Classroom of the Elite

Will Kushida expelled?
Will Kei "issekai MC to Walhalla?
Can Students pay Sae-Sensei for Sex?
Will Sae-Sensei ever help MC with Love?
Who is Obuki (or Ebuki)?

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at least put some effort in it and ask actual questions
I'll answer your only legit question
>Will Kushida expelled?

Useless thread.

no. TL user will dump SS translations here

>Will Kushida expelled?
>Will Kei "issekai MC to Walhalla?
>Can Students pay Sae-Sensei for Sex?
probably if they can afford it
>Will Sae-Sensei ever help MC with Love?
>Who is Obuki (or Ebuki)?
a stone

Obuki, please go...

Better question is what will Chabashira do now that Kiyo is no longer under her control? She certainly hasn't given up yet.
I believe Horikita Manabu is the key. In ch 3 of vol 7.5 he'd been giving vibes that he won't just be satisfied with Nagumo staying president because Manabu graduated so Kiyotaka doesn't have to work on it anymore. He won't just give up. He's probably planning on making arrangements to force Kiyotaka to work on the Nagumo case. One way would be use Chabashira sensei, who would like nothing more than have blackmail material on him. And the two have met recently by the rooftop.
On the other hand, Kiyotaka is wary of both Manabu and Chabashira, although not of them combining forces. ATM he probably feels he doesn't need to do anything against Chabashira, just maintain surveillance. Actually, I suppose he'd have to set up said surveillance then somehow.

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How will 50% distract Kushida so he can talk with Horikita alone?

He won't
Horikita will be written off as a lost cause

It's better to let him (Tl user) create the thread, otherwise it'll just turn into shitpost thread, like always.

>It seems Horikita has also realized that I've made a move to end this, as she didn't do anything to stop me. What's important right now is to connect to her again. As long as Kushida is here, I cannot continue speaking any further.
But it's important for him to talk it over with her again without Kushida around.

He'll just continue their talk next time. He intends to tell her about Nagumo, this is what he can't talk about in front of Kushida.
But I wonder what he really wants from her, this line from ch 3 makes it out like he doesn't expect her to accept his proposal of joining the student coincil now or in the future no matter what he says
>I may be able to convince them here by fabricating an appropriate story. But, I doubt Horikita, who is on guard now, will be accepting the proposal I am about to tell her in the future either.
So this whole talk with her seems to me to have a different purpose. He's been intently bserving her reactions regarding her brother, and before that he'd asked Manabu about his opinion about Suzune out of the blue, not connected to the student council. Like he's looking for clues about their relationship and that's what this is really about.

too late for that now
doesn't mean this thread will be shit tho, there will be translations so there will be stuff to talk about

Maybe he simply wants to use her, or wants her assistance to take down Nagumo. Or maybe he has ulterior motives to find a weakness in Manabu through her.

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Where is the translation Vol 7.5?

In the pastebin/mediafire, Translator user already finished volume 7.5

thank you

I'm almost done with the Ryuuen/Arisu SS. In a few more minutes, probably around 15, I'll dump it here. Sorry it took longer than expected, my PC unexpectedly started installing updates on its own. I'll need to look into switching over to the Linux master race.

No problem Tl user. Do it in your own pace

>I'll need to look into switching over to the Linux master race.
Yeah you will. Not because of the delay but in general. You might decide to go back afterwards but one should definitely give it a go

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>A Sign of Battle

At night, the New Year's Eve bell declaring the coming of the New Year rang for the 108th time on the television. Apparently it's to cleanse all worldly desires away and to welcome the new year with a purified body. It's a silly story. People won't lose their worldly desires from a farce like this. The more you suppress it, avarice from the core is something that only swells up. There was an incoming call to me from an unregistered, unfamiliar number. Feeling like killing boredom, without thinking anything, I silently pressed the phone's call button.

