What is Subaru thinking?

What is Subaru thinking?

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why does that girl have a wiener??


It's slighty bigger clitoris

>get paid 50,000 a month to draw trap porn

Is there a luckier person on this planet?

How to remove that censorship

>God, I wish that was me

Its on /y/

>i expected flowery feminine smell not poop

Look mate, I might want to see hot trap dick, but that doesn't mean I'm gay enough to go to /y/!


Im afraid to go there

Fuck you i just went there and saw king triton's gaping asshole FUCK



traps are the lowest form of fanservice and the fact that they actually work on you retards sickens me
where did anime go wrong?

The artist.

Found it. Disgusting not feminine at all just some shitty 3dpd cgi bolted on. Would not save to my trap folders. Kill yourself.

>better kill myself twice after this to make absolutely sure it didn't happen

You need a gold account.

I want to fuck that girl(boy)

>Disgusting not feminine at all just some shitty 3dpd cgi bolted on.
Subaru's dick is bigger.

Traps should not be yaoi.


Post full-size source please. I can't reverse track it.

Such cute character design wasted on a trap


If isekai taught me one thing then it is that balls are not the end of someone wanting to be a girl

He’s thinking Felix’s dick is bigger than his. Also how much he wants to suck Felix dry.