Danberu nan kiro moteru?

>What the Hell am I lookin' at!? When does THIS lift happen in the manga!?
>Now! You're lifting right now, sir. Everything you're reading now is being lifted now, sir.
>What happened to then!?
>We passed it.
>Just now! We're lifting now-now.
>Go back to then!
>I can't!
>We missed it.
>Just now!

Another two weeks have gone (when? just now!) and I hope you've been keeping up with your lifts! Luckily, we've got another 1 week early manga ready-to-go for you to enjoy now!


So let's take a lift, shall we? Cute girls lifting cute weights! Cute curls from cute girls!

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It's Chapter 41 and by golly, it rough translation is already done!

Chapter 41 - Ab Roller

Hibiki, got a sec?

I just cleaned my room and found something strange.
[Zina Void]
*Currently, Zina is sleeping in Hibiki's brother's old room during her homestay.

Ummm.......? What• Sort• Of• strange thing?
[Sakura Hibiki]
I don't want to know anything about THAT side of...
Nono. It's nothing like Socchi.

Something, Kocchi, more like.
You don't get to throw around that term so lightly!!!
[TL]An anime by studio Pierrot in the early 90s "Little Ghost Attack" about cute mischievous ghosts, Acchi, Kocchi and Socchi.


[Next day-------]
Maaan, things were really, really hectic yesterday!

After checking with my bro, they were just tools for the Five Grain Festival to pray for a rich harvest.
Japan has a lot of customs I don't know about, still.
>A complete lie.

...just who is Hibiki's older brother...?
[Souryuuin Akemi]
[Uehara Ayaka]
Owners of yakiniku shops are often familiar with the occult...
*Refer to Ch 20

we found this thing in there.

Here it is...
Is this...

Please take a look here.

It's got the Silverman Gym's logo?
It totally does!

It's probably some some friend's lost thing, but I dunno what it is.
Nii-chan used it to crush bones and other "various" things at some Five Grain festival. [bold "crush....things"]
>Grinding grass?
It certainly looks like he belongs in some historical drama!!!
What kind of things are my lost stuff getting used for!!!
>Now I'm scared of the details!!!

Putting the brother business aside for now...
Hibiki, and Zina, you don't know what this device is? [bold "you...is?"]

There's actually a pun on "various" in that the word also means "sundries" whcih would totally be something to used a stone mill on but hey.

This is called an "Ab Roller," a device for training your abdominal muscles.
Abdominal muscles!!?

I'm sure Ayaka knows all about it.
Boxers know the importance of their ab training.

It' surprising Zina doesn't know.
Because I train my abdominals without tools...

Hibiki...you should know all about this.
---->Line of sight
---->Line of sight
---->Line of sight
>sfx: boing
What a graceful harmony!!! Such a chorus of rude eyes you have!!!

Well, let's try the ab roller since it's on-hand.
And I'll explain just how to try!

The strongest abdominal muscle training...
There are various kinds of roller types, but this time we'll go over the most orthodox.

Known as the abdominal muscle roller.
Even people unfamiliar with muscle training have probably seen this once.

But be careful!
Wrong use of the ab roller can lead to serious injury.

Especially with back problems...
--->waist (lower back)
If you have weakness in your waist or lower back, please consider another training.

The ab roller trains not only the abdominal muscles, but the erector spinae muscles as well for a sensation of balance.

Use Ab Rollers correctly and let's aim for beautiful abdomens!!

sfx could be "fucking" "shit" or just saying bikuso

Ti......tight.....! Even the planks are too tight.....!
It's definitely hard at first.

However, the ab roller is certainly a wonderful tool.

Combined with aerobic exercise like the treadmill before, you'll achieve outstanding results in shaping up your stomach!
That! That's right! Suddenly there's motivation coming from somewhere!

You guys! Wanna give it another go?
Couldn't help but overhear!!!!

!!!! Tachibana-senseiii!!!!!!
[Tachibana Satomi]
I hear you're shaping up your stomach, you can't stay quiet!

Come one! I'll join the mix!

Uumm...? Starting like this?
sfx: so "cool" or "quietly"

sfx: SNAP

save me...

...it's like a wreck.
I was just getting hyped.

Getting old's scary...
I wonder if we'll end up the same...
You guys, you say it like it's nothing.

