She has a very beautiful mommy

You're right, she deserved this.

Commence healing

She never did get those enerloops

I want Illya to be my Nee-san so bad

Reminder that your shit King couldn't even defeat a human

Isn't it great how Illya dies in every route? Haha, serves that bitch right.

She doesn't die in Fate tho

It's implied she'll eventually die regardless, due to her homunculi body

Fuck you user.

She still doesn't die, I'm sure they can do something about it... r-right?

come with us user, to prisma illya! we have rock CDs!

I just want them to be happy, it's not fair

Is this CP ? Why Shirou looks beta in here ?

>she'll eventually die
Don't we all?

I swear this scene will stick with me forever.

Shes not dead in Fate Route & FHA (FSN sequel)

She's actually casting a spell on him so she can hug him

same goes to saber alter, hercules, lancer, and archer.

It's not the same character

>not dead in HA
That just means there was a random timeline where she was alive, everything goes back to normal after Avenger dies

HA story combines all FSN endings.
Everybody lives except Kirei even after HA ending

Watching Emiya-san no gohan now, they are all happy, it's make me go doki doki

No retard, the timeline is messed up due to Angra Mainyu, there's even a scene where Sakura and Rin are Edelfelt sisters

Its basically infinite timeline dumbass. after 4th day Angra becomes normal shirou again & the timeline goes on, theres even caster death scene after 4th day. The last battle is including all servants, so believe it what you want & dont think to much about it.

So you think everyone just keeps living after it's all over? Seems more like wishful thinking (specially because characters like Illya and Medea say they want to keep living in the endlesss days with a melancholic voice when Shirou says he wants to end it)

Its infinite timeline. everything is possible.

She dies. If she lived, she would have saved Emiya from becoming EMIYA.

That doesn't make sense, we don't even know from what timeline EMIYA is

I want them to have an Illya episode already. FSN Illya is best Illya.

Exactly, there is no EMIYA in the timelines where Illya-nee lives.

1. Shirou is pretty beta

2. Spell cast and Shirou is a trash tier magus low mana, with trash circuits, no education, extremely limited versatility, and an obscure "sword" element. Luckily he has 1 really good RM from which his magic stems.

>The air is cool under nightfall / The calm Rhine courses its way.
>The peak of the mountain is sparkling / with evening's final ray.
>The fairest of maidens is sitting / so marvelous up there,
>Her golden jewels are shining / She's combing her golden hair.

>In his little boat, the boatman / is seized with a savage woe,
>He'd rather look up at the mountain / than down at the rocks below.
>I think that the waves will devour / the boatman and boat as one;
>And this by her song's sheer power / the Lorelei has done.


It was sad but Illya was still beautiful.
I swear, if they fuck up her story in the movies.
Thankfully, there's Priya.

She's not real. Completely different character.

No. She's Illya.

>She's Illya
She's not you dumb fuck. Read HF.

Prillya ain't FSN Illya. Just from the fact they ain't the same age. Prillya is like 10 or 12, FSN Illya is 18.

>I swear, if they fuck up her story in the movies.
They cut all of the scenes of her getting to know Shirou. It's fucked.

They are going with true end, they have to develop Ilya and even teased that they would in the next movie in the preview.

Her character's gonna be developed in part II, nigg.

We have to wait two years to see this animated.

Of course they have to get to her eventually, but doing it like this was putting her off too much. They've already adapted up to the big day where Shirou has to choose, and the one who's supposed to inspire him not to follow in Kiritsugu's footsteps is still just the Master of Berserker. Without the bonding they were supposed to do over the few days before, it's going to be a lot harder to make that scene convincing.

They are both strong and proud girls. That's what makes Illya great.
Prisma Illya is still the same.

>Prillya ain't FSN Illya
God I fucking hate secondaries.

You may want to look at how Illya acts when she wasn't trying to be an edgelord.

Prisma Illya is a good girl on her own merits but she's a fundamentally different person than F/SN Illya. Even with the substantial character development she's been through, she's still much more naive and idealistic. Comparing her to her counterpart is like, well, comparing a child to an adult. F/SN Illya's been through a lot more shit and it's affected her deeply.
Chloe is much closer to F/SN Illya but even then she's a distinct character.

>prisma illya is the same as FSN illya

>the one who's supposed to inspire him not to follow in Kiritsugu's footsteps
No, that's Sakura and the fact he doesn't want to lose her. Ilya's just moral support in that scene. They could easily have Shirou talk to Archer instead before making the decision, then introduce Ilya properly after saving her from Zouken on day 10.

Really, out of Prisma's trio of cups Illya is the least like herself

They're fundamentally the same. The details differ as you said.
In FSN Illya trashtalks Zouken. In Priya she slaps fucking Gil with bare hands.
In FSN Illya saves people she loves. That's what she does in Priya as well.
Illya always knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate. She's still that radiant girl as I remember her.