"Happy New Year. Were you awake?".
A woman's voice. Naturally, a voice I'm familiar with.
"To think you'd call me this early into the new year, Sakayanagi".
"If you wouldn't mind, may I have a bit of your time from now? I'd like to meet you in person".
"Are you asking me out on a date at a time like this? Kuku, it's not like I won't answer you though. Come directly to my room then".

"Then, in 30 minutes, I shall be waiting by the vending machine outside the dorm".
After ignoring my invitation, she sure is continuing to onesidedly talk.
"Fine, I was free either way".
Having finished our brief conversation, I threw my phone onto my bed. There's no need to honestly respond to her but this time, there are some circumstances. Either way, I already understand the contents of what she wants to say, so after confirming that the promised time has passed, I left my room.

Then, slowly, I left the lobby of the dormitory and immediately headed for the vending machine. As I carefreely arrived at the promised location, that woman immediately called out to me. As always, she was carrying her cane around as she welcomed me.
"You're 10 minutes late. I believe I've given you 30 minutes to prepare though".
She spoke that fact calmly without any happiness or anger.
"Kuku. I could have just ignored you though".
"Well, this is fine".

(Dumping Ryuuen and Arisu SS. Continued)

10 minutes was being too lenient. I should have kept her waiting longer in this cold weather.
"But for a late night date, there are quite a bit of onlookers".
Beside Sakayanagi, the figures of Kitou, Hashimoto and a sleepy-looking Kamuro were there.
"Usually this is something that's done as a pair".
"Fufu. I don't have the courage to meet you so late at night when it's just the two of us".
Having received such words of praise I'm thankful for, I drew closer to Sakayanagi.

However, just by drawing closer to a certain extent, Kitou takes a step forward. It was a silent pressure that was telling me not to come any closer. Is he playing at a knight protecting the princess? Kitou's face doesn't befit that of a knight's.
"It appears you've suffered quite the terrible injury. Even now, it seems there are some scars left behind".
"Are you worried about me?".
"So you're not going to deny your injuries then?".

"Deny? It'll just be strange even if I deny them with this face".
It's been a week since I fought Ayanokouji on that rooftop. The swelling and the bruises have gone down quite a bit, but even so, I haven't made a complete recovery yet. It's obvious these injuries aren't something I'd sustain from falling down a flight of stairs. And I don't know where she got wind of this, but it's nothing particularly surprising.
Looking at either me or Ishizaki who both went out with our faces swollen, anyone would be able to immediately tell.

"For someone who holds pride in fighting, you've lost face, Ryuuen".
Hashimoto says that while laughing. While courteously pointing out where my drive lies.
"Was it alright for you to go about in such a state?".
"I'm grateful for your concern, but I don't want to be told that by someone whose legs are crippled like you".
"Fufu. That may be the case".
Maybe my provocations were fruitless.


As for Sakayanagi, she probably has something else she wants to hear.
"If you wish, I can tell you all about the extent of the condition of my injuries right here and now".
Sakayanagi's two prized bodyguards, Kitou and Hashimoto, each turn their eyes towards me.
"Even though your subordinates are not present, you're rather bullish".
By subordinate, she probably means Ishizaki or Albert and the others.
"Whether they're here or not doesn't matter. If you look at them as part of my forces, they're not here after all".

I took a step forward. Kitou also takes a step forward. Leaving aside Hashimoto, it seems Kitou has taken a fighting stance. Whatever happens, to be able to move immediately, he's warming up for it.
"Let's stop with the dangerous stuff. No one stands to gain anything from fighting in a place like this".
Hashimoto, as though joining in, said that.
"Shall we get down to business then? The reason I called you out at a time like this is because there is something I would like to ask you directly. It's something that's difficult to ask when there are people around".

Late at night between the end of one year and the start of the next, the rules on the school campus are somewhat different from the rules of the outside world. The convenience store that's normally open for 24 hours is also closed, and there are no stores currently open. There's no one that would go outside at a time like this. Either they've gone to bed already or are watching the welcoming of the new year on the television. This is a situation where we can talk about anything we like, in other words.
"You've fallen from your seat as leader of Class C. I've heard word of that".
"I knew you'd try to confirm that".