Not at all...
Back to where this came from, my brother had something like this...

>But.....my brother told me he forgot about his friend,
>"oh him" did you have any gym-goer friends, bro?

sfx: machozukii

Machio!? Did you..!?

.....on such a Spring day like this, my rectus abdominis muscle tone gets thin.

......it's "him," isn't it?

........you, will you remain where you are now?
Once, the dear friend who knew the way.



Ahh, that was terrible.

For now, intense exercise it off-limits.

You shouldn't overdo it!
It's another year!!!

[The innocence of the remark only made it worse.]

Thanks, op.

So oniichan is a cultist, huh? Maybe the source of Hibiki's demon power?

I love gains hime.

Machojou loves you

Not fit enough for that yet.

>MC family member is the final boss

Will I get fat when I drink 100g peanug butter every day but mostly keep my fat low from other sources? How can I make it so that I can make a shake in the evening and drink it in the morning without all clumped up?

Q1) Your bodyfat is not a strict 1:1 correlation of how many calories come from "fat" macros. You can get fat if all you eat is protein! Or oil! Or fat! It is simply "how many calories did you consume today, how many did you burn?" If you ate more than you burned, you gain bodyfat. If you burned more than you at, you lose bodyfat. There are more intricate processes, of course, but that really, truly is as simple as it gets. So, will you? Nope! You can eat 100g of peanut butter everyday, and so long as your TOTAL CALORIE COUNT does not exceed your Basal Metabolic Rate + activity, you will NOT gain weight!

Q2) Got a blender? "Clumping" is a common problem with folks, but it really just depends on the product you're using. Otherwise, you gotta break it up manually.

I wanna gain weight but not increase my bodyfat %.

That can be answered easily!
Step 1) Eat only a few hundred more calories than you burn in a day
Step 2) Lift heavy weights to allow your body to recognize its surplus calories should be spent on building muscle.

Focus on a healthy diet of diverse foods and try not to over-eat while you exercise regularly. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Most people can't stick with it, though...

>Sounds simple
Not at all, how am I supposed to figure out how much I burn?

Also simple!
It's only a math equation, and there are hundreds of websites that will calculate it for you. Like this 1st result:
For example, I'm 30-years-old, 6' 2" and weigh about 215 lbs. My Basal Metabolic Rate will burn roughly 2145 calories in 24 hours.
This is also a fairly accurate value, within a few hundred calories at most, but you can get HYPER DETAILED stuff through a physician. Which you totally do not need to do.

I can give you a quick rundown in that most adult males burn about 1800 calories in a day just living life. Your goal of "gaining muscle, not bodyfat" can be accomplished if you, for example, eat 2200 calories and making sure you exercise for a good hour or two in the gym. Those extra 400 calories are just what your body needs to repair and add mass to those muscles you've been working.

/fit/ told me to eat at least 3200 calories a day. I'm 183cm, 70kg. I wanna reach at least 80kg.

...when will Then be Now?


/fit/ didn't give you how long it will take. You can easily gain 10kg by eating 3200 calories a day! You'll be packing on a lot of badyfat while accomplishing that, though!

Wanna know the secret behind building the perfect body of your dreams?


Work towards it slowly.
Lift weights regularly (3-4 times a week...maybe more!)
Eat nutritious and diverse foods in meals that contain all the vitamins, minerals and macros your body needs
Of those foods, eat juuuuust the right amount. Not too much! Not too little!

We've found them, sir!

>suddenly: age

Dat sensei tho, I gladly would give her a massage now more than ever because this year I'm very close to her age

>boxing and machojou abs service
>cute biki
>face down ass up sensei

What a wonderful chapter.

I'm already passed it...but ditto.
And I was just wondering about the bro! MAAM is really expanding his art recently, too. It's all nice.

>Machio experiences loss of muscle tone and body problems
>Says it happens from time to time
>Immediately thinks back to his cultist friend and his dark arts
This manga just gets better and better

>But be careful!
>Wrong use of the ab roller can lead to serious injury.
>Especially with back problems...
Yeah story of my fucking life, along with

>this exercise strengthens your lower back
>but if you do it wrong even slightly you'll paralyze yourself
No thanks

the girls are for lewd butt things

Is SS or Greyskul actually a good beginner program? I have no spotters or people to tell me how much my form sucks.


