Why are horses in anime so rare?

Why are horses in anime so rare?

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The Asians ate them all.

Horses are one of the toughest things to animate well.


You don't need a horse in a high school setti-


For some reason Lelouch is always riding a horse.


dunnoh, but I suddenly feel the urge to bet on some horse races

But every medieval fantasy anime will have horses, most of the time, or any feudal Japan anime.

Normal anime set in Japan probably wouldn't because horses are generally less common in tokyo.

horses are more interested in laid-back hobbies like building ships in bottles than crazy exciting stuff, because they don't fare well in grand adventures


>But every medieval fantasy anime will have horses.
Nah, some of them use birds instead.

>Why are horses in anime so rape?

Holyshit my sides!

This could be easily solved by giving the horse a silly face and having it grinning inanely at the camera.

like this

Try drawing a horse and you'll understand.


I'm not the only one who read it in a Mr. Ed voice right?

horses are absent in asian culture because of their long history of poor people pulling things instead

The only ever show up in historical shit or fantasy shit.

They're rarely the mane character. I hoof they get more roles, though.

Not even a furfag and I want this

i might have to cut my wrists now.

Which ones have horse cocks?
This is extremely important

anime was a mistake

My dad loves horse racing I wonder how he'd feel about this

disappointing, was expecting a devil dash