"Is that true?".
"If it is, what'll you do?".
"That was a rather quick admission. Unlike your injuries, it's not like we were there at the scene watching".


Sakayanagi stares at me with eyes that were searching for the truth. Until I met Sakayanagi, I had onesidedly reached a single conclusion. There's no way she could possibly know about Ayanokouji.
Who I quarreled with, who I was defeated by. I had thought she wouldn't show much interest towards that.

"Did you think I would have put on airs?".
"I wonder. That may be the case indeed".
However, it's still fishy. Sakayanagi's eyes are that of someone who knows something. She had such a look in her eyes. Ayanokouji did not talk in depth about it but did he already attract Sakayanagi's attention?
If so, then when? There's almost no doubt it was before the incident on the rooftop with me. No, if that's the case, then Sakayanagi should have had a strong interest in Ayanokouji since way back.

But up until now, Sakayanagi showed no signs of it and as a matter of fact, she's trying to investigate it like this. From that bizarre contradiction, I arrived at a single answer.
It means there is a possibility that Ayanokouji and her were acquaintances from way back. If that is indeed the case then what Sakayanagi wants to know right now isn't whether or not I lost.

'It's whether or not I lost to Ayanokouji'

It would be that she wants to know the truth regarding that. It's quite an interesting line of reasoning if I do say so myself, or so I thought, but I'll let that problem be for now.
If such an interesting topic were to be dangled in front of me, it'll cause my instincts to throb.
"Even if you lose to someone, will you conceal that fact, Sakayanagi?".
"I don't know, because for me to lose to someone, cannot possibly happen after all".

That's a Sakayanagi-like screwed up response.


"However, if I happened to lose, at such a time, will I honestly acknowledge it or not, you ask?".
"Kukuku. Because you're prideful if nothing else, after all".
"Pride is important, you know. A life without pride would be boring, wouldn't it?".
"A life of showing off your pride, on the contrary, is the pointless one".
"Hey, couldn't you have confirmed something like this over the phone?".

Kamuro, who had been silent up until now and listening to the conversation, joined in.
"The thing about truth is, you won't know until you meet face-to-face. Especially since he's proficient at telling lies. Over the phone, it would have been difficult to ascertain it".
"Ahh, I see. Then at least get it over with quickly".
The small fries Sakayanagi uses also have it tough. Underneath the freezing sky, Kamuro's body slightly trembled.
"After playing the tyrant, in the end you ended up losing to your subordinate and fell from your seat as leader".
Sakayanagi pretends to ponder over it.

"It's a story that's hard to believe, isn't it?".
"If so then what else could it be?".
"That is something I do not know. That is why I have called you out like this".
"If you meet face-to-face with me, you'll begin to see the truth, huh?".
"I wonder".
She's always trying to sound me out. Well, if you ask me, I have no intention of maneuvering around her every single time over Ayanokouji.

"I have no further intention of doing anything else in this school".
"Oi, oi. That's a joke, right? Are you seriously saying that?".
The one who reacted before Sakayanagi, was Hashimoto.
"There is no need to doubt like that. Due to his contract with Katsuragi-kun, every month, he is guaranteed private points. Ultimately, linking up with Class A is an assured pathway for him so even if he drops out now, it won't be an inconvenience".
"Precisely. I'll be observing your petty fights from above".


"However, there's no guarantee it'll continue to go well though. If an event where you lose a large amount of private points were to occur, your rise to Class A will become doubtful".
She gives a courteous preface, no, explanation. The point is, it's a provocation from Sakayanagi saying she can crush me at any time.
"But please be at ease. First of all, I've decided that I will be thoroughly tormenting Class B. Having you and Class C as my playtime opponents will have to be on a different occasion".
"Do as you please".

