Rly tho

does anyone here actually even watch anime?






I only watch hentai with my mom


I also only watch hentai with this guy's mom.


I wish I had a mom

I guess i watched couple of anime like kochikame, detective conan, CCS in tv when i was kid. Don't remember watching anything other than that. I can still participate in discussions despite not even checking wiki synopsis(tells a lot about nature of discussions over here). I just come here to derail the threads with advanced shitposting.

Anime is garbage.

people who say they are "advanced shitposters" are just people who post loss or "name jeff" and pretend that their shitposts have some sort of complex meaning

i disrespect this thread and posters without sage.

I disrespect you.

Yes. Do you?

No, I only read manga.

I bet 80% of the anons here stopped watching anime years ago. They just come here to satisfy their shitposting compulsion.

yeah sometimes, just downloaded berserk actually

Old or new?

old, I'll watch the new one once I've watched this one, if I even like this one

New is worse, so either way you might not like it.

nice fucking thread you fucking faggots

why are you so upset?

>le dude u mad lol dude

Not really, I pick something up only to understand the memes.

what's a reddit? is that the sound frogs make?

>I only come here for memezz and smug anime girl pictures
Serously though,
I haven't been watching weekly shows as much as I used to
So it sucks that I can't really enjiy threads and contribute as much anymore

That's not even a Reddit thing, that's literally everywhere on the Internet.

why watch weekly shows when you can just watch the shows that are actually good?

Think they're the hachimen of shitposting or something

The unsocial aspect of talking and laughing about it with fellow anons

I do.

I probably don't watch as much as some people here. But more than this :

... is that something to be proud of?

I only watch ecchi Fanservice anime these days. Can't watch anything if it doesn't have hot girls with ecchi stuff. I also watch hentai now and then but the quality is so bad i can't fap to them much. I read manga and play eroge way more than i watch anime

Sure I do, I just finished Futakoi Alternative.

I used to over a decade ago.

Well shitposting is sort of pathetic

>Futakoi Alternative
Surprisingly good show, wasn't it?

best girls won

Nowadays I mostly read manga and only watch seasonal stuff I can shitpost about like Darling, VEG and Pop Team Epic.
I'm also enjoying the one about the girls going to Antartica but I don't shitpost about that one because the threads are comfy.

It really was, hope I find something else in my backlog that can fill that slot.

SAO is my favourite amine.

Seto no Hanayome has ridiculous aquatic humor + gangsters + romance, so it's a possible fit.


I've been keeping up with seasonal stuff for 2 years now. 3-8 shows a season depending on what's going on. I've got a ton of stuff in my backlog but recently I've been going back and watching stuff from the 70's and plan to work up through the 80's and 90's to see some of the stuff I've missed. To anybody that doesn't give a shit about anime I have to wonder what you get out of posting here? I only do it because it's an outlet to talk about stuff because the majority of my friends don't give enough of a fuck about anime to be able to talk about it with me.

One episode a day keeps me posting on Sup Forums