuko(my love)chan, Mitsuri(the love pillar) chan, Shinobu, Aoi, Kanao, etc. check this fan made vid twitter.com/twitter/statuses/959745485245333504

The discussion is not whether it's good you shithead, but why people don't talk about it here.


Panel 1: horribly disfigured and in pain
Panel 2: gots shriveled limbs
Panel 3: Pig guy whose voice is fucked to hell
Panel 4: oh no oh no not enough sleep!!!!!

more like why did Viz drop it from their NA WSJ when all the jp wsj editors said wow to the series ?
Are they stupid or what?

It's mostly a gag, but I think there a little of seriousness too. It hard to develop anything involving Nezugo because she can't speak and only get's out of the box at night.

>woman as a author

no thanks

Zenitsu can hear what the others feeling u remember

Zenitsu is a comedic character mostly, and Nezuko is hardly even a character, more of a walking plot device. Plus it seems like author doesn't care about romance at all.
Can't see them getting anywhere.

Yeah, but I'm talking from a narrative stand point. The author doesn't know how to show said development

I feel like Inosuke and Nezuko have had nearly no interaction

I kinda agree, that's why it its mostly left to the omoke.
Zenitsu, Inosuke and Nezuko have a lot to room to grow, it would be a waist not do anything with them and just keep them as Tanjirou support/buddies

>Tanjirou has the butterfly girl
>Zenitsu """""has""""" Nezuko
How would you design Pig's potential love interest?

Uzui, he will be his forth wife

A stubborn tomboy. Probably retarded, too.

With a beautiful body and very masculine face

He kinda tried to kill her that one time


I like Aoi more. Her circumstances are interesting, and her character show a lot of potential for growth, wether it'll lead to going back to fight, or making sure she become an excellent healer to assist fighters as much as she can.
I can't find the chapter where her and Tanjirou talk about her fear of the battlefield, anyone remember it?

Also a scholar

This one?

He mostly sees her as another minion. There was the cute inside cover where he was putting the pig head on her.

Yep thank you! Must have missed it when i was speedreading earlier to find it.