Just as Ayanokouji's information said, it appears the brunt of Sakayanagi's attack from now will be focused towards Class B. I have no interest in what'll become of Class A or Class B but as a spectator, I'll have them entertain me.
"If you have no intention of starting a fight here, then I'll be taking my leave".
"It was only for a brief while but I had quite a bit of fun. I thank you for your loser's speech".
I turn my back. However, feeling like I'd tell her something, I stopped walking.

"Sakayanagi, you should also remember that you're not a winner who's guaranteed victory".
"If you're going to teach me defeat then I'll welcome it anytime".
I have no further intention of getting involved in the dispute between classes. However, if she were to challenge me as an individual, then I will crush her. If I didn't need to protect my colleagues in Class C, I wouldn't have to rack my brains over Sakayanagi's strategies every single time.

(Arisu and Ryuuen's SS translation is now complete. This SS takes place slightly after the end of volume 7.5 apparently since it takes place on New Year's Eve night. I'll start the translation of volume 5 tomorrow most likely)

Tl user is best

Arisu a natural born genius. A best. Ichinose is going to get wrecked by Arisu, then Ryuuen will fall too and in the last volume Arisu will humiliate 50% in front of the school. Nothing can beat natural born genius.

maybe I mixed shit up, but wasn't there 2 SS for this scene -- one from Arisu POV, one from Ryuuen POV?

Reminder that Horikita will be Ayanokouji's wife while Kei will be his eternal mistress and sex pawn.

No. This is all. It's four pages and it's all from Ryuuen's POV. Here are the pages of the SS.



This is it for this SS. It's four pages in total and it's from Ryuuen's POV for his meeting with Arisu.

thanks user

Posting best girl and genius.

Your delusion is that Horikta will be anything with Ayanokoji. And please if there would be 2 girls Kei would always be the wife

He sure is confident and insightful to be able to conclude so fast from so little that she knows Ayanokouji from way back
That's my boy

Ichinose a shitty whore for points

People don't give him enough credit because he got raped by 50% on the rooftop and mindbroken afterwards but Ryuuen is actually a top tier schemer. He, without prior knowledge or help from anyone, managed to draw out X on his own and figure out his identity as Kiyotaka. That's an incredible feat not even Ichinose was able to do. Even Arisu only knew because she already knew him from before. Ryuuen is probably the most talented leader amongst the 1st years (not counting Kiyotaka). If I had to rank them it would be
As far as class leaders go. Kiyotaka respects Ryuuen's ability for a reason too. I can't wait for him to humble Arisu next arc.

Thank you, TL user.

Yes. I get the feeling that in Kiyo's eyes, Ryuuen is more capable than both Sakayanagi and Ichinose

>"But please be at ease. First of all, I've decided that I will be thoroughly tormenting Class B. Having you and Class C as my playtime opponents will have to be on a different occasion".
I want to believe that she said this to both Kiyo and Ryuuen to mislead them. But I think it's more likely she just can't keep her arrogant mouth shut.
At the very least, I hope she takes countermeasures against Ryuuen's class to not get buttfucked the way Kiyo and Ryuuen have it planned. I love it when 50% kicks ass, but if it's that easy than it's no fun. To say nothing of it killing Sakayanagi's hype

The nips ranked him high, higher than Ichinose

I don't think she was lying or misleading them. Arisu is WAY too prideful for that. She just can't resist a chance to boast about what she's going to do to her enemies and stroke her own ego that way. But I also doubt she'll be going down as easily as 50% and Ryuuen have planned. That would kill a lot of the suspense of this novel. I doubt Kinugasa will do that. Yes, Arisu will be beaten but it won't be easy and maybe 50% will even suffer several setbacks before he finally wins. Arisu is proud, yes, but like Gilgamesh, she has the skills to back up her pride. She's no pushover and she won't go down that easily either.

>To say nothing of it killing Sakayanagi's hype
Sakayanagi herself killed it in the 7.5.

>Arisu is proud, yes, but like Gilgamesh, she has the skills to back up her pride.
Gigalmesh is a jobber, though.

