Ryuuou no Oshigoto

How can he get away with this?

When will Red Ai be back? I'm tired of this focus on the hag.

>you will never be a lolicon king

But she hasn't even had any focus yet, her problems were only mentioned a few times. Next episode will give her a bigger role though as it seems.

>Valentine's Day for Ginko and Red Ai
>Still no Valentine's Day for Blue Ai
Poor Blue Ai.

We need more Asuka, she is the true gem between the girls. Yaichi doesn't even know how lucky he is to have such a cute and sweet girl in love with him.

Next year for sure.

>lolicon king
>with a taste for older girls
Yeah, he's no lolicon king by any stretch.

Ginko a shit. A SHIT.

She still wins, so who's the shit now?


"No seriously, nothing at all down there. And she's 14. Hahahahaha"

2D girls sure do have fun in public baths.

>the lolis are still the ones who get no fanservice

Char has the cutest and puffiest cunny anyway.

So early in the morning and you've already come in to start up the shitpost, LRD. For fuck's sake drop the autism today.

Shishou is for Blue Ai only. Red ai a poop.

Remove Ginko.

Are you confusing this board with some (even more) normalfag place, per chance?

It can't be helped. Red Ai > Ginko > Blue Ai > others

>Ginko > Blue Ai
Very subtle, loli hater-kun.
You would hate Red Ai too if she posed threat to your precious girl.

Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > Fang > Megane > Cake > shit >>>> Ginko

>playing dumb
>sperging as usual
Fine. Keep shitposting, LRD.

Dude, you're insane.

Awesome taste.

>everyone I don't agree with is LRD

Is that the legendary Blue Ai's butt!?

But I thought this was about shogi. Why is there a Pokemon in the show?

Just fuck off. You get everything in every anime your old hags win, and then you still come here to laugh at lolicons in a show with loli main girl about how your precious hag wins again.

>hag over JC
Nice shit taste, LRD. We always knew you a normalfag troll.

Like most main girls that win, still her. Never really understood this way of thinking. Sure, my favorite girl is either a complete shit, or the most bland and uninspired girl of the series, but she "won" the MC. So that makes her better than all the other girls.

And I don't even have a dog in this fight. I don't watch this series for the "romance". That said, there's nothing wrong with calling a cunt a cunt. Modern tsundere, or just poorly written she is rather annoying.

Ginko? More like Shinko.

Ginko is much more of an enemy to lolis than the cake ever will be, my little normalfag.
>everyone is muh boogieman!

That doesn't even make sense.

The lolis are pures.

Ginko? More like Trashko!

Dumb EOP. Dragon's King faux engagement with Ai is national news. Ai is going to win.


I can get behind this

I don't think teeth are supposed to line up like that.

>Dragon's King faux engagement with Ai is national news
>faux engagement
There you have it. And then there's Ginko for romance, since when was there a not-spineless faggot author who made a series with a loli end?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

She's old but nobody wants to touch her so she's still "new".

Sounds a lot like you.

Ginko? More like Ginko!

>I'll keep replying to this extremely persistent shitposter, maybe that will make him go away
Maybe one day our newfags will learn to not get baited, but I guess that day is not today. Enjoy your thread full of autism I guess.

That's why it's a funny insult.
I can't believe I have to explain it to you, dork.

Nope. Everyone with a brain is expecting Ai End. Ginko doesn't have anything on par with all of the foreshadowing that Ai has, retard.

Newflash, not everyone who doesn't like your old hag in a show with lolis is a shitposter.
Maybe YOU are the shitposter, Ginkofag.

Ok, this may be blasphemy. But does anyone else think the background loli's are given too much screen time. I mean, it make sense for Ai to have friends with similar interest, but they are ALWAYS there, doing nothing. They aren't serious contenders and they don't contribute to the plot. And I'm already tired of the, oh no, other characters misunderstand and think the MC has a loli harem JOKE.

>that shitposter discusses Ginko more than her fans do
>he's literally obsessed with her to the point he derails the thread every time
I call tsundere.

they are my daughters

>everyone is expecting Ai end
>despite it would be unprecedented thing, not to mention Ginko DOES exist for some reason
Jesus Christ, you can't really believe what you're typing.
Lolis never win in our moral faggot world. NEVER:

Yes it's a blasphemy and you're a faggot. The JS Research Group is literally perfect.

Can an actual LNfag respond to this, is Ginko really winning the Dragon bowl?

I'm okay with this.


When one bitch completely ruins a series, there's nothing else to talk about.

Dumb EoP.

Nothing is confirmed at this point. But probably?
Yes, she will.

I wish every thread was about Char and how much everyone would destroy her cunny.

