What a twist

What a twist

Is this from the 0 chapter or something?

That actually Chi, NTRfags were BTFO agai

is this a dream chapter?

I hope she doesn't like him

Nishikata and Takagi’s daughter is cute. Cute!

>Nishikata diluted Takagi's perfect smug genes with his goober genes turning her daughter into a sperg
He fucking won bros

isnt she just like eyebrows basically?

It was obvious from the first funny face.
She has her father's reactions.

No, 20 years flashforward, like that earlier 10 years flashforward chapter.

Wait this threw me off. Is this from the main series or spinoff?

There is a spinoff but this is the latest chapter of the main series.

Main series. Just another one off chapter set in the future, but further on.

Wait what chapter was the first flash forward again?

It's their kid.

Poor girl. She's ugly like her disgusting mother.

wrong thread Nagatoro friend

Still the same old seats. Just perfect little corner in the classroom, nobody see you, no need to draw the background classmates.

If I were senpai-kun I would snap, buy a gun and rape her at gunpoint

I wanna say 31. At the very least, thereabouts.

Manga Nagatoro doesn't do anything mean whatsoever. Even CG Nagatoro doesn't deserve rape, I'd just not interact with her.