Kiyotaka mentioned that the main current reason to kick out Kushida is because she's trying to get Horikita expelled and if she succeeded, Manabu would take it out on Kiyotaka for not stopping it. I'd say Arisu is in a similar position. Since Kiyotaka is all about contingencies and avoiding pitfalls, he can't expel Arisu (I don't think it would go as far as "he can't allow Arisu to be expelled"). Because the Chairman would get back at him. Maybe he wouldn't, but Kiyotaka won't risk that. I'd say whatever happens, at least Arisu is never getting expelled.

After 7.5 there is at least hope that it's as Ayanokouji assumes: she realized he's provoking her but she allowed it to happen. It's less of a hype killer for me that way

Yes but the point is, he wouldn't be a jobber if not for his pride. If he brought out Ea immediately, Shirou would be dogmeat. But he didn't. Because he was too proud for that. Same with Arisu. If she went all out from the beginning, maybe she could've crushed Ichinose and Ryuuen by now. But she's too prideful for that, she wants to take her time enjoying the game, letting them know she's superior. And by the time she realizes, they're already fucking her in the ass and she's become a jobber too. Arisu is very talented. But her pride will be her downfall. Calling it now.

I think he certainly can't expel Arisu, I wouldn't go as far as to say he would protect Arisu from expulsion though. Because he's not sure whether or not the Chairman loves his daughter dearly. If he does, and she gets expelled, the Chairman might be pissed and order the teachers to flunk Kiyotaka and get him expelled and back to his daddy. Kiyotaka can't let that happen. Maybe this is why he mentioned using a honey trap on the Chairman, as a contingency in case this happens. His fight vs. Arisu is inevitable, and should Arisu lose badly, maybe the Chairman might protect his daughter and take it out on Kiyopon and he needs leverage against the Chairman to protect himself in that case.

>"Are you asking me out on a date at a time like this? Kuku, it's not like I won't answer you though. Come directly to my room then".
Ryuen you beautiful chad

Kiyopapa may deal with him.

Then Kushida would just snap a picture of Kiyotaka's penis, use his phone to send that picture to Kei to make it look like Kiyotaka sent her a dick pic in hopes of breaking the partnership between Kiyotaka and Kei. Kei would probably be disgusted by Kiyotaka's dick pic if Kushida sent one to her through his phone.

That'd in itself would be a huge problem for Kiyotaka. But if that's happening, it won't be easy. Apparently Papayanagi's power is comparable to Kiyopapa's. Unless he means to assassinate him (I doubt it), it will be a difficult battle for Kiyopapa. Infiltration into school is the way to go

Posting best friends. Their friendship is a beauty and an inspiration. May it last forever. Hasebe is best wingwoman for Airi. I have a feeling their friendship will only grow stronger in the coming volumes.

What are you talking about user? Kei would save the picture and masturbarte to it later. Of course that in front of him she would feign being angry.

Thanks. Mai Arisu is cute and awesome.

Someone please post the 5ch character rank


>1st place and 2nd place: Kiyotaka (The Ultimate Masterpiece) or Kouenji (The mysterious genius even Kiyotaka cannot control)
>3rd place and 4th place: Horikita Brother (Former StuCo President) or Nagumo (StuCo President)
>5th place: Ryuuen (Compared to the other 1st year leaders Kiyotaka thinks highly of him)
>6th place: Sakayanagi (She conquered A Class)
>7th place: Ichinose (Sometimes she sees through Kiyotaka's schemes)
>8th place: Hiyori (After Ryuuen retired, she'll be leading C Class and her specs are pretty good)
>9th place: Horikita (She's pretty smart and good at fighting too but has a weakness)
>10th place is....Katsuragi or Kanzaki or Hirata or Kushida.....either one of those

Here you go. This is pretty accurate especially after the latest volume and SS stories. Arisu and Ichinose are both nowhere near as good as they think/are hyped up to be.