Ginko? More like Loserko.

Dumb newfag.

Nah, LRD is just that cancerous as a shitposter and hater. This is nothing new and isn't close to his worst.

Then please stop watching this show and let the people who disagree with you talk about it in peace.

Lets argue about whose winning the MC instead of trying to defend my shittly written waifu.

Every thread, every time.

>LRD shilling
If you didn't read anything, would you kindly shut up?
Ginko tries time after time, while Ai is basically treated as a child, all and through, and her whole situation is just a funny gimmick to the show, and will never go the romantic route.

She isn't. That shitposter is being a retard implying loli can't win even if she's the heroine of the story.

More like
>Let's argue about which character is winning this fictional romance battle in a story that doesn't have anything to do with romance

I wish for Ai.

>that shitposter
There's no implication there, you fucking "I will talk out of my ass" newfag.
When was the last time a loli heroine won? That's right, nothing.
There is a reason there's another main girl who is legal.

You know I have a feeling that even if the author was thinking of making Ai win at the beginning, after the series became super popular, that is certainly not happening.

Don't forget to report. Spamming is still against the rules.

That shitposter's checklist (again).
>fuck off
>loli hater
>loli hating
>Ginko a shit
>old hag
>fuck off
>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone
>sudden appearance Blue and Red Ai false flags
>muh boogeyman
>random instances of multiquotes to imply he's a meme

what kind of dork plays shogi

Nobody takes it that way except seemingly you. If you hate this show so much and believe in the tripe that you sprout to no end, then by all means leave us in peace since there's nothing here for you except to be mad and ruin our threads with whining and autistic hate machine spam.


What is LRD

Founder of Sup Forums.

Except there's no better place to call shit out on being shit, and vent some steam, and the problem is Ginkofags arrogantly shitting on lolis in everythread anyways.

A cute one.

>ctrl+f "dork"
>3 hits including yours
What's the problem, officer?

M-maybe they are saving Blue for last?

No, LRD. You are the one who is shitting on lolis. We aren't idiots.

Sure thing, Ginkofag. Very convincing.

It would be tolerable if you didn't spam and derail. The fact is nobody wants you here. You are a problem.

It is not your safespace, and by the way, I don't spam, and not the only one who hates that anti-lolicon avatar of a bitch (because Ginko is definitely that, you can't even argue about it), on contrary to your belief.

Show 10 examples that include week 1-4 prior to the start of your false flag bullshit that you started more than a week ago. Oh right, you can't.

You do spam and you are behind 90% of the anti-Ginko. One or two others who might agree and post a couple of times are hardly worth mentioning.

This isn't your hatebox either, LRD. Fuck off.

Autistic thread yet again. Ginkofags whining about lolifags, vice versa. It's about as retarded as the Iori anal joke threads. People love to whine about plebbit and here's a perfect example of Sup Forums acting so.

>translation: I'm butthurt and angry as fuck. I WANT to discuss how much I hate a character from a show and nothing else. YOU CAN'T STOP ME from shitting up threads!

Why do you know how plebbit behaves?

I don't care about what meta shitposting you delude yourself into.
It's a fact however that Ginko is shit, spits on lolis AND lolicons, ruin the series with an inevitable romance with protag, also reducing lolis to inferior and not fit for love while at it, and caving in to moralfaggotry at the same time.
So you can throw all insults at my person you want, but that won't change the fact that Ginko is a shit, ruins the series for lolicons, and that I'm not the only person who thinks so. I wasn't even on Sup Forums for weeks.

Except most Ginkofags are lolifags and they don't whine anything about Ai or lolifags. In fact, the one who is doing all the whining and autistic hating on Ginko AND lolis is the autistic shitposter.

>color of love is red
>ai means love
>ai's color is red

>he can't
Yeah, I thought so. You're full of shit as expected. Fuck off.

>Except most Ginkofags are lolifags
Now THAT is shitposting, so you can fuck off.
Ginko is the opposite of a loli, and a direct enemy to lolis in the show, and lolicons outside.

There's been enough on here to know.

No, LRD. That's true and you unable to accept it because you project and are retarded won't make it untrue.

>and that I'm not the only person who thinks so
I think so as well but for the love of god, shut the fuck up, if you didn't start spamming your hate of Ginko in the first place, there would be hardly any Ginkoposter, it's especially because you get triggered so fast that Ginkoposter keeps doing it, actually I'm pretty sure that if you stopped posting about Ginko altogether she wouldn't be discussed at all, so for the love of lolis, shut your fucking mouth.

That makes no sense.
Please go back.

Except it's true. You'd know that if you lurked more.