Death March

Subs are out. How does this make you feel?

Like we need to dump all the other sluts and just have Tama, Pochi, and Liza doing cute things.

op and ed are too good for this show

Is this her "don't worry be happy" catch phrase from the WN? If so,they found a way to make it even more annoying.

That's what the translation uses. I think the original is なんくるないさ~. I wouldn't know what the best translation would be, but I don't expect it to be what the anime subs use.

couldn't agree more

eyyyyyyyyyy fogetabudit


Just perfect

cheeki breeki


So MC prefers diseased hookers and not pure lolis who love him to the depths of their cunnies?

Japanese culture
Get forced somehow even with women

>cute lolis
>in a non-lolicon show
>with a protag who will have non-loli romantic interests only

Does MC monologue as much as in the manga? I'm interested in it but the frequency of MC's monologues really put me off.

theyre so cute

Agreed. This show is terribly boring. It's like the director likes focusing on fluff instead of moving the story along. Not like there's much of a story in Death March.

All he ever does in the novel is monologue

He uses his abilities to check and see which ones have stds before he sleeps with them

He can heal diseases and likes good sex.

>good sex

depends on the hooker

It's flat-out bad sex.

if you don't pay escort prices, then yes i agree

>mc prefers loose vagina instead of tight one

If the mc also gets dumped.

You faggots are all virgins, the fuck are pretending you know shit?

> cute girls stabbing cute things

jesus, this episode was painful to watch

Just wait, half of the next episode should be Satou teaching Lulu how to drive a wagon.

He's big.


I didn't think they were going to include it in the anime.

Well that was different from the WN. At least my gf Mia showed up.

My imoutodaughterpetwives.

Why do you need to seduce a prostitute?

theyre adorable

LN was re-worked from WN plotline, and the early bits especially were cleaned up.

The manga follows the LN, for what it's worth.

I wouldn't give a fuck if people gave me dirty looks or considered me a degenerate, I would dote on them all day everyday, especially in public.


He also learns skills from watching others.

> me hunt meat. Little man stay home.
My favorite kind of fantasy.

Are they lusting after his meat?

>Meat-san, why are you meat nanodesu?

>He also learns skills from watching others.
Also he learns skills when the skill is used on him. That's how he gets all the demon magic, for example.


Elf kun is going to fuck her right?


Now I'm sad.


When will the superior isekai wizard get its own anime?

If he ever changes his mind, Arisa should be last just for her responses. I would have expected her to look for body altering magic in the 2 years she traveled with him.

What the fuck is the point of zena if he is not even interested on her?

If you eliminate all characters he doesn't seem interested in, you quickly run out of characters.

> Disregard THOT
> Employ hard working sex girls
Muh man.

Is Pochi properly house trained or do I have to make sure that she doesn't drag her butt on the carpet?

>Arisa's neck
A reference to Alice in Wonderland in my isekais?

He robbed a dragon's hoard and now is returning the money to circulate in the economy like a good Keynesian economist.

They want it in the butt

Is he a footfag?


I thought this was Arisa he's sleeping with

Why is everyone a 10/10 in his group?

So, what's wrong with showing off just a little? He's like lvl99 who would even try to fuck with him? Momonga(Ains)?

Fuck you. They are for head patting.

If Arisa had her way, it would have been.
Yes. Everyone else wants Satou though.

Technically he does sleep with her. But all he does is sleep, it's not a metaphor for hot dicking like she'd prefer.

So this is already at ep. 6 and they only just got to Mia? How many episodes are slated, 12?


This show is terrible, at least the loli are cute.
Satou is still a boring dullard with a shrill voice.

Not until they're at least 12.
This plus some light groping/rubbing.

>They want it in the butt
mighty hero from a distant world, feel free, they are all yours my friend

Would pet.

Any amount of anger I could feel at bad localizations was immediately healed away by the cute loli animal girls.

Aren't you a boring dullard yourself? Satuu is just trying to chill with his lolis.

Both the novel version and the Web novel version have been read, and the solitary (main character) soliloquy was unpleasant and the worst.
If you expect that this bad feeling will be alleviated somewhat if it becomes an animation, the bad feeling of Satoo will not change.

I saw the 1st and 2nd episodes recorded in this volume, but the story does not move so much as I just hear the soliloquy of Saturu.
I think that the talk starts to gradually start from the next episode 3 (expectation).
It is a very tedious two stories.
It is a personal impression, but impression that I also failed to choose Satoo's voice actor.
This voice is also coupled with spiritual feeling.
In the second episode, Sathu will do something like a food repo, but this is the worst. Even though no one expects such a thing (it can not be helped because there is a different world sightseeing as one axis of the original).

Next is the character design, but this impression is also failing brilliantly. Overall female characters are not cute.
Especially, there are major characters that are expressed in beautiful girls of absurdity (inclined castles not inclined) and novel version, but as far as the opening shows, it is not such a thing.
That younger sister is pretty cute.
Very disappointing.

However, when compared with overload Ⅱ which is broadcasted at the same time in the same "novel", it is the difference of muddy.
In parallel with "This World Started with Desmachi" Overlord II also watches 1 to 2 episodes, but the level that interest is felt by Overload II is too good.

If you mention the only good point of this animation software (DVD / Blu-ray), will it be the original novel of the original author? That's all.

I would recommend overload if you buy this. (It seems like something overloader, but it is an objective evaluation, you can see it if you see it).

Yeah, headpatting a turtle.

I want to give them kisses and head pats.

>Overlord 2
>lizard arc for 5 episodes
It's way worse.

Both have been disappointing. This season sucks. Last one sucked too.

Lizard shit is over now? Maybe I should pick that show back up.

Yuru March next episode?

It's slightly more interesting now that the lizards are done but still seems a bit boring so far. All of this feels like side stories.

I slip in a finger or too during cuddles.

I'd give Arisa the first choice of sushi.

She will never get that elf dick, will she.

The things I would do to this butt.

Blocks your path



>fucks slags
>doesn't fuck loli poon
what a faggot MC

Whale is for grilling.

> fucks women
> doesn't fuck children
Gained Title: [Natural Enemy of Sup Forums]

Isn't he a 29 years old normalfag? It's a shame that Arisa's seduction didn't work because of his resistences, what an amazing series this would if he got converted into a lolicon then.

Not everyone is that young, physically or mentally. He ignores them too, though he likes to look at Nana when she is the youngest.

>final episode
>credits end
>Title acquired: Season 2


He is indeed a faggot. I would have cummed on her scales on the first night.

Look at these juicy butts and tell me he's straight

Liza should be 20 in the WN as of the latest chapter.

>Collective groan from staff as they're forced to animate and describe every cooking skill he activates again.
Thus Death Bites in a Parallel Evergarden the Franxx.