Thanks user! I agree, this is pretty accurate and nips have better understanding of the source material than us


Some jokes aside, I really hope Arisu won't lose to Ichinose one-on-one. It'd be fine if 50% helped the latter, though.

>It'd be fine if 50% helped the latter, though.
You can be 100% sure that isn't happpening

>Kouenji not being downplayed and put below waifu characters

Thank God the nips aren't retarded.

In an ideal conventional reality where the first main heroine remains the main heroine and the second main heroine becomes the second wife/mistress, then yeah. But that path is closed off now.

She most probably won't. A lot of people overhype Ichinose but her latest SS reveals she's a lot less capable than we thought. Of all the 1st year leaders, she's the only one who still hasn't figured out Kiyotaka yet. Arisu knows and Ryuuen knows. That only leaves Ichinose so far and she hasn't even begun suspecting him yet. This alone takes away a bit of her hype. Ichinose is very talented no doubt but against Arisu, I think if 50% chooses to abandon her she'll go down here. And 50% won't back her up either because why would he? She's a future rival. Better to let her drown here than save her and be drowned himself later. More efficient this way. Ichinose's only hope of salvation at this point is if Nagumo gets a hard on for her and saves her from Arisu's attack so he can fuck her later.

I honestly do not know how Kinugasa is going to implement Kei in the grand scheme of thing moving on forward. Particularly because she has no connection to A or B class unlike in C Class.

I mean she had prior interaction to C Class well before 50% "saved" her in V4. But A and B? She does not know anyone there and Kinugasa didn't foreshadow her particularly really interacting with someone in those classes. Makes me think she's really going to take a huge backseat moving on and will just be there if 50% needs her.

Japan disagrees .

I think 50% will have her form her own social network to rival Kushida's now. Since Kushida is useless to him and soon-to-be expelled, he needs his own social network loyal to him. Kei is not as sociable as Kushida I'll admit, but if she puts in an effort I'm sure she can make a lot of friends in other classes too. Machida from class A is already head over heels in love with her. She can use him to make more connections in class A. Through Machida, she will have a mole inside class A that will let her know Arisu's moves so she can report back to 50% about them.

The vol 8 will be about a special exam in which 50% intends to lay low and do nothing, while we're told Ichinose and Sakayanagi will duke it out with class C flanking the latter. This all in all contains very little ayanokouji from the sound of it. Kinugasa has already written chapters from pov of characters that aren't 50% - namely Horikita, Ryuuen and Kei. I wonder if we'll se a volume where Ayanokouji will have significantly less screentime compared to up to now.

>Ichinose's only hope of salvation at this point is if Nagumo gets a hard on for her and saves her from Arisu's attack so he can fuck her later.
No way. If Ichinose can't hold her own, she's lose worth in nagumo's eyes. Conflict between classes is for the classes themselves to resolve.

Of course, we already know that Koenji > 50%

Ayanokouji doesn't need to help Ichinose. Ryuen will already be attacking Arisu. Ichinose may still be benefited by the fall of Nagumo.

Ichinose is the antithesis of Kiyotaka. She will not fall now, even with that dehype after the SS

I think at the very least there's Machida for her to interact with. Ichinose is very friendly, she will interact with anyone especially those who ask for her help. What if Kei is asking for help from her?

You know what? I'd legitimately love a volume where 50% and Kei don't get the majority of screentime. The volume can be told through either Horikita or Ichinose's PoV as they navigate their way through the special exam while being beset by enemies (Kushida for Horikita and Arisu for Ichinose). In the meantime, 50% and Kei can be a force moving behind the scenes. Always present in the background, but nobody knows what they're up to. A growing shadow of sorts. Until they spring their trap and they can switch back to 50%'s PoV as we watch the trap unfold and chaos ensue.