They aren't joking, as an old man I can tell you the ab roller ain't something for a beginner. Or anyone. I wonder if Sandrovich is gonna write about the bowflex next or something.


Getting big sure sounds complicated. When I eat so little, will I really look like I lift after about a year?

Only if you exercise while eating a surplus! Then yes!


Can you comment on this, senpai? Beginner as in just machines for about a month.

I mean, yes an no? That Greyskull program (designed to be performed for 2-6 months) has 11 different exercises, half of which require strict form and have massive growth potential. While the exercises aren't complicated, necessarily, keeping to that structure is something...very focused. And time consuming. Also, for a beginner, a weighted chin-up probably isn't even possible to complete a single rep.

>Will this program produce results?
>Can it be used as a beginner program?
Maybe, if that beginner is instructed specifically how to perform each lift and has a personality that enjoys very strict monitoring.
>Is it a GOOD beginner program?
No. Some lifts aren't possible, some lifts are dangerous, the setsxreps ratios is unnecessarily complicated for a beginner.

The key word in it all is "beginner." Doing that program will produce good results, but a normal run-of-the-mill beginner is gonna take one look at Greyskull and say "fuck this." A beginner program is to do simple compound lifts as many times as you can before you can't do them any more. Then you stop and go sleep and eat, come back in a day or two and do the same thing. You'll see results in just a few months.

I cant make 2 reps of that shit.

It might be a play on bikubiku or Bikki + kuso, which is used as an intensifier in Jap slang now, so it might be either a cutesy Bikki verbal tic for her going "SHITSHITSHIT" or it's SFX for near Snap City shivers.

Bikki is too goddamed cute and I love her.

It's tough to translate personalized swearing. Maybe I'll think of something she could be fuckshitdamning


>eat like a man cause "bulkan"
>have fuckarounditis the few last days because I'm going to move and switch gym and don't have a constant routine, so I just max out in obscure exercises 2 times a week


Funny thing is how my push press is somehow weaker than my seated (more like high incline) press. Shocking!

Is that sarcasm? You're engaging more groups when you aren't just sitting.

That's why it's stupid to have a weaker push press. More core, quad activation. The only thing I can attribute this difference in strength to is that I don't ever do vertical presses so the chest took over on the incline-seated press, or another possibility could be that my weakest point in The Press is past the ears~.
400 reps of triceps a week should fix it. CMON.

Bumping, so I have time to read 1st.

Hibiki is literally a succubus.

We're discovering Hibiki's strength, holy shit

>...just who is Hibiki's older brother...?

What if Tokita Ohma IS Hibiki's brother?

It's a damn good thing she knows a good chiropractor...

Doesn't look like him

Was one of her friends a chiropractor?

She knows a good one.


How about just "Shitshitshitshit..."?

I'll leave it up to TS if he even wants to do anything with it, but yeah, I'm leaving it as "SHIT SHIT SHIT"


Those are not that big, with those size you can only get a boyoyoing maybe a boyoyoyoing.




Poor Jason. Always ignored, much like his movies.


I just found out that this is the same universe as Kengan Asura. I knew that some characters looked familiar

most memorable movie?
Lock stock and two smoking barrels?

So, now that Batoto is dead... where the hell is a good place to find and read everything like I used to?

Just wait for the crossover pic, it'll get posted now

google helps, but mangadex is doin' fine for now


Jet Li's The One

Do you just mean Danberu-chapters? They're literally all over the place. Simple Google search will yield massive results.


Thanks! I'll check it out.

It and everything else.

Never realised he was a british diving team member...

Oh boy, what a lewd sensei
Tachibana and Sakura are the biggest ones

I wanna marry sensei.

Wouldn't ya know it...


The Transporter-series most likely. Or Crank.

Yeah crank is definitely memorable.

You can Transport my Crank anytime to your Snatch. You know The One. And stop playin' it Safe and Blitz over here, I'm getting Furious.

I doubt sensei would marry me.



How long until 1RM 2pl8 bench, anons? 80kg is my 1-2RM atm.

Why are you showing us a graph of the last 8 days?

Because that's when I started using the 5x5 app. Gotta confuse the muscles, right babe?

crikey dingo ripper mate


Of course best girl has no problemo with this shit. Those juicy abs had to come somewhere. :3