>soon Sup Forums will be nothing but fate threads
we need to hire a hitman for Nasu

Does Prism Ilya ever act like a big sister (other than around that OC who pees herself in front of her, that is)? Because the contrast of a loli acting like a mature lady is what makes Ilya Ilya. Without it, she's just Nanoha with a white wig.

gas prismafags or they will ruin another thread

user, why do you think prillya has three illyas?

>You will never cum in a cup

He comes from an alternate Fate route where he failed to truly connect with Saber.

Yes they're both good people who have loved ones they care for and defend. That doesn't make them the same person any more than F/SN Shirou and Miyu's brother are.

If F/SN Illya was in Prisma Illya's situation, she wouldn't do things like plead that Beatrice can still be "saved" even while she's actively trying to kill her and her allies. She's nowhere near that soft to strangers.

Prillya is Shirou and Kuro is Illya while Miyu is Sakura.

Its not complicated

>comparing my daughter to a wormslut

user shes the emotionally void character with a fucked up backstory that relies on MC for stability.

So that's what you like about FSN Illya? When she doesn't give a fuck about other people? Good for you but I don't think that's what defines "Illya".

Ilya route never.

No, Prillya doesn't count. I want to see Ilya saved, not some pedoshit show about a generic magical girl that happens to look like her.

is it underage?


>Miyu is less popular than Sakura despite being the supposed main heroine of the movie

Illya was the big sister when she saved her poor little sister Kuro.


I don't speak umu.
,Anyway Hiroyama understands Illya and why she is the best unlike retards like who don't deserve her route.

its okay to have shit taste, lets every else affirm they are better than you.

The point is that they're different characters with different strengths and flaws.
Prisma Illya's flaws and insecurities are lesser, but she's also nowhere near as tragic. F/SN Illya engages you as she opens up and starts to trust you, she makes you want to understand her, comfort her and protect her. Prisma Illya is admirable but she's nowhere near F/SN Illya at her best.

I'm glad she's more popular these days

Kind of an unfair thing to say that.

At least give Sakura respect in that she at least tried to give her only weapon to Shirou to survive and died for it.

That's not the Sakura she's being compared to

The best way to protect Ilya in that situation is to have had a firm grasp of the situation. Picking one or the other isn't relevant because fully understanding the grail system will allow you to do this.

It's pretty simple logic. The issue for why Shirou didn't help Ilya with her problem is that she kept it secret and it never came to light until it was too late. Hell, Ilya kept the issues with the grail system secret when they would have immediately solved the Sakura situation, and she would have never needed to sacrifice herself.

You mean this one?

But user, I fucking love Dark Sakura, she finally breaking her persona was really cathartic and hot

>Ilya kept the issues with the grail system secret when they would have immediately solved the Sakura situation, and she would have never needed to sacrifice herself.
Explain further

If you don't have enough Ilya points, one of the bad ends in HF early on has her rip Shirou's soul into a doll to use as blackmail against Sakura. Meaning she knows about the taint and Sakura being the other grail real early.

It's on day 6 iirc, called "Battle for the Holy Grail".

And would that knowledge allow them to "immediately solve the Sakura situation"?

bump because fuck you

I hate this "nonono" meme


Is Shirou a lolicon?

Yes, he gets hard at Illya in the pool the most

She's going to die anyway, in like 1-2 years. She serves a purpose and once that time is over dies. It's nice that she gets to go out on her own terms in HF.

Why after coming to terms with what happened with Kerry and Shirou, did she not info dump utterly everything.
>hey, I'm here to die as a cup
>the ritual is actually
>where the fuck is zouken, the 3rd main family, lets go visit him
>yo shirou, kill my grandfather for me, they've lied to me for the last 10 years
Like she's about to try talk to Shirou about things in HF, but he's loosing time/memories by that point. Not doing a good job of protecting her oniichan if she can't fucking explain everything.

Wormfags shitting up an Illya thread. And they wonder why everyone hates them.

Nobody thinks badly of Sakurafags except newfags like you who are butthurt they call you out on your shitposting. Everyone hates retards like you who think worms are an epic meme, though.

the original ilya is ded.
move on fags

her kaleid version is the best

The only thing you're doing is showing how butthurt you are when someone mentions worms.

worm worm wormy worm worms

Imagine samefagging this hard because you got told.

It's really the whole frankenstein part of HF that rears its ugly head.

I honestly wonder if HF being the cobbled up monster of two routes actually made it better than if those two routes were done separately like originally planned.


>being so mad you fire up MS Paint


I always knew Illya had it in her. She's a dominating force that only pretends to be innocent.

Shirou is only a shit magus because he has no magic crest, no family history of magic users, and a teacher who barely taught him anything. However, he actually has a fairly above-average amount of magic circuits, which is why Archer, who has opened all of his circuits, has B-ranked magical energy.

It's really kind of sad when that's all you can say after you fucked up. I also recognise you from the other threads that got derailed into wormfagging.
Cobbling them together probably just made HF more exciting near the end, so maybe it was the right choice after all.