I don't know if she will fall now, but she will definitely fall sooner or later. Masks are there to fall. She must break first to develop afterwards, it's been foreshadowed heavily lately. And especially with her latest SS and sakayanagi's focus on her, it wouldn't be odd if her fall were indeed now

It was also hinted that 50% is not obligated to help any of them. He will try to 'help' those who deemed as necessary at specific times in specific situations. But it'll be more challenging for him because the odds are bigger than ever

Horikita and Ichinose POVs sounds right. Adding Arisu's POV wouldn't work, it's lame to read both sides of the fight, it takes away the suspense. On the other hand Hori and Ichi are allies. And reading Ichinose's POV would be the right choice for her breaking and mask reveal. It was the same with Horikita in vol 5, we got to read her turmoil from first person.

I really want to see what happened in V5 right now. From watching the show and then seeing v7.5's chapter with Horikita in it, it seems like she never actually changed that much. While I see people here say that in v5 she got shit on hard which made her change for the better.

She did change for the better. Compared to the Horikita from volume 1 she's pretty much a different character by volume 7.5. More willing to compromise, make friends and play nice with others. Volume 5 did change her for the better. It's just she's not a complete idiot and knows that 50% doesn't give a shit about her so she learned to stop trusting him blindly hence their thorny interaction this volume.

Kei should start making connections in class B, because they are allied with class D and will continue to be, so there is that pretext and also there's less strain between them. For class A she could go through Machida who has hots for her. Class C is probably the hardest one for her because of Manabe's gang and Ryuuen's gang.
It's been foreshadowen in vol 7.5 she will change her attitude somewhat, be less aggressive in her social interactions. That might make it easier for her to make new connections. Also, after breaking up with hirata she ought to get attention from boys, and hopefully use it well.

Please translate the entire series.

This. For her, class A connections are already guaranteed because Machida wants to get his dick wet in her so it should be an easy task to play him like a fool and get him to introduce her to others in class A. Class B is also easy because they're allies right now so just hit one of them up and start making friends there. I'll admit class C is difficult, but Manabe isn't the only one there. There's someone like Hiyori too, she's a good starting point especially since she's a loner who wants friends. Kei's not her type but if she works at it, I'm sure Kei can find mutual ground with Hiyori too. She just needs to dial down her aggressiveness a bit and Kei can be friends with a lot of people. Plus like you said, breaking up with Hirata will have a huge effect. She can use the attention of the boys on her to grow her network more quickly. This should make Kiyopon pretty jealous too so that's a bonus.

As for Hiyori and class C in general, I think Kiyopon can handle that. He'll be Hiyori's friend and Ryuuen's butt buddy

>I honestly do not know how Kinugasa is going to implement Kei in the grand scheme of thing moving on forward
Yeah, none of us know. But it will happen. And since we don't know how, it'll be interesting to read
>Makes me think she's really going to take a huge backseat moving on and will just be there if 50% needs her.
The focus she had in vol 7.5 and 7 will indeed not happen for a while. But she'll always be there from now on. Even if it's just to the extent as she was in vols 5 and 6, she was integral to his plans tho she appeared only a little.

Pretty much this. Kei's the medium through which Kiyotaka acts out his plans most of the time. In vols 5 and 6, his strategy revolved around using her as the main piece to execute the rest while he stays hidden. I reckon this will remain the same, except as his official partner now, she'll be on the same page as him and know exactly what he's going to do so she can adapt to the changing situations better. She surely won't appear as much as this volume because the focus will be on other characters for now but whenever 50%'s keikakus happen, expect to see her be at the centre of them. Also phone calls, LOTS of phone calls and texts between her and 50% as they execute their plans.

Haruka sure an amazing best friend, no way Kiyotaka will reject Airi with her helping out. Sakura is in good hands

shut up and wait

>Also phone calls, LOTS of phone calls and texts between her and 50% as they execute their plans.
you forgot eye contact only conversations

That's the idea. TL user will be translating the entire series. Only volumes 5, 6 and 7 are left. At the pace he's going right now, they should be done in a little over a month or two. Just in time for volume 8's release.

2 and 3 need to be finished too.